Monday, June 30, 2014

Excuse you Arizona!

ol!!!! hi guys. how is everyone doing? this week went by supes fast! on monday. omg you would not believe how incredibly good i did at basketball. you would be so proud dad. it was 3vs3 all elders and me and they were like going easy. then i made a shot. and another. and 3 more. then they were like okay we needa start guarding her. then i made the winning 3 pointer. so good. but i literally almost died because i am so outta shape. they were like REMATCH and im sittin on the as a cherry, cant even breath. embarrassing. but so fun. i love balllll! went to empty nesters FHE after, which was so cute. on tuesday we saw a bunch of different people. we saw kris! she got glasses, her electricity is getting turned back on and she might be getting a job soon. BLESSINGS OF THE GOSPEL PEOPLE! on wednesday after district meeting we went to see charlotte and i sat on the couch and when i got up i realized that i had sat in peeeeeee! omg the little girl just pees all over the place. so that was fun. we went to a super fancy house for dinner. totes rich. she showed me her closet and i was like....lets trade lives real quick. she has the funnest closet. i loved it. on thursday we went to the food bank and then it was an elder in my districts one year mark so i made him brownies with cards for candles. im so clever lol!!! we ate at the funnest members house for dinner. they were so chill and funny....we just ate on the couch and had a fun little chit chat. i love meeting new people and making great friendships with them. on friday we had a busy day. weekly planning, food bank, then we went to the family history center and i was able to help out people with their genealogy. im getting like so good at this stuff....its like detective work and they get so excited when we find one of their relatives ahahha i sound like im 78. #familyhistory. we went out to dinner with a couple to a chinese buffet for dinner, it was aight. we had exchanges that night and i was  going to st david with sister embry. we had to drive for an hour to meet them. exchanges were so good! its fun to get out of your area for a little bit. the day was great and we saw a lot of people. for dinner we literally went to china! lol i mean japan. i cant tell the difference. oops. we had this meal called SOBA. we had chopsticks and the shaBANG. it was really good. the couple was so cute. they have a missionary out so they wanted to talk about missionary life the whole time. which is fine with me because lol its my life. then we had to leave for a place in el frida because some elders were having a baptism and we had to give a little teaching moment. i love how easy it is for me to bare my testimony in front of large groups. i used to HATE it. but now it just flows so easssssy. thank you mission. the baptism was so cute. it was an old lady who was afraid of water and steps. but she did it! aww shes cute. then it was back to safford after that. on sunday it was just church and stuff. the missionaries met up at the stake center to collect end of month numbers but im just like lets play horse. so we did that. and i would have one if the elders werent so strong and make baskets from the other side of the court -____- oh well. FUN! last week of the transfer. its gonna be so great! i hope you guys have a great week and fun fourth. i know i will. email next tuesday with news of my new comp. ugh i think im training. im getting revelation already. okay love youse alllll!
sista b

lol look at these cars just buried on the side of the road

when lovell made me eat an oyster.....

in the dryer

tossin watermelons off the bridge lol

when we caught a liz liz

playin with toys

virgin margaritazzzz

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Peace out Killpacks!!!

what it dooooo? i hope everyone is having a great day and a great summer thus far. this week was really good and went by fast. on tuesday we had our zone conference! it was so fun and i got to see some of my best friends on the mission. sister call was there and we are just so crazy and loud around eachother! i love her and miss our time together. we talked about letter of the law vs spirit of the law and what our reasoning behind obedience should be. pres killpack has really been going hard on obedience since he is leaving in a week. we had some great workshops and pancake lunch. all the sisters decorated fabric squares that represent their mission and all the elders decorated ties. the killpacks have been doing this since the start of their mission with all the missionaries and when they get home they are gonna make a big quilt out of them. so cute. at the end of the conference sister and president killpack trained us but it was more of a goodbye. it was really quite sad and a lot of people cried. well a lot of sisters. they really are the best! they showed a video at the end of a bunch of missionaries. AP elder zilles made it when he got home and we were pretty good buddies so of course he put a clip of me dancing like an idiot -_____- oh well im fun and cute and lol. we said our good byes and were off. BYEEE KILLPACKS. that night our recent convert charlotte discovered that i can braid hair so everytime i go over there the lesson doesnt start till i have her hair done. on wednesday we went to court! it was so fun and scary. Kris' son got sent back to jail so we went to his hearing but it wasnt anything too special. we went to a really nice families house for dinner and after our lesson they told us how much they appreciated us and all that the missionaries do. sometimes as missionaries we, meanin i, can get in such a rut like "am i making a difference blah blah blah..." so it was really nice to hear them say that. on thursday we had the food bank and half of the missionaries werent there to help and there was sooooo much food. we were there helping out for 3 hours. but it was fun. when we saw kris that afternoon we talked about missionary work and how she can do her part as a member missionary. she is so grateful and humble, especially in her circumstance. we talked about the blessings of the gospel and even through all her hard times right now she told us that she has never been happier in her whole entire life. i loved that. OMG friday was so fun. we went to go do service for some members which involved spraying down her couch cushions and stomping on them till all the dust and dirt came out. we got wet and had a water balloon fight at the end. it was soooooo fun! i love them. then because i did service for her i got to spray paint my name on their work shed. now im basically a legend. nbd. we ate with a couple named the trueloves that night. LOL CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT NAME! soooo romantic. hahah! then we went to the bishops to help him go through the ward list so that we can find some lost sheep in the 8th ward. he has a super nice house! on saturday we were basically busy seeing people all day, which was great. it was hot as usual so im like sweating and preachin the gospel. whatevs...all in a days work. on sunday our investigator arianna came to church so that was wonderful and the best talks were given in sacrament meeting of our 8th ward. it was all about obedience. all we have to do is be obedient! if thats the only principle that we follow then we are sittin pretty and the blessing will flowwwwww. it was great! anyways not much comin up this next week and only 2 more weeks of the transfer. i hope everything is going great with you guys and that youre staying cool. love you alllll!<3
sista b

my square

all the sisters lol at sister call
the elders!
My cute little zone!

look at me taggin the heck outta that shed

lol just sittin on a bear

Monday, June 16, 2014

1 year down!!!

helllllllllllooooo how the heck is everyone doing?! freaking elder peterson is showing me every picture he's ever taken on his mission so i have little time left. so last monday we went bowling!! it was tight. the elders wanted to play 3 games and we only had 1 lane for the 8 of us. it took 3 hours but it was so fun! on the last round we played all fun, like bowling with left hand, spinning the ball, granny and stuff like that. on tuesday
we had a very busy day! we saw our investigator savannah, shes doing good except for the whole church thing. roadblock! we met with our recent convert kris. she is on fire! she doesnt have much to do all day so she just reads the book of mormon and other lds stuff. shes soo great! that night we had dinner at one of the biggest houses ive seen in my mission. it was just so nice with like a gym and pool and green house and loveeee! we went to go visit kat and leroy..the crazies and when we get there their dog was bleeding and like paralyzed so we went with them to the vet and they had to put him down :((((( awwww purdy ILOVEHER!!! on wednesday we had district meeting and our DL said the best thing "everyday stop doing what youre not supposed to be doing and start doing what you are supposed to be doing." i loved that!!! we talked about our purpose and stufff. same as usual. we did family history with kris after and i was able to find a lot of her family! it was fun. who knew?! we went to dennys for dinner cause a member gave us money and when we went to pay some one had paid for us!!! wut?!?!? people are so nice, i swear! thursday was our 1 year mark!!! it was so fun to be with someone i came out with because we were both so excited! we lit sparklers and had so much fun! also we went to this ysa education thing that night and i learned that the LDS religion is the only religion where if you receive more education you actually become more active in the all other religions people actually become less active when they get more education. so coool!! i like that! we were super busy on saturday! we went to see Charlotte, our ten year old recent convert. haha funny story, so her sister is 5 and is really outta control. she was like pulling down sister reeves shirt and lifting up her skirt...of course i was loling the whole time. so sister reeves was "like next time you do that im gonna tickle you". she did it again and sister reeves tickled her down to the floor then all the sudden the girls like "YOU MADE ME PEE MY PANTS" and there was a huge wet spot on the floor! hahahahha omg guys! she just peed herself. i almost peed MYSELF!! loved that. saturday we saw savanah and then we hadnt seen our new investigator arianna in a week so we just stopped by and she was home! that was a miracle! we showed her the restoration movie...i will probably have that whole thing memorized by the time i go home. some members took us out to dinner at the best mexican place in town. there were 2 other companionships there and even a family from my last area. it was fun to see them!  then we had a ward luau that night so it was a good day. sunday was just church and visiting some people...nothing too big. we got 28 lessons this week and stayed pretty busy. it was great. this week we have zone conference and its the last time im gonna see the killpacks :( they are such great people and i feel so privileged to have worked with them this last year. i will miss them soo much! okay off to another fun filled pday! have a great week and enjoy the not 110 degree weather! lovvvveeee,
sista b 
me, elder tolman and his missionary puppet


Me and Sis. Reeves!

youre a wizarrrd sista b!!!

hahah my area is sooooo clean -__-

ive decided to take a picture in every abandoned trailer....

wanna take a ride on my big green tractor!!!?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

baptism fever!!!

hellooooo, how is everyone? parent? enjoying your cruise, while I melt away in the hot Arizona desert sun -_________-  anyways, not bitter at all because this week was fab!!! on Monday after pday we had stake family home evening for missionaries and investigators. it was fun! kris came and told everyone how much she loves the gospel and is excited to get baptized. on Tuesday we had appointments all day. we met with one of our investigators name savannah. she cant get baptized till july 26 because her and her boyfriend get married july 19th and blah blah blah RULES. haha then we went to read the scriptures with an old lady who had NO AC!! are chu kidding me or wut? it was like a death chamber. oh well. then we saw kris and the charolette and taught them their final lesson before baptism. sooo great! we got a referral for a little cute ginger girl who wants to be baptized, so we met with her and got to know her a little bit! I love the work!!! after dinner we went and visited with some recent converts....omg these people are just. I cant even describe them. so funny! ill have to get a pick and then youll understand. on Wednesday we had zone meeting which goes for 4ever long but its alllllgooood. we had to make the programs for the baptisms so we went to a members house and of course I ask everyone how they met and her met her on the mission in one of his wards and im just like lol SOOOOOO TIGHTTTT!!!! after we made the programs we had stake correlation. where all the missionaries in the zone and the stake president come and discuss the missionary work in the stake. soooo much love for missionary work its great!!! on Thursday we had the food bank and then we went and cleaned out one of the most disgusting trailers known to man. rat poop. dust. spiders. and sister reeves is so deathly afraid of spiders she wouldn't touch anything so that meant that it was time for me to man upppp. im so tough and stuff. so that was gross. we also went to the food bank and got FREE FOOD! haha I love that. on Friday we were just going and going all day. we had to see kris because her son got sent back to prison after being out for 7 days. she is still so strong though because she said her heart is still happy even though satan is trying to pull her down. she had the most amazing faith!!! on Saturday we had 3 baptisms in the zone so that's what we were doing all day. charolettes was first. she was soo excited and jumping up and down in her seat until it was time to get dunked. then Kris's was great! the ward was so supportive and a lot of people came. the lady giving the holy ghost talk was HILARIOUS! At the end she was like "in the name of Jesus Christ GET IN THE WATER!!!" hahah everything went so smoothly and perfect. we treated ourselves to free dominos pizza for dinner. the confirmations went good in church the next day too. heavenly fathers got everything under control don't worry you guys! well now that we had these baptisms its kinda like looololo wuts next. but I know the work will continue and things will flow! until next week. have a fun day. love you guys! mwahhhh
sista b



freakin dove chocolate knows im on a mission aka nooooo love from any body except myself

Monday, June 2, 2014

safford sickness

helllo my beautiful family and friends. i hope you had a great week and were a lot healthier that i was. so we got here on tuesday and omg it was the hottest day of my life maybe? 107. gross. hate it. sister reeves was like "arizona and hell have a lot in common" dead! so funny. but really it doesnt need to be that hot. that night for dinner some members took us to a yummy mexican food restaurant, then i came home and unpacked the rest of the night. the next day i woke up with a bad stomach ache but i just thought that i was still full from dinner or something so no biggie. by the time we got to district meeting i was feeling so feverish with aches, shivers and the whole SHABANG! any ways the zone is tiny!! there are only 14 of us. definitely my smallest zone so far. but everyone says a small zone is great because we all get super close. looking forward to that. so i couldnt really take a rest that day because we had so many appointments. INVESTIGATORS!!!! its so great. first we saw charlotte, shes a 10 year old girl that is suppper cute and loves the missionaries. then we saw kris! i love kris, she is sooo sweet and is a SPONGE! she comes from a really tough background. she doesnt have much and doesnt even have electricity. but she is one of the sweetest ladies ive met and absolutely loves the gospel. they are both getting baptized this saturday. i taught more investigator lessons on my first day than i did all last transfer hahah thats crazy. i was feeling so aweful that night so after dinner we went home and i went straight to bed at about 7pm and didnt wake up till 8 the next morning. i was still feeling really bad i havent felt this sick in a really long time. so i basically slept until 2 and then we had to go out because we had appointments. i felt so bad for staying in so much but im not trying to spread the bug around. we saw Kris and her lessons are just so awesome because she literally takes everything we say and agrees and sees the importance. shes so awesome, and the ward literally took her in so good!!! its so exciting to have investigators be so excited about the gospel.  on friday i was feeling a bit better but still had a really bad nose congestion thing. but we went to the food bank and they give us free food!!! so thats gonna save so much money and ill have other stuff to get lol like clothes or something. then we went out to lunch for one of the sisters was good! the rest of the night we had appointments. we have seen kris every day since ive been here. on saturday we cleaned the church, then went to a baptism, but i was still feeling so sick so we came back and i took a nap for like 2 hours. ugh its awefullll! i hate being sick. i mean 1 day is good because we get to chill for a bit, but more than 1 day is nonsense. we had dinner with the bishop that night, he is sooo nice and their house is like way fun and big and gorrrge.  ohhh we cover 2 wards so that means a lot of church again....but not 9 hours. just 5. its such a great change. we had steak for dinner!!! the members here love the missionaries. the whole town love missionaries so we get a bunch of free stuff which is too fun! anyways im still sick. stupid nose wont clear, my nose is all chap and gross from blowing so much. ive gone through 2308 tissues. pray for health por favor. me and sister reeves are doing great. shes been so patient with me. 2 baptisms this week!!! cant wait. pictures next week!! love you guys sooo much.
sista b