Monday, July 29, 2013


hey!!! how is everyone doing, whats new in real life. any new music from one direction lol or new good movies coming out? remember to keep the list. so this week was hard -__- on monday, after pday we did some service for a less active and gave her a message about jesus duh. she needs help with her testimony so we are working with her on that. omg tuesday was the funnest becasue i got to see MA GUUUUURRRLLLSS!!! all the new missionaries had a training so we were all together, it was the happppppiest. i missed them so much and it was good to see them all and the experiences that they are having out on their mission. i wish we all lived together and had slumber parties all the nights. oh well too badd. on wednesday we had a district meeting and after we went to lunch at this place called beyond bread and lemme tell ya something. it was beyond delish! way good. kinda like kneaders but better. soooo tight. then that night we went on exchanges, i stayed in tucson and sister halllett went to sierra vista. so i had to "Take over the area". i didnt really know how to but i tried to just do missionary work i guess....LOL! so we visited some less actives, tried to do tracting and we made inspirational cards and left them on cars in the parking lot. while we were there there was a couple going at it in the parking lot and just yelling so loud at eachother. i was just like...should we give them a card. they need jesus. too bad. then that night was the best meal of my life!!!! omg so sister hallett was gone so i told this family that i would really like to have meat for dinner. they delivered in a big way! we had steak!!! so gooooood, literally drooling just thinking about it. steak, baked potatoes, and salad. just like home! it was so decent cant wait to go back to their house. so that was the high light of the week. on friday we had alot of meetings and stuff so we didnt get to do much "work". we had dinner with the elders which was fun haha its always good to meet up with them because elders are typically so fun and carefree....i should be an elder. lol omg right?! then we went to visit a less active and her mom was there and she was catholic and she was telling us how good we are and she doesnt agree with some of the teachings in the catholic church.....then why do you go there-___-. people. on saturday we just wanted to find someone!!! please just let me teach!! like our investigators arent progressing the well and we need more people to teach. so we literally went through every former investigator to ask if they wanted to learn some more. not much luck. it rained hard that day so that was fun! yesterday we walked around a busy neighborhood but it was like literally hell on earth (excuse my language but its literal so its fine) so no one was outside except for 2 crazy missionaries. so i showed up to dinner bright pink and sweating like a beast. its fine. whatever. so yeah thats my week basically. our next door neighbor told us that we are to adorable to handle so that lifted our spirits. hes 50, its so flattering and romantic. i got the postcards! thanks. the mail lady told us she read them all, so thats cute. lol omg thanks mail woman...smh. 1 week till transfers so i wont get on email till next tuesday. ill let you know if anything changes. keep writing and sending pics. love em. have a good week. miss me!
sister butcherite over and out
i look awful, its fine. BIKE!

my girllllllssss!! love them
transfers with sister dente
coyote. lol
look at this bug!!

Monday, July 22, 2013


omg its so hard to read everything, respond to everyone and try to write a good lengthy letter to you guys lol and all of my faithful blog reads. way tight. so on monday after pday we went to visit a referral and he was finally home. praise! we taught him about faith and prayer and committed him to be baptized on august 17. i hope it works out. he told us that we had a good spirit about us and that he likes us around. that makes me way pumped to know that the spirit is always with me. on tuesday we did missionary work lol, nothing to important to tell about. its so awkward when we take out members to visit investigators and theyre not home.... were just like lol sorry, wanna do something else. awk. on wedneday i had my very first interview with presiden killpack. everyone was tryna get me nervous and i was just like -____-  im obvi gonna own it because im a gr8 missionary duh. it was good and no worries, im still worthy lol. we met with jermey, the one from monday, again and taught him the restoration. he got everything which was great and it made good sense to him. then it came time for the first vision and i was supposed to recite to him the words of joseph smith. lol too nervous. but it was great!!! the spirit was so strong and i know he felt it! hes great. on thursday we were just tryna get in contact with all the ward leaders to put together a focus group. and we went knocking -__- hate that and people are just rude and dont want to hear two way decent girls talk about jesus. whatupp wit dat?! also just visiting some less actives say come to church cuz its good. they dont come. lol. we will keep trying. on friday we had another lesson with the girls, i think i told you about them. they are great and really interested, BUT theyre dad doesnt want the to committ to a date until they know for sure that the church is what they want. soooooooo yeah. we will keep teaching them. friday night we did exchanges! soooooooooooo fun! i went to sierra vista, arizona. it was so much cooler there like halleluja lol i dont know how to spell that. but seriously, way nice. lol i was on a bike!!! i probably looked like the biggest idiot. lol okay i know i did. way dumb with my helmet. ew. but i loved it. seeing new people, new places, and working with new investigators and ward members. the sisters down there are doing a great job. just seeing some of the people they work with make me once again so grateful for this gospel and the blessings it brings. we drove home on saturday and didnt get to sleep till 11 -__-. needless to say i was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to tired on sunday, but its okay. we had 3 investigators to church on sunday!!! hoooorraaaayy. the girls came and so did jeremy. omg but the talks given were ummmmmm....yeah i dont even know. we had to tell the girls that its not always that boring or long. i dont even know what was going on. he was talking about space or something. then sunday night was just aweful. all of our plans fell through and i felt like we didnt do anything for 2 hours.....except we did make up a really cool rap about jesus. way tight. i think we are going to do it on our door approaches. anyways yeah that was it. i got 1208937 million post cards on thursday. OMG THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE CUZZINS!! i loved them so much. the support feels so good and i miss you guys but this is where i am supposed to be. keep writing me and showing the love because its so fun to get letters no matter how little you write! i love you allllllllll! i forgot my usb cord that has the pics of me on my bike lol so ill send that next week. have a good week and watch movies and listen to music and kiss your significant others. lol cuz i cant
much love, sista B!

Monday, July 15, 2013


lol hi family. sound like this week was fun! i had a good week this too but not that many funny stories. when we were doing our studies on saturday we were talking about our family and i was like do you know exactly what your family is doing right now and she was like no and then i was like i do -__- theyre at the kissing cousin reunion swimming and playing with the little babes. THEY BETTER MISS ME!! haha i hope you did. you did. im glad that alot of people read my blog BECAUSE IT IS SO FUNNNNNNN!!!! lol. we play sports on monday, basketball so you already know i was a boss. all of the elders yelled BUTCHERIT FOR 3 everytime i shot. lol and i missed. actually i did make some good ones. then sister hallett fell and sprained her ankle. i felt bad because she is such a hard worker and limped around everywhere for a couple of days. nothing special on tuesday except for ward coordination and like the elders never say anthing so im liike lol do you even do sure that they do. maybe. then i got speghetti (ugh i dont even know how to spell it. w/e.) sauce on my white shirt because i dont know how to eat like a human or something. on wednesday we started teaching a group of girls from 10-17. they are so fun and cute because we talk about 1 direction and justin beiber lol and the gospel. i love teaching them because they have fun questions and stories that relate to nothing! its great. ive had pasta 5 times this week because no one knows what to feed a vegetarian except pasta. lol so carbo loading to the max. BUT we made korean food on wednesday. kimbop. way tight. i played at the park because i was tired of NO ONE ANSWERING THEIR DOOR! then we finally got in contact with mark, the one who has the baptismal date, and he is still all for it and believes what we say but he can only meet on saturdays which is kinda hard. lol pray for mark! hes too tight. then we met some men on friday who were probably high the whole time, i dont really know. but they were interested in what we had to teach, so hey, lets baptize!! we had 1 of the girls we are teaching  come to church yesturday, i was soo happy! she is 12 so i hope she had a good time in young womans and felt welcomed! oh man i hope things work out with those girls because they are so sweet and love jesus. lol. the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. im not even that bothered by waking up at 6:30 any more. we are really trying to get the ward involved in missionary work. it is so hard without them because both me and hermana feel like knocking does nothing!!!! weve probably knocked 100 doors and maybe 2 are interested but never home to teach. we need the friends of members. DO YOUR PART AS A MEMBER MISSIONARY....please. if we all work together we really can hasten the work. seeing some of the people i do everyday it makes me even more greatful for the gospel that we have in our lives. it brings comfort, direction and so much happiness. prayer is the best, the atonement rocks my world and the idea of families being forever fill me with love and gratitude. share the happiness and the lord will bless you. have a good week and ill try not to die of heat stroke. tight. love you and miss me all the days. 3 weeks till next transfer, its going by way fast. peace and blessings,
xoxo sista b

Beautiful Tucson Sunset
Jenny with her sushi!
 Hermana Hallett with a lizard friend

Jenny's supposedly first monsoon (in AZ!?)

An ugly bug all over AZ!! Yuck!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th o July

omg lol hi. the weeks are going by faster i think. pdays are way too tight. last week we had a bunch of things to do but at about 4:40 we went to the stake center and there were like 239048210 missionaries there playing games and talking. we only got to stay for about an hour but it was still way fun. we are gonna go today for longer. that night we went to a families house to teach and they were so nice! we taught them the resoration and they seemed to get it. when we invited them to be baptised they said they would have to think about it but the little girls were so cute and were like YES! but haha they dont really know. i let you know how that goes, we see them again on wednesday. on tuesday, omg this is way funny, we were having study (can you believe that we study like 4 hours a day -__-) and then our next door neighbor, the one that told us to keep moving the very first day i got here, came up to our door. he was like can we talk and i was like HOLD UP, YOU CANT COME IN HERE!! and he got way offended like we thought he was going to attack us. then about 20 min later he comes back up and was like im not gonna hurt you guys, and we were like we know its just mission rules that we cant be alone with a male. and then he was like how come you girls dont have boyfriends, you are so beautiful, what if someone you meet wants to date you, its dumb that i cant find you attractive because im not mormon. and we are just like 0.o. bye thomas. so we just thought that was really funny. that same day we had a meeting with the ward mission leader and told them because we thought it was really funny. the MWL wife said be careful. lol duh. then we had an appt with a black lady we met. omg she was the sweetest and believed everything we were telling her and how we are a blessing to come into her life. she said she had to pray about it and read the BOM. we went to meet with her on sat but she is having stomach issues, i hope it works out becasue she is great. omg now listen to this. then we met with this mexican girl and we brought a really nice lady from our ward. when we got there she was like we have to sit outside.  way to hot, im literally dripping with sweat at this time. then we try to start the lesson but she is just bashing us and she had 2 of her friends come over and just attack us. i hated it!!! i didnt say anything. hermana hallett was game on though. we finally knew that it was going now where so i just bared my testimony, we left her our number and said call us if your ever interested. ugh i dont like that stuff. whatever. on wednesday we literally tried to visit 16 less active members and didnt get into a single door. hated that. on thursday we had a ward breakfast for 4th of july which was good to meet people and eat lol. then we just contacted people and taught a homeless druggy on the side of the street the gospel. lol we asked him to be baptized.....he doesnt even have teeth. lol come again!? then we had to be home at 8 so we dont get kidnapped or something. on friday sister hallett had a training meeting so we went on splits. i was with this really cute mexican sister. way nice a super chill. omg i forgot to tell you that my WML actually contacted the mission president about the creeper neighbor to make sure we were safe, haha sister killpack went to his house cleared some things up  and set up and appt for us to meet with him and teach him. so we taught him on sat. he believes everything but doesnt get joseph smith or modern day prophets. he actually just called us and said hes not interested anymore. we will try and get him back. we went to an 8 year old baptism on saturday and knocked some doors. way tooooo hot. people are really nice and give us all the water that we want, but dont want to hear about the gospel. lol k bye, thanks for the water. then we knocked into a gay couple. lol!!!! safe to say they werent interested. sundays are the best because you just get to be with the ward members and go to church. real chill. i was literally dying because i dont think ive ever fasted that long. lost like 34 pounds yesturday. so yup thats whats going on these days. waking up suck and like so does going to bed because im just like ugh i gotta wake up a 6:30, by the time 10am comes im like k LESSSSS GOO...swaggy. i gotcho package. holla. way tight loved all the food. send more clothes plz. thanks for the bracelete my little gada, wear it all the days, even though it turn my wrist green -__-. eating at the members is way dece, even though i never get the meat. lol its whatever. have a good week, miss me so much and write me all the days.

Sista Butcherite


Monday, July 1, 2013

Write me - _______-

seriously guys it is tooooooo hot here, im going to die. its like winter in utah, people dont even go outside because it is too hot. on my pday me and sis halllett just got all the groceries and did some errands. we ate dinner at the ward mission leaders house and that was cool to get to know them. theyre pretty old so no children. sister hallett is a vegetarian which means i am too -_____- basically the members always cook meals without meat so i dont know how i am supposed to go on. we met with some less actives that night and it was good to talk to them. on wednesday we had a zone/district meeting and it was fun to see everyone in our area. the zone leaders are both way cute. one of them looks like that kid from wizards of waverly place, the young one. lol way hot. we still do so much role play and its awkward and aweful but im good at it haha. then after the meeting we all went to subway for lunch. pumped about that. then we had a meeting with the ward mission leaders. there are a set of elders in our ward too which makes it fun. elders>>> there is elder logan who is super funny/hyper/crazy/doesnt stop talking and he is on his last transfer so he leave aug 7. DAAAANG. then there is elder reese and he is SO  serious and i dont really hear him talk. lol they are total opposites. but its good to have them. i got a little overwhelmed with the meeting because they were talking about stuff i had no clue about, but im sure i will catch on. we met with some less actives and then went to the bishops for dinner. lol mom you would go crazy if you went to some of the members houses, they are sooooo messy and im just like "whatever you just keep doing you".  we get home around 9 every night and plan till 9:30 and i am literally dead by 9:45. its way tight. so i get close to 9 hours of sleep every night which isnt bad. everymorning i wake up and want to shoot myself. i think....18 more months-__________- and i have a little break down. its whatever though, by the mid day when we get to work i dont really think about it anymore. i just need to get adjusted to it i guess. i did my first trackting on thursday. its way awkward but sis hallett is so talkative that i just sit there and dont say anything except lol hi im sister butcherite. you meet either really mean people or people that are just like im not interested or the wierdest people you will ever meet. this one lady was like "YOUR SECRET TEMPLES MAKE ME PHYSICALLY ILL, YOURE NOT GOING TO BE LITTLE GODS ONE DAY AND I REALLY HOPE YOU GIRLS FIND THE TRUTH." i just smh'd and laughed. omg so funny. on friday the elders invited us to do some service at a mans house. he is digging his yard so he make a drive way. he was doing it all by himself so we came over to help him. hes from africa. he works so hard haha. we were like "dang marcus your are hard worker" and he was like "what do you expect im from africa." lol for real. then we did more tracting and less active stuff. we spend alot of our day driving from house to house only to find no one home or telling us to come back later. on saturday we finally got the area book from our elders and started looking for some formers. at this one apartment there were people moving so we asked if they needed helped and they said sure. we were like in our dresses and stuff and we were moving with these mexican men, what a funny sight. i was way sweaty and looked like a hog. lol we gave them our number and even scheduled to teach someone. then when we were there this crazy man, like literally on drugs i think, was yelling at us and we were you wann learn about jesus and he was like HELL NO! and then the cops came and arrested him. definitely the best thing ive seen. we met this guy mark on saturday and he was sooooo nice and we scheduled a time to meet with him yesturday. on sunday i was really looking forward to meeting church members. it was good to talk to them and we got a young couple to come with us to marks house. we taught him the restoration and he committed to a baptism on aug 3! i dont know how its going to work out because he lives with his girlfriend and their 4 kids and she has no interest. so we will see. omg then we knocked on a formers door to see if they wanted to learn more and this fat lesibian lady with her shirt off and boobs like hanging out of her sports bra answered the door. i died. she said go away lol.we ate at a members house for dinner last night and her daughter was there with her husband, she is 18 -__- omg and they just got married 3 months ago and shes already 2 months pregnant. she was ticked. haha she just kept saying that this is gods plan for her. lol k. we have a lot of appointments this week and hopefully some new investigators so im excited. also i get to go on splits so im way pumped! sis hallett is great but she dont mess around. no slacking, work 24/7. EXACTLY obedient to every rule. i mean its fine, but when im a trainer im gonna be way fun. yesturday when we went out to the car there was a car next to us that got way messed up. hah this black lady came up to us and was like "mmmmmm girl that is the work of a angry woman" love black people. okay well its gonna be way hott again this week and ill die. have a good week and show ryder my face. love you guys. AND WRITE ME PEOPLE. i LIKE LETTERS!!! also a banana burst in my purse so that sucked.