Monday, March 31, 2014


hey guys hope your week was a little better than mine -__- so like on monday it was so freakin hot outside but of course we all decided to go to the park and play sports. i was red, hot and sweaty. we played soft ball and like holla, i shoulda been a soft ball player cause im a soft BALLER. jk but like i hit it almost everytime and caught it with the mit and everything. then idk if i told you guys but every monday we teach a 7 year old boy the discussion and we have dinner with the family and its always so fun. i love this family! so we went there and did our thing and then after we were just talking and then they all started getting in a pillow fight! we just sat there awkwardly like missionaries and stuff. then the dad was like beating on the wife hard i was just stop. then she started crying. it was all kinda funny and uncomfortable. but a good time. on tuesday we did some family history and my fan chart is way good to look at. i took the tree that you gave me mom and put them on my familysearch tree and it is lookin nice! that night we had like these way good hamburgers at a members and apple pie. it was the all american meal. we met with one of the bishops that night and talked about how we can better serve him. lol brownie points, ya feeeel? then on wednesday i woke up with like a stomach ache. idk i just though i was still full from the night before. then we went to district mtg and lunch and i was still like im not hungry and my stomach is hurtin. but like ima trooper. lesssssssWORK! we went to a lesson and after i was way dizzy and cold and achy and not feelin it. but we told the young women we would come help them sew and we had a meeting with our ward mission leader. so i kinda dragged through that and went home and fell right to sleep. i did not feel good in the morning. we went to bed like at 8:30 and i didnt wake up till 11:45. i probs could have slept all day! then i had serious toilet issues. i felt bad for the plumbing man. i need to polish that toilet for the dirty i did to it. lol TMI sorry. so we stayed home for most the day, and  the elders were quite gentlemanly and brought me some stuff to help my stomach. but we had a meeting with the oversons and talked about their baptism so that helped my mood, and i was feeling better by then. but the next morning i woke up it was the same story! bad day. i tried to make it through studies but it was not happening. spent most of the time on the toilet. lol! ugh i have no time left. so i was basically sick most of the week, but at night we would go out and get work done! the oversons are almost ready for thier baptism, just a few more things to go over! weeeeeeeeeeee! also, because i was sick i lost like 4lbs. loved that. i cant believe its april! who is pumped for conference! me!!!! its like christmas! i love you all. sorry this email was pooopy. lololololo i love puns! have a great week
sista b

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