Monday, September 30, 2013

I Don' Know About You!

hey hey hey everyboday! how was everyones week. i hope that everyone enjoyed themselves. im really trying hard to remember what i did this last week so yeah here we go. on monday we had pday lol duh. it was fun and we played sports and obvi i dominate at basketball. one of the sisters told me that when we were shooting for teams and i got up to shoot he told her "Thats the girl im going to marry" lol lock your heart elder. yeah it aint no thang though. also i had like 9 dollars in my account so like no food for the week. lol omg! we were super busy on tuesday just running from one appointment to the next. i love days like that. so tight. we visit one of the recent converts who got baptized in august. she is just the cutest thing since purdy. shes 80 years old and has a little southern accent. i could eat her up!! she always gives us a hershys chocolate bar when we leave. on wednesday we had a relief society activity which was good for me because i go to know some of the ladies in the ward. its real hard coming into a new ward because everyones like "ohhh hi....where did sister U go?" and im just like -____- lol okay. we dont get as many meals fed to us as i used to in my last area. so like poor and starving was the game this week. oh well. on thursday we had a zone traning for most of the day, so prez and sis killpack gave that to us and as usual it was fun to be with everyone and get to know more of the missionaries in the zone. on friday  we went to see one of our investigators and she gave us a bunch of clothes. sickkkkkk. they were a little rediculous but i will wear them. i got a dog vest wich is the tightest because dogs>>>. then we taught our family investigators and they are set for baptism!!! on oct 12 they will be dunked! im way excited for them for this new step in their lives and cant wait for them to see the blessings of the gospel! on saturday we went to the relief society general broadcast. lol sister call doesnt like the relief soceity stuff because she says they all talk the same and cry. which is true but lol. she says she needs to get in touch with the woman inside of her but ima just let her figure that out. then on sunday we had a book of mormon musical thing that we went to. it was nice but not really what i was expecting. its so much fun here in the west. the area is huge and we get lost alot but oh well. we only have one cd so weve listened to it about 68 times now. we love it and sing really loud. omg im so mormon. anyways i better get going. tomorrows my birthday HOLLLLLLLLLA! IM FEELING 22! we have a way tight day planned for tomorrow and our investigator is making me a black person dinner! legit. and a member is making me apple pie. so fun! think of me all day tomorrow. #selfish #idontcare #22. love you guys and thanks for all the support you give.
sista b

no religion plz.

cutest little pupppp

"to whom it may concern: my religous belief is of my own choosing. if you are here to influence me please dont ring the bell." YOURE GONNA TAKE THIS BOOK OF MORMON AND YOURE GOING TO LIKE IT!!!!

lol missionary life

               yay missionary bored

Monday, September 23, 2013

Princess & the Frog

sorry that i dont have that much time but im going to write as much as i can! so im in the west and its waaaaaayyyy sick. like its ghetto and there are alotta black and mexicans and not that many white people. i love it! white people<<<< ( i can say that because im white). so on wednesday i met the new zone. its going to be hard to get used to it because i really loved my last zone but whatever these people will do. lol omg jk they are gonna be great! i met some of our investigators who are way sick wid it. we have this black guy named chevy and he is way legit. like he went to jail for a couple of years but got taught the gospel and now he wants to get baptized. hes way nice and accepts everything that we teach him. we just joke around alot of the time because we all know that im black at heart. he made us the most black meal i have ever had. picture this (ribs, mac n cheese, corn bread and candied vegetables) so black i loved it..... and then on friday we made GUMBO with his mom. like freakin princess and the frog. way legit. we also have these other investigators...a whole family that wants to be baptized! they love joseph smith and the temple and the values. because the gospel is way tight duh. so before they were really like hard and anti mormon but still wanted to learn, but then the dad had a dream that everything was true and that they needed to join the church. so they are 100% game for the gosple. they will be getting baptized on oct 12! im really excited and they are so nice and just took me in like family. the new ward that im in is like, what i guess you would call, nealy dead and newly wed. so many young families and so many old people. but they are all really nice and accepted me. yessss! we ate at this families house last night and it was so fun, we just talked and told jokes and it was fun! im having so much fun with sister call and being in the ghetto and we both dont really know what we are doing lol jk but were both still new. so tight! we are both really chill and love to joke so its really fun! but we also love to do the work so dont worry we arent just doing nothing. also the first 3 months of my mission i didnt really work out at all. i slept on the floor and called it stretching. im legit. but me and sister call are gonna get SHREDDED this transfer. we are doing jillian michaels every morning. lol i sweat like a cow and i love it! hopefully i can take some of this weight off that i definietly put on in the east -____- smh. anyways i gotta go. but i love all of you and spread the gospel to EVERYONE because its sooooo tight. peace and blessings. omg lol also our new district leader says loveyoubye after every phone call just because its habbit and he cant break it. its hilarious. so we call him every night just to hear him say it.
sista b

New Companion - Sis. Call

way legit rap me and sista hallett made

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Transfer to West Tucson!

omg guys im like a normal missionary now! no more traning and yeah its scary. so lemmme tell you a little bit about the week that i had. monday, despot. enough said. lol then on tuesday we had a mission wide exchange day and  our goal was to find 35 new investigators on that day. thats 2-3 per companion and i was left to take over the area and find them. way nervous and alot of pressure. so on tuesday im just like okay sister were gonna be doing a lot of walking and knocking. fun...jk it sucks but whatever. then just before dinner we go to see one of our investigators and shes like "lol i dont wanna learn any more, take your book back" OKAY BYEEEEEE! so im like this is the worst im the worst missionary ever, lets just go knock some doors for 20 minutes before dinner. so we get to this place and the very first door we knock is KEVIN!!! omg and he said he was interested and im just like lol wutttt?! prayers answered. the lord is great and he gave me at least 1 new investigator. so i was way pumped about that. on wednesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer then we went to olive garden for lunch. omg i love my zone we are so tight. we had our first real meeting with kevin on thursday and he is great and ready to change his life around! on friday........ummmmmm i think we did some missionary work. lol i forget and i dont have my planner with me, i think that was the night we had a hard time knowing what to do. that is literally the worst thing on the mission, not knowing what to do. then on saturday we helped our investigator move from one apt building to the other. it was real sweaty and gross but we got everything done. OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS LIKE 103 DEGREES OUTSIDE AND ITS LIKE MID SEPTEMBER. okay arizona... youre the worst.  then on sunday we had 2 investigators at church and it was so good! the ward was real nice and they were so welcomed! i loved it...but it was also kinda stressful. oh missionary work is always stressful. then sunday night came. THE CALL. the AP called and was like "sister butcherite youre going to be transferred." and i was like lol omg wut?!?! we were so sure that i was staying. but nope im now in west tucson in the sentinal peak ward with sister call from west jordan utah. i came out with her and she is way legit. cant wait for whats in store for this transfer. yesturday i went to say bye to everyone. it was super sad. im going to miss everyone in the ward and in my zone especially...we got really tight. im really going to miss my investigators. and it sucks that ill miss their baptism. maybs i can get permission to go back lol. so yeah im at a new place and way excited! sry for alot of pics but im sure youll enjoy. peace and blessings love you all!

Sista B

Chandra investigator 

Zone leader Elder Simpson

Love my east zone!

Al great investigator!

Natalie love her!

Last pic with Sis. Hallett!

Elder Matiz

Elder Stock

Monday, September 9, 2013

That's what makes me beautiful!

so this week was probably one of the most stressful weeks of the mission. i just dont know what got into me. because like you all know, im chill. go with the flow. and way i dont usually get that stressed. but this week was just tooooo much. ill start from the beginning. tuesday was temple day!!! SOOOOOOO GOOOD!! just everything, going to the temple and actually being there was so good and i didnt really feel like a missionary just a regular person going to the temple. love it! cant wait to go december -__- i saw brother farrin's dad there so that was cool to see a familiar face. then i loss my camera the day before so i couldnt take pics. irrate. the pics are from sis halletts camera. BUT the good thing about losing my camera was that elder despot was able to get it for me. lol attractive. but yeah the temple was so good. GO IF YOU HAVENT. omg my feet smell so bad right now. sorry person next to me. anyways on wednesday we had zone training that went forever, but i love to be with everyone so its chill. then that night we did exchanges and i went to sierra vista on bikes! lol i love me some bikes, but i feel like a retard. thursday was really fun because i was on bikes and i was with sister gardner. i came out with her so it was really fun to catch up and work with her. this lady from her ward too us out to dinner, way tight, and then she took us to the store and said we could get anything we wanted! omg christmas. so i got this body butter heavenly stuff from victorias secret. smellin real good. on friday we a ward game night that the elders organized. THE WORST! only like 12 people came and one of our investigators so it was like so awkward and i felt so bad for the elders and it was just bad. there was just not enough advertisement for it i guess. that night one of our investigators that weve gotten really close too was having a really bad night and called us like 12309 times to talk stuff out. i guess its good that he trusts us enough to call him but -___- like i love to sleep. so that was a really stressful night, just not having a good ward activity and having to help out our investigator. then on saturday it was pretty busy. but the best thing is that a less active woman that we are working with took us to olive garden! hollllllaaaa. so good and fun. i love her. she is the most hilarious philipino woman i have ever met. ima take a picture with her soon so you guys can see her. on sunday we were supposed to have 2 investigators at church but guess how many came!!! YAYAYAYA ZEROOOOOOO! so goes the life of a missionary. but this is probably bad but i feel like i can relax more when i can just focus on me and church and not on what the investigators are thinking about church. i know im aweful but sorry not sorry. okay i have like no time left. but ill email you next tuesday because its transfers this week and i get a new comp and stuff. ill be sure to let you know what happens. love you all and hope you are happy!
sista b
Day at the Gila Valley Temple!

thanks mom! i love 1d so much and they love me

yeah this was the worst. as big as a frisbee basically

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dancing In The Rain

what a crazy and fast week in hot as "you know where" arizona. so this week was good but not very fruitful and omg ive got some good stories for you. so on monday after we played sports there was a monsoon and since me and sister hallett were just in our sports clothes we got home and decided to dance in the rain. i probably looked like a huge clown but whatever it was fun. we both love and miss the rain so much. lol washington REPRESENT! so for the past couple of months we have been trying to put together a musical fireside for our ward, so on monday night we went around asking ward members to play and sing songs. i hope it will be really good and spiritual. its going to happen on oct 20th so we are thinking that ill be staying in the area and sister hallett will go back to spanish...which means all the stress and responsibility of this program will be on my shoulders -___-. oh well. on tuesday i swear all we did was tracting and finding...but i dont think we found one person who was interested. hahahahahhahaha i hate that. its too sweaty but im working on a really good foot tan (as seen in the pic). on wednesday we were on our way to district meeting and we found a letter on our car (read letter below) OMG WE WERE SO FREAKED OUT! it was really weird that someone was watching us. oh well, were cute. then on thursday we had an appt with one of our investigators who we havent seen in a really long time and she was having a really awful day..her son isnt make good choices and shes really trying to be a good mom, but cant help him. so what do we do?! give her a priesthood blessing obvi. it was really spiritual and nice and i think it helped her calm down a little bit. the priesthood is great and i dont think i fully appreciated it as much as i do now. HOLLA TO ALL THE WORTHY BROTHAS OUT THERE! on friday we went on an exchange for the day and i was on bike. omg i got tooooo sweaty and gross, i felt so bad for every house we went to because i was literally drippin on their floor. lol sorry i get too hot. i took a pic but decided it was too aweful so i didnt include it. that night for dinner we went over to a ward members house whos daughter died when she was on her mission. super sad, you can look up the story...her name is vanessa bentley. so anyways it was the 2 year anniversary of her death so they wanted to honor the sister missionaries. it was so sad, but they are such a strong family and the plan of salvation is great. we went on another exchange that night and i stayed in the area and took over....its hard to be a leader. lol im a follower oh well. #dontcare. omg heres the good one. on sunday we brought an investigator to church, shes from the south and very bold and opinionated. so here we are in sunday school talking about god and stuff then bam she just outta no where brings up gay rights and how we should accept them for who they are and what they do and omg i dont think ive ever been in a more awkward situation in my life. i could have died!!!! so tonight we are gonna just teach her about what our church stands on the whole issue. itll be interesting. this week is gonna be the bombest! we go to the temple tomorrow! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! IM SO EXCITED! yeah itll be great. go to the temple as much as you can and you will be so blessed. i miss it! took it for granted in provo thats for sure. okay well gotta go. love you all. until next week, kiddos!
sista b