Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Onto transfer #7

omg when was the last pday?! like forever ago. seems that way. so last week was way tight. on monday we had a zone bbq and played sand volley ball. i love this zone and its sad to see people leave. on tuesday we went on exchanges and i went to my old ward in east tucson. it was so wierd to sleep in my old bed and see some of the ward members and tract and stuff. kinda like the last 6 months had never happened! it was fun though. we were able to see kevin! you can read about him herehttp://sisterbutcherite.blogspot.com/2013/09/transfer-to-west-tucson.html. i found him in sept and since then he has gotten baptized and is thriving in the gospel. it was soo great to see my efforts paid off. that is the best! missionary work is hard but people like kevin make it all worth it. then on wednesday we had our last district meeting. elder bell had been DL for 18 months and it was his last transfer. he did it! its all a little sad. then we went to in-n-out for lunch. love that place. on thursday, it was just a great day. we had kinda spuratic plans to see people but nothing was set. we were able to seee all of them. we even saw a family who has a full grown pig living in their house! like it sleeps with them. he is huge! its hilarious. we went tracting and tracted into members. i hate it when that happens. but they invited us in and it was swell. that night we had 2 dinners with 2 investigators. no wonder im staying so skinny -__________- we ate with the oversons and we set a bap date with them for april 12 and they said that they feel really good about it! im so excited for them and have grown to love them. then we had dinner with cheyennne our other investigator and she has a date for march 29. things are progressing nicely. on friday after weekly planning, we had a lesson with the corbetts, they said they had to push their baptism date all the way to may! hated that, but its because they want their family to be there so its okay. on saturday it was the best weather in the world! so fun. it rained hard from like 12 on....alllll day. and we had a bbq at some members house hahah how ironic. it was fun though. i love and miss the rain so much. i freaking love washington. sometimes i hate the sun.lol. then on sunday it was the gilbert temple dedication. what a special thing that im able to go to that and see a house of the lord dedicated to do his sacred ordinances. so its the night of transfer calls but me and sister stuart didnt get called which means we are together for another 6 weeks. this should be good! i want to train her all the way and learn more from her. yesturday we went to dennys as a zone for breakfast and took some pictures. transfers are always bitter sweet. then we went tracting and a lady called our religion BS so that got us real stoked. ugh people are the meanest. but i just want you guys to know how thankful i am for my mission. i am learning so much about myself and the lord. it is SO  hard at ttimes, but i will always remember everything! its great. i love you all and hope you are doing awesome.
sista b


Rincon Zone!!

Our ward!  LOL!

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