Monday, January 27, 2014

You can take the girl out of the hood, but......

sooooo im just gonna admit this right now. i miss the west. like alot. it was perfect for me. the people were so ghetto and nice that it just fit me. and now im located in the middle of nowhere; vail, az. literally there is nothing. we have to drive 20 mile to get food and we have literally zero cell reception. BUT this will be a good thing. i am determined to make every negative sitation a positive one. everytime i have to get up and go outside and perfectly position myself between the sliding glass door just to get 2 bars of service i will have a smile on my face. i forgot to tell you guys alittle bit about my baby! her name is misty stuart, she is from treemonton, ut. she went to USU for 5 years, hit a road block and is now on a mission. shes 24 and perfect! we get along good. shes a little quite but i can break out her silly side, and she has a great sense of humor. we will have fun!
so this is what went down this week. on tuesday we got all settled into our new house. we live with members in their little side apartment, but we have total privacy and its great. plus! we have our own washer and dryer. PRAISES! love that. i set up all my pictures and it feels a little more like home. on wednesday we had our district meeting with a zone breakout to meet everyone. the rincon zone is tiny. i think there are only 20 of us and only 2 districts. i know and have served with some of the missionaries so its fun to see them again. my district leader is way tight and we are serving in the same ward, hes been alot of help these last 6 days. afterwards we all went out to in-n-out for lunch. rincon is right next to east tucson so its so weird to be back in the streets of where i had served 4 months ago. makes me remember all the miserable hot days -___-. for the rest of the day we went around and met ward leaders to get familiar with everyone. we had dinner at one of our ward mission leaders house and discussed the work that needs to be done. on thursday i went to donate blood at the church but my veins were too not enough water and too much sunny d. shoot. then we went to dinner at a members house where the elders live. they are SO nice and have horses, which sis stuart loves. they are throwing a get to know the sisters party for us this weekend! on friday, we finished seeing the ward auxilary leaders and even saw a recent convert and less active. it was a great day! i was like "this is awesome, i love it here....everyone lets us in their door and give them a message. fun!" then came saturday...we literally drove aroudn EVERYWHERE trying to see people. but no luck. then we went home for dinner and the family we live with was having a bbq and they let us chill with them and share a message, it was a good lift from the aweful day. SUNDAY, oh man lemmme tell you about sunday. we have the cieniga ward at 8 am. this ward is cool. most of them live on dirt roads out in the middle of now where, and theyre super friendly. then at 11-2 we eat lunch and study. all still at the church. then the corona ward starts. this ward is in an area where there are alot of new housing development. SO many new families and babies and kids. like so many. could barely hear the speaker but like multiply and replenish the earth i guess. and then after church we had a linger longer that we ate we were at church from 8am-6pm. thatll be the routine for another 12 weeks. then we had an aweful night. no one could see us because they were putting their kids to sleep. a little discouraging. there is so much work to be done but i dont really know where to start. things will be good this week, i can feel it. prayers would be appreciated! have a great week. i love you all. i got so many emails this week, which was just what i needed! so much love!
sista b

Farewell Pictures from the West Zone!

With the Elders!

With  Jean

With the McGuires

With Susan

With Xemora

With Sis. Stuart

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm a Momma!

hello hello hello!!! how was everyones week? i hope just amazing! this week was pretty crazy but i loved it. on tuesday we had exchanges and i went with sister munn. shes such a great missionary and TALKS WITH EVERYONE...i mean everyone. we would be driving down the road and she says stop! and rolls down the window and talks to the person on the street. lol so awkward. but we did get a new investigator that day which is awesome. it was a great day and learning experience. then on wednesday we had our last zone meeting. wahhhh i love the west. then after a couple of appointments we had dinner and that night we went to bed early because thursday was TEMPLE DAY! we left bright and early headed towards the gila valley. the car ride was so fun. we took the huge van that the mission owns and it was all sisters and the zone leaders. we just gossiped and i bet the elders loved it! the temple was so great. i just love being there and when i feel how strong the spirit is it gives me motivation to get out there and convert all the people because i want everyone to feel this peace! you feel me homie!? then after we went out to get some mexican food and shopped around. the gilla valley is alotta mormons so the misssionaris get like 50% off anywhere you go. so tight. by the time we got home is was time to go to dinner and the day was almost done. but it was a great day and i love the temple...wish we could go more often. then on friday i was feeling SO sick. real bad soar through and snot lol. so we weekly planned and i slept but we still got out there and walked to dinner. haha we walked because we are out of our alotted miles for the month. oops. on saturday we had a great day planned. we helped some members move...they have the cutest baby and it takes every bit of me not to pick her up. then we had a lesson with our new investigator and he accepted a baptismal date which was awesome. then after luch we had a couple more lessons then we went to our district leaders area and pass out muffins to people at the park. which we quickly came to realize is way creepy so we just drew the plan of salvation on the ground haha. love it! on sunday i was totally nervous all day because it was the night we recieved transfer calls. it was 8:53 and the phone rang.....
sister evans: hello this is sister evans, we are on speaker
president: hello sisters, are you ready for the transfer news
us: lol duh
prez: well sister butcherite you are being transferred to the rincon zone covering the cieniga AND corona ward. and we would like you to train a new sister missionary
me: lol do you think i can do that...wait. dont play with me prez
prez: youll do great!
oomg so here i am with my new little baby missionary, white washing an area that neither of us have been in AND convering 2 wards. omg this will be so fun! im excited for this new adventure and hope that i can be the best trainer EVER! send those prayers my way! ill let you know how it goes next week! be good and be happy! love you
sista b
Sister Evans & I
 The sisters!

last day at morning sick are our shirts!

Elda Pace

Saturday, January 18, 2014

get work done!

yesss this week was good! we had alot of success! ugh i am so lazy to write this letter right now, but i know that like everyone looks so forward to reading them everyweek that i shall try my best to be do it justice. okay so like on tuesday we had a zone training from president and the aps. it was really good. focused on working with investigator and finding new people to teach. TALK WITH EVERYONE was used alot but like its so scary and like there are alot of mexican people in my area. i love the mexicans but like no habla espanole. so i guess i will just follow the spirit. OR the spirit can give me the gift of tongues to talk with them. we will see. if i write my whole email in spanish next week it worked. omg that was just the stupidest tangent i just went off on. then on wednesday we went out as a zone to one of our elders area to kinda attack it all at once. it was pretty good. we just knocked a whole neighborhood, but really no bites. then we all went out to in-n-out which was way good. after we had a few real good lessons with our recent converts and dinner at a fun young couples house. they both served missions and they waited for eachother and their story is so cute. ugh romance is the worst on the mission but like oh well i embrace it so im not awkward when i get home. then that night we had the best lessson with our 2 new investigators. they really felt the spirit and were all about the book of mormon to see if it was true. we even extended a baptismal date which is awesome. was on such a spiritual high after that. on thursday we went to old tucson, a place out in the middle of now where in our area. its a lot of retirement trailer parks and old scary houses. so its like in the desert and i see this road and im like cool lets thing you know my wheels are spining and going deeper and deeper into the sand. lol i drove into a wash!!! i was so scared that we were gonna get in trouble and hafta call someone, but i manned up got outta the car and pushed while sister evans "rocked the car". phew we made it! lol ooops. then that afternoon we were FINALLY able to see our 9 year old to teach her. it had been like almost 3 weeks because they were on vacation. it was so good to see her again. shes still so pumped to get baptized! that night we had dinner at our recent convert families house and their son just got outta jail and unknown to us is already a member! we are working with him as well and my mission is to get him to the ysa and find a nice mormon girl to keep him outta trouble!  on friday we didnt really do anyting too exciting. we planned for the week and had like the best soup of my life at dinner. the husband made it and i was like "ummm i need a husband that can cook like this plz". also that day president killpack told us that elder holland wasnt going to be able to make it to the conference but that we were still gonnna go to pheonix. sad but still exciting. so on saturday morning we all left for pheonix in super nice tour buses. its so much nicer and greener up there thatn in tucson.....but i love being in a place that is different looking. we got there and there was us the pheonix mission and the tempe mission! so many missionaries and fun to see us all together. elder wright from the seventy came and spoke to us and it was really good. he even played a clip from elder holland! so fun! it was really good and got me pumped! on sunday we had church and our recent converts passed the sacrament. they were so nervous but did so good. they even got all of their family to come! his parents said that they are interested in learning more!! score. i love it when that happens. then we had dinner and visited a couple of families and it was off to bed. today is the last pday of the transfer so of course i had to finish it off with a hike. it was fun, so dangerous though. mom you would yell at all the elders who take me on the horribly sketchy hikes. i didnt fall but as i was sliding down one of the rocks, my pants split wide open!!! lol good thing i had a sweatshirt to cover it up. im probably gonna get transferred but i am going to miss the west so much! i love everyone here and they truly have taken me in as family. its amazing how heavely father is so inspired. i hate arizona but i love my mission and wouldnt want to be anyother place. duces family and friends i love you all!!!
sister b
ps here are some pics from the past week and hikes i look aweful and i cant believe i let people see me like this but whatever!
cool little rock home
me and elda pace
seriously how precious are my zone leaders
whole zone hike from a couple of weeks ago. i loook so pretty lol -__-
hot cocoa at the top!

catholic mass lol

Monday, January 6, 2014


that is about how fast this past week went by. its all going by so fast and by the end of the week i wasnt able to get everything i wanted done. FRUSTRATING! ugh its okay. breath. on tuesday it was new years eve. so fun! we had a couple of good appointments and we were supposed to go visit a less active person in jail. lol JAIL! but he had been transferred to a different place. so sad that i didnt get to see a convict and give him a book of mormon. then that night we went to our converts house for dinner and a little new years celebration. we just talked, ate sub sandwiches and shared a message because we had to be in by 8pm. you guys already know how much i worship sleep. i went to bed at 9...there was no way i was staying up till 12 when we hafta be up by 6:30. thats just stupid. so happy new years!!! staying up is over rated. then on wednesday we had district meeting but it actually turned out to be a zone meeting and out ZLs just told us that we were the worst zone in the whole mission. this is a bad thing but we gotta look at it from a positive perspective! like SUCK, we are doing the worst! but lets show them what west can really do and give them a piece. thats what im taking it as. things are just hard for us right now because all of our investigators got baptized! so its like a good thing but bad because now we dont have any real solid investigators to teach :( then that night we went to the freakin nicest house in tucson for dinner. they live in the mountains and have the best view. loved it. we had ribs and i was just like "thank you dear lord for this bounteous meal". then that night we went back to the stake center as a district to learn more about the familysearch program on i have no idea what im doing. all i know is that NOTHING has been done on the uribe/corral side. so like mom and dad get on that and convert all the cousins and grandparents. then we went out for ice cream at DQ afta. i love my district. ima be so sad if i get transferred, but i probs will. on thursday we spent our day in the old people trailer parks walking around and seeing people. they were all really nice but set in their ways in terms of religion. oh well....we will getcha someday. then we had dinner at my favorite ward members house, our other recent convert. she made way bomb enchiladas and i just love them! on friday we had weekly planning and were able to visit some people from the ward, but that night i went on exchanges with (drum roll) SISTER WINKLER! she needed a break from her comp so we were able to spend the day together. i had sooo much fun. i love that girl, but we are too crazy together so we will probs never be real comps. president knows better than that. they live in the middle of no where and we got lost and went off roading. way tight. then on sunday our schedule changed from 1pm to 9am. its whatever...i hafta wake up at 6:30 regardless so its fine. everyone loves it! but im just like 11 am is where the magic is at. sister evans was sick that day so when we got home she slept...for 5 hours. good thing we borrowed movies from our members. i watched 17 miracles and the emma smith movie. so that was good. we still got in a couple of lessons though. its amazing what the spirit can do. we went to visit a lady who just all the sudden stopped coming to church. when we got there it was so awkward and she was really closed off and cold. by the end we were able to share a message and just talk. she told us why she wasnt coming and was a lot  more friendly. #jesusforthewin. the spirit just owns! this week is gonna be so great! we have a zone meeting tomorrow and then on saturday we are going to pheonix to play with elder holland! i cant wait. love you all and hope you have a great week! pray that we find people to teach!!! haha lovies from your favorite missionary in az!
sista b
me and sis evans in onsies lol i luv target.


west side! we got these fun BAJAS at a gas station