Monday, March 31, 2014


hey guys hope your week was a little better than mine -__- so like on monday it was so freakin hot outside but of course we all decided to go to the park and play sports. i was red, hot and sweaty. we played soft ball and like holla, i shoulda been a soft ball player cause im a soft BALLER. jk but like i hit it almost everytime and caught it with the mit and everything. then idk if i told you guys but every monday we teach a 7 year old boy the discussion and we have dinner with the family and its always so fun. i love this family! so we went there and did our thing and then after we were just talking and then they all started getting in a pillow fight! we just sat there awkwardly like missionaries and stuff. then the dad was like beating on the wife hard i was just stop. then she started crying. it was all kinda funny and uncomfortable. but a good time. on tuesday we did some family history and my fan chart is way good to look at. i took the tree that you gave me mom and put them on my familysearch tree and it is lookin nice! that night we had like these way good hamburgers at a members and apple pie. it was the all american meal. we met with one of the bishops that night and talked about how we can better serve him. lol brownie points, ya feeeel? then on wednesday i woke up with like a stomach ache. idk i just though i was still full from the night before. then we went to district mtg and lunch and i was still like im not hungry and my stomach is hurtin. but like ima trooper. lesssssssWORK! we went to a lesson and after i was way dizzy and cold and achy and not feelin it. but we told the young women we would come help them sew and we had a meeting with our ward mission leader. so i kinda dragged through that and went home and fell right to sleep. i did not feel good in the morning. we went to bed like at 8:30 and i didnt wake up till 11:45. i probs could have slept all day! then i had serious toilet issues. i felt bad for the plumbing man. i need to polish that toilet for the dirty i did to it. lol TMI sorry. so we stayed home for most the day, and  the elders were quite gentlemanly and brought me some stuff to help my stomach. but we had a meeting with the oversons and talked about their baptism so that helped my mood, and i was feeling better by then. but the next morning i woke up it was the same story! bad day. i tried to make it through studies but it was not happening. spent most of the time on the toilet. lol! ugh i have no time left. so i was basically sick most of the week, but at night we would go out and get work done! the oversons are almost ready for thier baptism, just a few more things to go over! weeeeeeeeeeee! also, because i was sick i lost like 4lbs. loved that. i cant believe its april! who is pumped for conference! me!!!! its like christmas! i love you all. sorry this email was pooopy. lololololo i love puns! have a great week
sista b

Monday, March 24, 2014

mid mission crisis

soooooo this week was a dooozy. lemme tell you how it started. so we had pday. it was just normal....sports, shopping, email. nothing special. then our dinner cancelled. aweful. had hot cheetos and dr pepper instead. champion. then on we saw some people and had a way decent dinner. a dinner calander finally got made for the corona ward so now we get to know some other members and they get to feed us. win win right?! then we went to young womans and watched ephriums rescue....probs the 4th time ive seen that movie on my mission but like a movie is a movie. then on wednesday we had zone conference. so fun! i love seeing friends. we learned about repentance. all day! repentance really is just asking people to change their heart and give their problems over to christ. i learned alot and now i needa apply this to our investigators. thursday. oh thursday. this was crisis day. so ive been like super strong my whole mission. of course there are hard things and stuff and i just wanto cry and sit on the floor, but for the most part i have pushed through it, said a prayer and moved on. but i just couldnt. i woke up and was stressed beyond belief. i felt completely ALONE!!! i knew the day was going to be hard and felt like everything was going to be weighing down on me. so you know what i did! i said "sister i need to take a chill pill and cry" so thats what i did. i went into my bedroom and cried and cried and cried. it was actually kinda fun. but i felt incredibly weak at the same time. missions are hard and training is hard and being with one person for 63 days straight is hard. so i decided i deserved a good cry. me and sis stuart had a good heart to heart after and things have been going good since then. after the breakdown we went to the oversons for dinner and taught them their last "investigator" lesson. all that left is to get them compeltely prepared for baptism. they are so excited and so are we! then that night our zone leaders came and gave us a blessing because honey, did we need them! priesthood is the best and he said exactly what i needed to hear. on friday we saw our new investigator peggy and taught her the restoration. it went great and she said she would be baptized may 3. neat!!! then we were supposed to have a mini missionary spend the weekend with us (which was also stressin me out) but she couldnt come so that relieved some stress. on saturday we did service! havent done service in ages so it was great. we painted a fence at an elementary school. it was hot and sunny so like. yep. burnt -_______-. we did work on saturday! 4 lessons within 4 hours. it was good! that night a ward member had a bonfire so we went over there and had smores. and at about 6 pm that night a member of the bishopric called and asked if we could talk the next day in sacrament meeting. yeah sure of course. who do these people think we are! lol jk its fine. it doesnt really phase me anymore. so on sunday we talked about how christ can heal us. not to toot my own horn but *toot* i did a pretty good job. so even though this week was hard, i think me and sister stuart have grown in our companionship and that things will be better. we are way open with eachother. wich is something new to me but good! have a great week!!! love yous to death. lololololoolllooool
sista b

so last week when we stole the elders car they told us they put a lizard in our car. but we thought they were joking. then on tuesday we brought some stuff from the car in the house and the next thing we know this little guy is crawling all around. guess they were serious.

me and my buddy elder purcell

the rincon zone at zone conference

so we forgot to lock our car during church and we came out to this freaky barbie. we think it was the elders but they say it wasnt -________-

Monday, March 17, 2014

half way...wut?!

hey buddies! so ya know i hit my 9 months mark this week. half way done!!! its like gone by so fast, but i feel like i havent seen tv/been legit lazy in all my life. soooo idk. this week was way successful. on monday we played beach volley ball and i got a hair trim because my ends were trippin. on tuesday we had a good day, seeing people and stuff. nothing too outta the box. on wednesday we had district meeting, and went to 5 guys for lunch. sooooo good but too expensive. then the rest of the day was crazy busy. we had an appt to teach a less active family with the elders, had dinner and then ward coorelation meetings with both our ward mission leaders. on thursday we were booked! we had a meeting with our investigator cheyenne. we were kinda iffy about her at first but she is progressing nicely. her family got baptized in july and she didnt. we taught the plan of salvation and she was like "well i dont want to be in some other crappy kingdom with out my family" hahah way fun! tjem we saw the oversons. taugh the law of chastity. lol so fun! probs my favorite lesson to teach. they are so excited for thier baptism. so are we! so on friday we went to the elders house to get something from them and like these little boys have thee nicest truck ever! we have a jeep, and dont get me wrong, im way grateful for it but like, cmon, share the wealth a little. so as we were about to leave we stole it! omg lol wait wut. it was soooooo nice! we couldnt feel any bumps on the dirt roads. ugh they were like "give it back -____-" no! but we did. unfortunately. then that afternoon we met with a lady named peggy who was a referral. she has learned in the past but felt pushed and didnt see the need for baptism. we taught her distinct differences between catholics and mormons and she said that this is definitely what she has been searching for. you know you have a golden investigator when they say "ive been yearning for more truth and i know there is something out there". lol hollllla!!! so shes a new investigator for sureee! saturday was the best! we had plans for what we wanted and everyone was home! busy all day. i love it. on sunday we had duh. cheyenne came to church and she said she actually had to drag her parents outta bed to come. she said "i said a prayer last night to help me get up and then i woke up before my alarm!" lol thanks heavenly father. also the oversons came to church for the second time. we went with the 12 year old to class. omg i swear i did not look that young when i was in yw. like i was mature...sike. im the most immature. so it was a great day!!! so much success this week. everything is picking up and going into place. i hope you guys have a good week. luhhhhh you!
sista b
also happy birthday to my most fabulous young grandmother!!!

finally elder stock sent me the pics from my last day in west! we are so fun. i love them

taught some recent converts to put on the whole armor of god. so cute huh?

so when the sisters hit 9 months they take a pregnancy picture. fun huh? how cute will i be when im fer reals prego.


Monday, March 10, 2014

what an EGGsellent week!

hey guys what it dooooo?! so last time i wrote it was transfer day and since alot of people in the zone were getting transfered we had no pday sports! booooooo. so we had to go get our oil changed on the west side of town....aka my old area! loved that so after we got that done we stopped at the church where the transfer site is and i saw so many missionary friends! i saw sister call and that was so fun! i miss her so much. it was good just to chat with everyone and catch up. then on wednesday we had a zone meeting and there are 6 people in my zone that came out with me. its so fun! the new zone will be fun and this will be a great transfer i can tell already. that night we had meetings with our ward mission leaders, so that wasnt too exciting. so this week one of the wards was having an activity where you build a race car to carry and egg down a rap and crash into a brick wall without cracking did that make sense? so on thursday afternoon we got with the elders and made a sick wid it go cart. we didnt have wheels so we glued hot wheels to the bottom. so ghetto. loved it. then the rest of the day was filled with lesson. we had dinner with the oversons, who are just progessing so perfectly. they are so excited for thier baptism and she even got a new quad! they are great. that night we met with the bishop from the cienega ward. he has 7 kids so its real fun over there. on friday me and sis stuart went to the church to help set up for the activity and its a good thing we did beacuse there was only 1 other person there! so inspired. after weekly planning we went around trying to get less actives to the activity. then it was party time!!! we had way good mexican food and raced the eggs. little to our knowledge that everyone in the ward is way competitive about this thing and CHEAT! so we lost to in the second round. we were still proud of our efforts. saturday had plans to be such a good day! but nothing in missionary work can ever be easy, so we got cancelled on a couple times and didnt know what to do when our plans fell through. its okay though. we ate at the corona ward bishops house some way decent asian food. then on sunday sister stuart started feeling sick. she looked so aweful and pale too! but the oversons were coming to church so we had to stay! i felt so bad. so we church a little early to let her sleep, but then we had dinner with cienega bishop and an investigator lesson that night that we couldnt miss. omg im the worst trainer ever and i made her go! hahah i shoulda let her sleep or something. so we got home and we start planning and shes like "sorry, i gotta go to the bathroom" all polite and quiet. next thing i hear is just puke on puke for like 2 minutes strait! so im trippin! im like omg we needa get some priesthood over here and bless her, she needs medicine, i pushed her to hard today, IM THE WORST! so im calling the elders and she just comes out and shes like "all better" -____________- what the! hahah shes such a trooper. she said she is feeling better today so thats good. anyways i gotta get going. things are going good here. keep doing your thang, endure to the end, say a prayer and read those scripture. i have found so much comfort in the scriptures as i take 1 hour a day to study personally. i challange you guys to study! even if its for 10 minutes! you can find comfort in those words. have a great week. i love you guys!
sista b

new ginger, elder ward. way tight kid. an our award for most egg-onomic car. fun!

the dare deviled eggspress! so clever. i luv this beaut

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Onto transfer #7

omg when was the last pday?! like forever ago. seems that way. so last week was way tight. on monday we had a zone bbq and played sand volley ball. i love this zone and its sad to see people leave. on tuesday we went on exchanges and i went to my old ward in east tucson. it was so wierd to sleep in my old bed and see some of the ward members and tract and stuff. kinda like the last 6 months had never happened! it was fun though. we were able to see kevin! you can read about him here i found him in sept and since then he has gotten baptized and is thriving in the gospel. it was soo great to see my efforts paid off. that is the best! missionary work is hard but people like kevin make it all worth it. then on wednesday we had our last district meeting. elder bell had been DL for 18 months and it was his last transfer. he did it! its all a little sad. then we went to in-n-out for lunch. love that place. on thursday, it was just a great day. we had kinda spuratic plans to see people but nothing was set. we were able to seee all of them. we even saw a family who has a full grown pig living in their house! like it sleeps with them. he is huge! its hilarious. we went tracting and tracted into members. i hate it when that happens. but they invited us in and it was swell. that night we had 2 dinners with 2 investigators. no wonder im staying so skinny -__________- we ate with the oversons and we set a bap date with them for april 12 and they said that they feel really good about it! im so excited for them and have grown to love them. then we had dinner with cheyennne our other investigator and she has a date for march 29. things are progressing nicely. on friday after weekly planning, we had a lesson with the corbetts, they said they had to push their baptism date all the way to may! hated that, but its because they want their family to be there so its okay. on saturday it was the best weather in the world! so fun. it rained hard from like 12 on....alllll day. and we had a bbq at some members house hahah how ironic. it was fun though. i love and miss the rain so much. i freaking love washington. sometimes i hate the then on sunday it was the gilbert temple dedication. what a special thing that im able to go to that and see a house of the lord dedicated to do his sacred ordinances. so its the night of transfer calls but me and sister stuart didnt get called which means we are together for another 6 weeks. this should be good! i want to train her all the way and learn more from her. yesturday we went to dennys as a zone for breakfast and took some pictures. transfers are always bitter sweet. then we went tracting and a lady called our religion BS so that got us real stoked. ugh people are the meanest. but i just want you guys to know how thankful i am for my mission. i am learning so much about myself and the lord. it is SO  hard at ttimes, but i will always remember everything! its great. i love you all and hope you are doing awesome.
sista b


Rincon Zone!!

Our ward!  LOL!