Monday, November 25, 2013

i HATE hikes!!!!

whata crazy week this was! ups and downs. mostly ups though. so like nothing really great happened until thursday. i mean like the usual missionary work. walking and knocking, visitng people and having a good time. stuff like that. then on thursday we had a zone conference with half the mission so there were tons of people there. LOVED it! got to say hi to all the homies and chat for a bit. brother johnson from the seventy was there and he gave a idk what it was but it was good. he let us know that we are going to fail! we are. lets face it. but its OKAY. like not everyone is going to baptize nations or reactivate everyone. its good to have goals but dont let the man getchu down. CAN I GET AN AMEN! so that was good and after wards some ladies from teh stake prepared a real good meal. ham, potatoes and salads galore. it was great. so zone conference was tight. then that night i started to get a sore throat and i was like GREEEEEEATTTT -__- i could feel it coming. the next morning hit me like a  ton of BRICKS! sore throat, congestion, pounding headache and dizzzay outta my mind. so i was like there is NO way i can even make it through feeling like this. so you know what that means. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. i slept until about 10 am and then i have the best zone leaders ever and they came over and gave me a priesthood blessing. isnt it the best though? to have worthy 20 year old boys who are able to work miracles through god?! like seriously, 20 year old boys. come on you guys, this is the true church! so after they left i slept for another 3 hours. i know this sounds bad but like a sick day on a mission isnt as bad as youd think. but i was feeling okay after that so we went out to visit some people. OMG AND THIS IS THE BEST PART! the whole day it was raining. so glorious! it was my little piece of washington. i love the rain, i miss the rain, i wanna dance in the rain but like ill probably get more sick. lol. i love me. then on saturday i manned up and just got to work and it was so great because it was STILL raining. holla. omg saturday was the funnest. so we had a appointment with one of our new investigators and we brought her pizza so after the lesson she tells sis call to turn around and she puts something in her back pack. when we got in the car we saw that she had slipped her a $20! omg it was so hilarious. like what you cant just give someone money like that. then we vistied another old nice lady and she spent the whole hour showing us her dolls so precious. and then another appointment and she gave us christmas music to listen to! it was a "give to the missionaries" day. so it was great. yesturday was way good becuase our investigators who were supposed to be baptized a while ago came to church again and gave us all their electronic cigarettes and said we dont need the temptation. then they had their baptismal interview and passed. they are getting dunked on dec 7. pumped. thanksgiving is this week and i just want all of you to know how thankful i am for you. for the support that you give and the prayers that you say on my behalf. i pray for all you guys everynight and hope you are doing well. i love you mom and dad for so faithfully writing me and sending me packages! i love my friends. shoutout to b feuz for the email and letters almost weekly. you guys are great! i am thankful for my mission and all the memories that i am making and things i am learning. i love it here! omg last thing. we went on a hike this morning. it was literally aweful. i dont know why i agree to these things. i always end up hating it. the elders literally had to stand in front and in back of me incase i fell. because this wasnt a normal hike it was like a rock climb with cactus and pokey things all over. my butt and legs are destroyed. its whatever. also i sweat more than any man i know...thanks dad. have a great week and be thankful for everything! we are so blessed. love you guys!
sista b

elder purcell

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freakin mountian i destroyed

lol this is us...if you look real close you can literally see my sweat line down to my belly button. im a man

Monday, November 18, 2013

my first saved soul

omg guys this week has just FLOWN on by! like i feel like i was just on email. thats a good thing i guess. it was just a magical, splended week. lemme fill you in on all the gloriousness. so on monday we played pday sports outside at the park cause you know its november and the sun is still shinning and its hot out. normal. then that night we just did some regular missionary work and got free homemade granola. so fun! omg i forgot that i email on tuesday! so anyways after email one of the members made us lunch, yum! we had a bunch of lessons and its way fun to have all the lessons because you stay busy. we took away some of our investigators chew and yelled at him and said that we just want him to be healthy and the next time we saw him he was done wit da chew!!! yay word of wisdom! on wednesday we had district meeting and then we went to carls junior for lunch. thats the good thing about being a missionary in the states... you still get all the good american fast food. #diabetes. then we went knocking but like no one was home or everyone else said no. hahah what?! we have a great message to home people! on thursday there was a relief socitey activity that we went to. it was a big thanksgiving dinner! they wanted one for all the woman so they could enjoy the food without cooking it. it was reallllly good! it was the only dinner we had all week. can you believe people would just let us poor sisters starve! lol jk its fine...i had cereal and it was suffient. on friday we had some good lessons, ya know helping people find all the answers to their questions. we taught xemora and it was the day before her baptism and she was soooo excited. she said that she has been smiling all day. she practiced her testimony in front of us and i swear she knows the scriptures better than i do! she also said that at the end of her testimony she is going to say that me and sister call are going to marry elder daley and elder i was like lol do it i dare you toooo!!! saturday was sooooo fun! in the morning we went to super saturday and made such fun crafts! i made special suprises for my family so lol duh i cant tell you what i made...just know that they are so stinkin cute and you will die of loving me! then after crafty time we had to get ready for the baptism. omg stressful. so we get to the church and start filling up the tub. okay check. but the library is locked and we have to print out the programs! ahhh! so then we had to go all the way to staples and get them printed and of course they take forever...the water is still running. im just like grreeeeaat, the tub is going to overflow. all the while pictures from my baptism are flashing through my head (thank you uncle scott for letting the tub overflow). so we are leaving staples and suzan, xemoras mom, calls and shes like the tub is almost to the top and we are like PULL THE PLUG. ugh! okay so everything turned out great! the baptism was so speacial. a little hectic cause the bishop forgot. oh well. she got baptize and made that covenant with the lord and thats all that matters. then later that night we stopped at our investigators house...theyve been struggling a bit and they were like when are we getting baptized and were like when you come to church!! needless to say they were there the next day. such a great and successfull week. i hope more is to come!! thanks for all the prayers and support! love you guys! have a great week.
sister butcherite

lol tucson

sis call<3

funnnnnn baptism!

little boy that looks like ryder. so cute!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5 months out hommies!

today marks my 5 months out on my mission. lol thats crazy...i still feel really young and like that i dont know that much stuff. obvi i do but i  just dont want to have any responsibilities yet. soooo lets see what happened this week. on monday we had to get groceries on our bikes. omg we just looked so rediculous with the bags on the side of our bikes. oh well. then after pday sports and stuff a member took us out to dinner at dennys and lol they got my order wrong so we got FREE DESSERT! so fun! on tuesday we were still on bikes and we rode like legit 30 not even playin with you guys! such a great butt and thigh work out. we met with our recent convert jean and we were talking about patriarchal blessings and we were like lol so jean are you gonna get yours and shes like "no, all theyre gonna tell me is that im gonna die soon." ROFL! she is the funniest 80 year old woman that i know. on wednesday we had a zone trainig which took a little bit of the day. it was a great training though. about how we need to get referrals from the members in the ward. guys give the missionaries referrals and they will straight up worship you!!! just do it. we also just talked about why we came on a mission and what we are here to do. it was really good and put my mind in perspective. i needa be the best missionary that i can. soooo any ways on wednesday night i was like okay we need to call the car place to make sure we can get the car tomorrow cause ive had it up to here with riding these bikes. so we call and shes like "ohhhh lol your cars been done for 2 days." -_________- YOUVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! ughhh oh well, we got some good exercise in and it wasnt that bad. so on thursday we went to go get the car and it was just pure bliss...i love my car! then for lunch one of the members took us to burger king. HOLLLLA! shes the nicest lady ive ever met. all the members in this ward are great though. we were able to teach a couple of our investigators that night and see how the gospel is blessing their lives and i love that they can see a difference and feel the spirit in their home as they learn more. so fun! on saturday tucson was having this big mormon heritage festival thing and all the missionaries form the tucson zones were able to go and help out. it was so fun to see all the activites and see the mormon heritage and talk with all the homies in the mission. it was such a fun day! lol omg i dont have that much time left. but xemora gets baptized this weekend and we are so exctied for her. she is soooo sassy and fun and i just love her. every time we visit shes like "i wish you guys were my real sisters" awwww shes so cute and then she was so excited to tell us she already had her tithing set aside for this next week. pictures to come next week! love you guys have a great week! its still hot and sunny but like im getting tan!
love sister butcherite

bruises from the bike -_-

way legit sign

i love pancakes

omg sister butcherite on jennie place

our doll we made at the festival

omg sister winkler!

all my girls together again!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Tha durrrtyyy south

omg hi family and friends, how is everyone! this week was way fun and different. on tuesday we started teaching our recent converts daughter. shes 9 so its fun to see how we can adjust the lessons to be interesting to her! shes so great and has a date for november 16th to be baptized. im sure about this one. on wednesday we were able to meet our new zone which was fun. sister winkler, who was in my mtc district, is in our zone and i absolutely adore her so i was way excited. lol attractive elders.  omg then on thursday we had to take our car in to the shop to get fixed so you know what that means.....BIKES!!! our elders in the ward just got a car and so they let us borrow their bikes for a week. omg bikes are fun for about .32 secods but then you start your first hill and just scream "take me now good lord" omg my legs were BURRRNINNNNN. it took us like 40 minutes to get to our dinner appt. k side note, some one next to me is super gassssy and im like ew you needa take your bum outside....hope i can make it through this letter without passing out. anyways, so we got our dinner and anyone who knows me well knows that i sweat like a hog. and thats exactly what i looked like when we showed up. it wasnt even funny it was like "Oh do you need a towel?" yeah whatever. then after dinner we got to go home at 7 because hey its halloween. so fun! me and sis call just messed around at home. we have so much fun together!! its nuts. on friday we taught some people and taught the plan of salvation to xemora (9 year old) it was really interesting. see the pictures below. we are such fun missionaries. im obsessed with us. keep in mind we are riding bikes all day....i just want you guys to feel sorry for me rite now. on sunday we had to ride to the ghetto and then we stopped at a gas station because we were both sweaty and thirsty then some one gave us money!! lol we didnt accept it at first but she really wanted to give us something. #freemtdew. so fun! then we helped our investigator clean her house. im such a good cleaner....thanks mom. lol wut? then we got pizza for dinnnnnner. i <3 pizza. on sunday...omg you dont want to know about sunday. our church is like 10 miles away hillls the whole time. so we show up and im bleeding and sweating and my hair looks aweful. i literally had to repent because i looked so bad on the lord holy day. AND it was fast sunday. i better have lost like 39 pounds yesturday. -__________- ugh bikes till thursday. but i know that the lord gives me strength. seriously couldnt do this if i wasnt on his errand. the lord helps all his children in so many ways but especially missionaries. so greatful for all of our blessings. look past the little thing and gain and eteranl perspective guys. i love you all and have a great week. 2 nephi 31:20 ENDURE TO THE END! loveee sista b

just tryna cool down before we go to dinner. ew

plan of salvation for 9 year old

sis call <3