Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I make a I hope.

hello my dear wonderful family and friends. I love you all soooo much! this week was...good? lol idk we got work done. pday was kinda lame this last week because only like 10 people came to sports and this transfer we combined zones so all of the Gila valley missionaries are together. usually I love big zones of missionaries but there is only one problem safford (us) missionaries are all about ballin on pdays and thatcher (them) want to just play volleyball. so I am gonna go there today and be like "LISTEN, IF WE DONT BALL AT LEAST FOR AN HOUR THERE WILL BE ISSUES" in a very Christ like and loving way obvi. we ate dinner with the cutest old couple that night. omg I love old people! they are so in love even after 53 years. hahah and they love us too...when we were leaving she made the I love you sign with her hands and was waving goodbye to us! how precious!!! on Wednesday we met our new bigger zone. we have sooo many greenie elders! its so funny to hear Salazar be like "theyre so confused and new...they have no idea." oh my little've been out for 2 months, you have no idea. shes cute. we went to a little hole in the wall place to eat for lunch and got sonoran hot dogs. the Mexican man thought I spoke I do look a little latina....just maybe. ugh im white. THANKS ALOT DAD! that day we saw one of my favorite ladies in the ward named sister conley. she is just a hoooootttt! on Thursday we had food bank like usual. but nothing really specataular really happened. omg sorry that my emails are soo boring. im going to try and have an adventure everyday that I can tell you guys about. Friday was finding day. after seeing a couple of less actives we went to the trailer park to find lost sheep and contact everyone that was outside. I don't get really scared of talking to people any more because im just like whats the worst that could happen...they say no? elder malm said something really neat at zone conference yesterday. he said "if you don't talk to someone the immediate answer is already no...why don't you talk to them! they might say yes, and if they say no, then you know for sure their not interested." its so true. TALK WITH EVERYONE! we talked with a couple of characters that night...this lady was like "lol (okay she didn't say lol) I am so drunk right now but lets say a prayer." maybe we will go back to see her when shes sober...but shes also homeless haha. we made peach cobbler during weekly planning! #housewives #jkmissionaries  on Saturday we had basketball in the morning to continue the tradition lol but there are like 2 people that are legit good so it was mostly just running around pretending to play. its allll good! we did more street contacting the afternoon and I got SOOOOO BURNT!!! my back literally looks like a crime scene. my first was a little low and I had my hair in a bun so it was just destroyed. Salazar has been a great comp and has been rubbing aloe vera on it every night. we saw the cutest little old lady that just moved into our ward. she is from Georgia and is a convert of 3 years and is just obsessed with the gospel. I could listen to her talk allll day! you know how old people are bluntly honest sometimes? well she was like "can I pay you girls a compliment" sure -______- "you guys are my kinda girls, big and robust" IS THAT A FAT JOKE?! thanks sister. but she meant it nicely I think. speaking of fitness transfer...our detox didn't happen last week but will be today. but me and Salazar have been getting up at 6 everyday and going to the church gym to work out. its been good! we played softball again that night! fun!!!! on sunday after church we saw a less active named connie that we are working with. we taught about prayer and how she needs it in her life. it was soo simple but the spirit was so strong. there is so much simplicity in the gospel that people don't realize can bring the most happiness. EVER! on Monday, yesterday we had our zone conference with elder malm of the seventy I think. he gave some great trainings on how we can be better missionaries and our worth! it was really great and I was just loving everything he was saying taking notes and what not...then outta now where he just points to me and is like SISTER COME UP! ummm excuse me...that's the worst. so I hada go up in front of everyone and answer some questions. I don't even know what I said and probably made a fool outta myself. ugh life sometimes. he really did say some great things. most of it was talking about how we are meant to be in Arizona at this time in our area. we have talents and personalities that effect the people that we are working with....I really loved that because sometimes I really wonder if I am making a difference in the areas that I am serving. it was a great meeting. okay here are somethings that went down with different people this week.

arieana: we finally saw her this week and laid down the law about coming to church. it obviously worked because she came this week...but she is so distracted during sacrament meeting. we will hafta get her some coloring books or something.

charlotte: doing good!!! shes just sooo fun! I love her...she came to church with her hair dyed blue -______-

eli: the little kid that we are working with. his family is coming back into reactivation. we taught the lesson of jesus Christ which has a lot of cool object lessons. the dad was like "cool lesson" he never says anything.

Floyd:  we committed him to live the word of wisdom. hhahaha we said that we would do it with him for moral support. he didn't think that was too funny!

no new investigators but we are trying!!!! pray for us to find some people in safford to teach! no word from kris :( and savannah was outta town this week. okay this is long. seeee ya!
sista b
ive been looking for this forever!!! i think they ran outta sister butcherite bottles though

me and elder matiz! he goes home next week and was there in the east when i was born! crazy

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Safford, Salazar, SIX!!

 omg everyone and their mother emailed me today WHICH I LOVE...but i will have to make this quick. soooo im still in safford and with salazar for another 6 weeks! we saw it coming and are so excited to be with eachother this next transfer. so this last pday we played basketball all day becuase it was elder petersens last pday and thats all he wanted to do. it was fun! on tuesday we had exchanges and gues who i was with. only my favorite companion!!! SISTER CALLLLL!!! omg we were so pumped. we talked all night about the good ol times then on tuesday we called our recent converts. jean is doing soo good and is preparing for the temple so she can be sealed to her husband FOR ETERNITY. the mcguires are doing goo too...they went through a little rough patch for a moment but now are going back to church and preparing for the temple. susan was just so happy to hear from us and we all started crying on the phone. I MISS THE WEST SO MUCH! we were supposed to see savanah that day but when we got there her mother in law said that they got in a fight and just left. i was like -___________- of course your kidding upset. but she texted us on thursday and said that they were back and that the baptism was still on! weeeee!  we saw kat and leroy that night and then we shot bow and arrows at their house lol that was sooo fun! i almost killed a dog but didnt so its fine. i was so sad to see her go that night but glad to have my little salazar back. on wednesday we had our last district meeting....we watched a really cheesy mormon movie about a family getting baptized. then we went to visit the cutest old man in the world named floyd hahah hes sooo fun. we cleaned his house for him because hes just to old to do somethings. we are working with a family on reactivation...they are doing really good and the mom even got a calling! so cute. on thursday we had food bank for a couple of hours and ugh i dont really remember what we did...dang sorry. on friday our dinner cancelled and so we got money to go to dennys. omg i love dennys so much! then we went to a viewing for Noras funeral. ummm viewings are creppy and i dont like staring at dead people right in front of me, but it was sad. she was such a cute woman. on saturday we played our last morning basketball game :( then we went to noras funeral service. it was really nice. we are so lucky to have the knowledge of eternal families. even though death is soo sad its only a temporary goodbye! after the service we went to a baptism for the YSA elders. there were a lot of people there....good for them!!! then we had a baptism for Savanah. not too many ward members were there but she had a lot of support from her family. alot of which are non members or less acitves...which is a good time for them to feel the was a really good service! that night we went and saw charlotte that girl really is something else but i love her and she loves me...we are like kind of like kindred spirits. that night we went to play softball again. we actually played and i realized how aweful i am at that sport. ohweelllll. then we got transfer calls that night instead of sunday night. nothing new for us and alot of the elders in our zone are training because we are getting 31 new missionaries this transfer. on monday morning we had a zone breakfast at dennys hahah again. i am going to miss everyone so much. we all got so close and we just like all the basketball players are leaving...who am i gonna ball with?!?!? so now it is the start of a new transfer....this will be fitness transfer. me and salazar are doing it! we are starting with a detox today. ill let you know how that goes. okay gotta gooooo. i have no time left. hahah we have no more investigators so hopefully this will be a good finding week. pray for us plz! LOVE YOU ALLL TOO MUCH!
sista b

lol bangin

im katnissssss


my sissssy call <3

this is sooo fun!

we are us

okay not to toot my own horn but TOOOOT TOOOT how cute is this pic?! arizona does grow stuff once and a while

we went to the temple after dennys. cute!

love these people!

savanahs baptism!

the elders leaving....roneys not retarted he just looks like he is



Saturday, August 16, 2014

okay satan, I HATE YOU!

ugh you guys this week was just too horrible. like sad and sad. ima break it down for you. Monday was good and fun. we went bowling!!!! hahah I was like the only one that wanted to go but I forced the whole zone to was fun! we played skittle bowling and had a good time. then we went back to the church and played basketball. I am like getting pretty good guys. like good. I love to ball. that night we had to give the lesson for stake FHE. haha we were so scattered and unplanned but were like "lol let the spirit guide". we taught about putting on the armor of god and the lesson actually turned out really good. thanks spirit!  okay Tuesday wasn't so bad. we were supposed to go to Tucson for a meeting but it got switched so we were kinda upset but over it. we planned to visit some less actives but only saw one because she LOVED to talk and we were there for quite a while. people are so lonely sometimes and being there just to give them some company is good for me! we went out to Chinese that night YUM! then we went to visit a really old lady in the ward that is in the hospital...she is arieanas grandma. on Wednesday we had zone meeting and talked about how we can better work with members and get really is all about the members you guys! we had to make savannahs baptismal program that day too. we started teaching a less active family, the baileys, on wedneday night. they are all about reactivation and getting their son baptized. so that is a miracle there! we are teaching their 8 year old son the lessons. that night we left to stay the night in vail at lovells house because we aren't tryna wake up at 4 in the morning to leave for Tucson. we got to vail a little early so I surprised lovell at her appointment with a family that I love! it was soo good to see them. the kids remembered me and gave me big hugs! so cute...I miss my old areas and people a lot! we stayed up a little late so I was way too tired on the next day. we had our new missionary/trainer meeting on Thursday. it was good and all I can say Is that I am soooo blessed to have sister Salazar! we get along so good and have so much fun while we work hard. shes a great baby! after that we all went to a little Mexican stand and got sanoran hot dogs. soooo delish. I love all my mission friends and how we are like family out here! its fun. since safford only has a walmart I obvi had to go to target and spend that gift card you gave me mom. omg Tucson is soooo civilized! haha saffords great too. I was literally so tired driving home for 2 hours....hallelujah that I didn't crash and die. Thursday night was the will see why in a bit. on Friday morning we had to go on exchanges. I went to st david and sis Salazar took over the area. she was really nervous but I think she did great! I had a good day in st david with sis shrader. she goes home in a week so we talked a lot about what shes gonna do when she gets home hahah she loves vampire diaries. lol twilight. Saturday was also a mess of a day -_______- we went to the Spanish sisters baptism and weekly planned and at night we were supposed to play softball with a bunch of non members but right when we get there it starts DOWN POURING!!! so much rain and thunder and we played basketball instead. it was really good because like 8 nonmembers came!!! really fun. sunday was a better day because right when we were about to get 4 less actives came to church! that was really good!!! but on a sad note, the lady we visited in the hospital on Tuesday died :( we will go to her funeral on Saturday. also our elders gave us alcohol and cigarettes from their member...idk why, but hey asked us to dispose of them. so that was totes fun! okay now onto our investigators and other people......

savannah: she has been so excited for her baptism and everything was right on track! sister Salazar taught her about temples and families being together forever on Friday and said that it went great and said a really sincere prayer at the end.....then satan came and was the worst. on Saturday, the day she was supposed to be baptized, we get a call and her mother in law tells us that she got attacked by bees and had 18 bee stings and had to go to the hospital!!! what?!?! that's just totes stupid. shes doing better now and her baptism is set for this Saturday. YOU WONT WIN LUCIFER! lol isn't the cat from Cinderella named Lucifer hahah

martin: omg we had the best lesson with him on Tuesday! he was just eating up everything we were teaching him and telling us how the spirit was talking to him about putting down the poison (his alcohol) and that it was time to change his life and how everything in his life was getting better. it was so good! then on Thursday he called us and told us he didn't want the lessons anymore! so unexpected!! we went to see him and we think he was drunk...but he was just telling us how he needs to focus on getting his money and doing him. he just got really selfish and is not ready right now. it was so sad. me and sister Salazar were ballllin....wah! 

charlotte: she is being a little sassy pants and says she too busy to meet with us now that school started....I will beat her! hahah her grandpa said its okay if I do.

arieana: it was a really bad week to see her with her grandma being in the hospital and then dying. we will hopefully see her this week.

kris: shes hiding from everyone idk.

soooo things were hard this week but we are going to be HAPPY and optimistic for the future. Heavenly Father has our back and wont let us down. men are that they might have JOY and I am all about that joy. okay have a great week. I wont email till Tuesday next week because of transfers....I hope I stay with little Salazar. LOVE YOU GUYS!

sista b

elder Roper being our knight in the armor of god

lol at my face

exchanges with sis shrader...there comes a time in your mission where you are just like "idk what I look like" that day was one of those times.

see ya tequila

cheers to the Word of wisdom!

we hate cigarettes!

down the pooper!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

High on a fetchin mountain

helllo to all!!! this week was pretty funnnn. so i decided that im going to write my emails different. like ill go through the week and the highlights that happened and then ill talk about the people that we are really working with. we go. monday wasnt anything to special. we played sports. mostly basketball. so ive been playing ball every week for the bast 59 weeks and never go hurt. so i was due for a rolled ankle. i fell and rolled the exact ankle that i broke my junior year. lol remember when i had to wear that rediculous boot. i was so fun! yeah it hurt and swelled up pretty fat so we were kinda home bound that night, RICE! sis salazar taught me thing Rest Ice Compress Elevate. so clever huh? so on tuesday i was kinda hobbling around all day but we still got in 6 lessons! go hard!!! we saw some less actives that say and ive had a goal to be bold! so im just coming out with it and im like "WHY DONT YOU COME TO CHURCH" we get the typical excuses...."we are really busy", "its too early", "im fat and non of my dresses fit". ya know typical. at least they know i mean business now. wednesday was so freakin fun!!! we went to the top of mt graham to have district meeting. it was beautiful!! the weather was a perfect 70 degrees and the sun was shining. we had got taught revelation through the book of mormon and were all supposed to pray and have a joseph smith experience. it was really cool. the book of mormon is so great and i have grown to love it more than i ever thought i could. everytime i read it, it answers a question or concern that i have at that time. read it, love it, live it! thursday we had food bank and then stake coorelation to talk about all of our fun investigators. its pretty chill. friday...nothing too special just seeing people and stuff. saturday we did some service for some people and cleaned their house. i love a clean house now!!! mom are you so proud of me or wut. cant wait to have my own cute little clean house. that night we were having game night with all the missionaries and our less actives/investigators. we were supposed to play baseball but it got to dark so we went to the church and played mafia! it was pretty was a good way to show these people that we are normal, fun loving young adults who also just are obsessed with the gospel and jesus christ. sunday was fast sunday aka hungry. hahah me and sister salazar were just sitting in our house reading the scripts and she just yells out "I DONT KNOW HOW PEOPLE CAN BE ANOREXIC, I JUST LOVE FOOD." hhahahah it was so funny but like true. food>>>> to break our fast we went to bishop hargis' house to have an anniversary party for kat and leroy. we had chinese food and it was way good! we also had a dinner scheduled so lol 2 dinners. soooo fulll. okay now i will go onto our peeps

savanah: doing really good. we got everything figure out for her baptism this saturday and she had her interview on sunday and passed with flying colors. her mother in law texted us and was like, "SAVANAHS NOT GET BAPTISED ANYMORE" then we tripped out and was about to cry but they were just joking with us. like dont joke about salvation. we are all excited for the big day this weekend. 

martin: hes staying good and sober!!! which we love. we had a couple lessons with him with some members of the ward and he is learning. he read alma 32 this week and totally got it....he was like "so im like a little tree right now that needs lots and lots of nourishment." hahah hes so funny. lol we went over there yesturday...because he didnt come to church -___- and he was watching alvin and the chipmunks. this huge tatted guy loving on the chipmunks. when he said the closing prayer he was like "father, i love the chipmunks...dont be mad at me." hahah it was so funny. we moved his date to aug 30.

kat and leroy: doing good and coming to church weekly. weve really been working on their smoking and yesturday she said "im done buying them so i better quit" hahah yes!

charlotte: shes been sick this week but came to church for a bit. shes really excited to start school this week.

arieana: only got to see her once this week. we talked about family and she got a little sad about her situation since both her parents are in jail. but you know what she said "all i gotta do is pray and things will get better" omg what...youre 8.

Kris: ugh its so sad. we havent seen her in 4 weeks about. we tried to go visit her and when we pulled down her dirt road we saw her we drove to talk to her she literally ran away from us into the wilderness. i dont know what went wrong but satan is definitely behind it! pray for her heart to come back and the spirit to touch her. 

okay folks! that all for now...have a great week and i miss you guys soooooo much. be good and like go to church! lol there! love you all
sista b

lol ooopppssss

cute lil zone on the mountain top

me and the kid on the mountain. greeeeeeen!