Monday, March 17, 2014

half way...wut?!

hey buddies! so ya know i hit my 9 months mark this week. half way done!!! its like gone by so fast, but i feel like i havent seen tv/been legit lazy in all my life. soooo idk. this week was way successful. on monday we played beach volley ball and i got a hair trim because my ends were trippin. on tuesday we had a good day, seeing people and stuff. nothing too outta the box. on wednesday we had district meeting, and went to 5 guys for lunch. sooooo good but too expensive. then the rest of the day was crazy busy. we had an appt to teach a less active family with the elders, had dinner and then ward coorelation meetings with both our ward mission leaders. on thursday we were booked! we had a meeting with our investigator cheyenne. we were kinda iffy about her at first but she is progressing nicely. her family got baptized in july and she didnt. we taught the plan of salvation and she was like "well i dont want to be in some other crappy kingdom with out my family" hahah way fun! tjem we saw the oversons. taugh the law of chastity. lol so fun! probs my favorite lesson to teach. they are so excited for thier baptism. so are we! so on friday we went to the elders house to get something from them and like these little boys have thee nicest truck ever! we have a jeep, and dont get me wrong, im way grateful for it but like, cmon, share the wealth a little. so as we were about to leave we stole it! omg lol wait wut. it was soooooo nice! we couldnt feel any bumps on the dirt roads. ugh they were like "give it back -____-" no! but we did. unfortunately. then that afternoon we met with a lady named peggy who was a referral. she has learned in the past but felt pushed and didnt see the need for baptism. we taught her distinct differences between catholics and mormons and she said that this is definitely what she has been searching for. you know you have a golden investigator when they say "ive been yearning for more truth and i know there is something out there". lol hollllla!!! so shes a new investigator for sureee! saturday was the best! we had plans for what we wanted and everyone was home! busy all day. i love it. on sunday we had duh. cheyenne came to church and she said she actually had to drag her parents outta bed to come. she said "i said a prayer last night to help me get up and then i woke up before my alarm!" lol thanks heavenly father. also the oversons came to church for the second time. we went with the 12 year old to class. omg i swear i did not look that young when i was in yw. like i was mature...sike. im the most immature. so it was a great day!!! so much success this week. everything is picking up and going into place. i hope you guys have a good week. luhhhhh you!
sista b
also happy birthday to my most fabulous young grandmother!!!

finally elder stock sent me the pics from my last day in west! we are so fun. i love them

taught some recent converts to put on the whole armor of god. so cute huh?

so when the sisters hit 9 months they take a pregnancy picture. fun huh? how cute will i be when im fer reals prego.


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