Monday, March 24, 2014

mid mission crisis

soooooo this week was a dooozy. lemme tell you how it started. so we had pday. it was just normal....sports, shopping, email. nothing special. then our dinner cancelled. aweful. had hot cheetos and dr pepper instead. champion. then on we saw some people and had a way decent dinner. a dinner calander finally got made for the corona ward so now we get to know some other members and they get to feed us. win win right?! then we went to young womans and watched ephriums rescue....probs the 4th time ive seen that movie on my mission but like a movie is a movie. then on wednesday we had zone conference. so fun! i love seeing friends. we learned about repentance. all day! repentance really is just asking people to change their heart and give their problems over to christ. i learned alot and now i needa apply this to our investigators. thursday. oh thursday. this was crisis day. so ive been like super strong my whole mission. of course there are hard things and stuff and i just wanto cry and sit on the floor, but for the most part i have pushed through it, said a prayer and moved on. but i just couldnt. i woke up and was stressed beyond belief. i felt completely ALONE!!! i knew the day was going to be hard and felt like everything was going to be weighing down on me. so you know what i did! i said "sister i need to take a chill pill and cry" so thats what i did. i went into my bedroom and cried and cried and cried. it was actually kinda fun. but i felt incredibly weak at the same time. missions are hard and training is hard and being with one person for 63 days straight is hard. so i decided i deserved a good cry. me and sis stuart had a good heart to heart after and things have been going good since then. after the breakdown we went to the oversons for dinner and taught them their last "investigator" lesson. all that left is to get them compeltely prepared for baptism. they are so excited and so are we! then that night our zone leaders came and gave us a blessing because honey, did we need them! priesthood is the best and he said exactly what i needed to hear. on friday we saw our new investigator peggy and taught her the restoration. it went great and she said she would be baptized may 3. neat!!! then we were supposed to have a mini missionary spend the weekend with us (which was also stressin me out) but she couldnt come so that relieved some stress. on saturday we did service! havent done service in ages so it was great. we painted a fence at an elementary school. it was hot and sunny so like. yep. burnt -_______-. we did work on saturday! 4 lessons within 4 hours. it was good! that night a ward member had a bonfire so we went over there and had smores. and at about 6 pm that night a member of the bishopric called and asked if we could talk the next day in sacrament meeting. yeah sure of course. who do these people think we are! lol jk its fine. it doesnt really phase me anymore. so on sunday we talked about how christ can heal us. not to toot my own horn but *toot* i did a pretty good job. so even though this week was hard, i think me and sister stuart have grown in our companionship and that things will be better. we are way open with eachother. wich is something new to me but good! have a great week!!! love yous to death. lololololoolllooool
sista b

so last week when we stole the elders car they told us they put a lizard in our car. but we thought they were joking. then on tuesday we brought some stuff from the car in the house and the next thing we know this little guy is crawling all around. guess they were serious.

me and my buddy elder purcell

the rincon zone at zone conference

so we forgot to lock our car during church and we came out to this freaky barbie. we think it was the elders but they say it wasnt -________-

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