Monday, December 30, 2013


dear my family and friends,
i hope you had a freakin gooooood christmas. i was sooooo fun. so on tuesday we had our mission christmas party. i was way too pumped to see all the friends. we got there and i told everyone about my cactus fall and everyone knew by the end of the day. lol so famous. we had a good breakfast and took a huge mission picture. then we did white elephant exchanges. all the sisters brought and accessorie and the elders brought ties. i got some hair clip and earrings. fun! then we had a musical program, which was really good. so much talent here in the ATM. while we were there president told us he had a surprise for us...WE GET TO GO TO PHEONIX ON JAN 11 TO SEE ELDER HOLLAND!!! lol so fun! road trip with 300 missionaries. too tight. then after chillen with all the homies for a little bit we had to go because we had dinner with a member. way sad to leave everyone:( we got to dinner and the mom wasnt home so the dad just gave us 15 dollars haha a great christmas eve meal. luckily we had planned to go to our district leaders members house and we go fed there. yay! we played mormon games (lol) and watch ephriums rescue (lol again) im sooo mormon. then it was about 10 by the time we left and the zone leaders invited us to midnight mass. so the whole zone went! it was way different but fun. afterwards we took a bunch of pics with the...priest? lol i dont even know. we didnt get home till almost 3. i was dead in the morning. i got up and opened all the presents. thank you to everyone who sent me something or a christmas card. i love you allll! then we had a district breakfast. i love my district <3 then we went to skype. it was so fun to see my family, just talk to them and forget about missionary work for a little while. miss you all sooo much! i wasnt even sad when i got off though. which i was worried about. i was waaaay too tired that night and woke up like a zombie on thursday. we were back to the work that day though so i had to buckle down. we had a great day though. everyone we wanted to see was home and we met a lot of new people. on friday we went on exchanges and i went with sis whitmore to avra valley. kinda out in the middle of now where with lots of dirt roads. i liked it though. we painted a house, had church tours and ate the most exotic food at a hawaiian members house. over all it was a good day. sister evans stayed in the area and they chalked the plan of salvation at the park. so tight. i love that plan! then on sunday we just had church and dinner and a lesson or 2. nothing too exciting. today we went on another hike...but it was with the whole zone. it took 5EVER! we got there at 8am and didnt get back to our car until 2:30. -________- so long. cause my ZL kept on going off of the trail and i was like "lol whatever youre hott" (disclaimer: my heart is locked, but no one said my eyes had to be) it was fun though and i didnt even fall one time. wheres my trophy? we got pics but i dont have them yet. this week should be good! hope you all have a happy new year and stay safe. make good new years goals. so fun! i come home next year....weird. i love you guys. miss me and write me or something. okay bye!
sista b
my cute little presents

elder purcell

my favorite sis lovell

homie elder netane

elder guys i cant help it that all the elders want pics with me. lol wut?

skyping with my gada

exchanges with sister whitmore!

Monday, December 23, 2013


yay happy christmas week to all my favorite people! its the freaking best time of the year!!!! this last week was so crazy! we had so much to do and were busy all week. which is great as a missionary. on monday we had sports at the park because it was 85 out -_______- hated that it was that hot. then tuesday was nothing too special, just gettin out there and doing work. ugh except our investigator who was supposed to get married (omg i just read that i put married, i mean baptized. did yall just lol or wut?) in a couple weeks told us he was moving! freaking santana. love that kid. gonna miss him. on wednesday we had district meeting. our district is so cute and little and we are all super tight already which is fun! we have a handshake that is way legit. then on thursday we had appointments all day, love that. we taught our little nine year old about the gospel of jesus christ and we got her a childrens book of mormon...dude those things are just a LIFESAVER. every child on the face of the earth should have one because theyre just sooooo fun!!! Then we had dinner at our converts house with the elders which was supes fun cause district leader stock was there on exchanges and we told ghost stories. then when we were tryna teach our little 9 year old convert, she was scared the whole time. its fine though. then we said good bye to santana for the last time. he gave me a sick picture that he drew. it fits me perfectly. its a girl that looks super hood and gangsta. uh hello guys thats me in a nutshell. lol omg right?! Friday was so fun. after we planned for the week we only had a couple of lessons then we went over to a members house for dinner and to make GINGERBREAD HOUSES! i loved it. we were on teams and me and sis evans were like oh we got this, like cmon we are girls lets be creative here. ours sucked -_- and the roof caved in and i was just like, "thats it, im going home" the elders was better than our and they were way creative. stupid elders. so this week we were promoting church tours for saturday, like puttin flyers in laundry rooms around our area and stuff like that. so we get to the church and are sittin there for 2 hours. yayayayya no one came -_____________- ugh cmon people this church building is so fun and we have so much to tell you about it. oh well. another time maybe. dude, like being on a mission has gotten me really aquainted with dissappointment and im like okay with it!!! thick skin people, thick skin! then after dinner we went carolling in our district leaders area! omg it was soooo fun, and awkward. which is basically missionary work all the time. sooooooo awkward. but i really think that all the people really liked it. the old people we saw were like "this tradition has really been lost, im glad to see you young people out here." and then we were like we are missionaries from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and they were like "we are catholic, merry christmas." fun!!! after church and dinner on sunday there was a stake christmas musical which was fun to go to and see all the talent in the stake. i hate that im not that musical. its okay ive got alot of talents guys dont worry. like im cute and fun so ill just take that. right?!!? okay so today is pday and our district was like lets go on a hike and im like ugh finnnnne. these arent like normal hikes you guys. theyre like "oh heres a mountain with lots of cactus, lets climbed to the tippy top" kinda hikes. so we get there and im just climbing and i fall a loooooooooong way down. arms scraped up. perfect. then we made it to the top and our zone leaders brough hot chocolate to celebrate fun! so going down is so much more dangerous than going up. im taking my time just going down and i see a jumping cholla cactus on my right and im tryna avoid it as much as i can...but you know that i cant do that. the rock falls from under me and i fall down and my hand goes right into the cholla and everyones trippin and im like lol ow guys....then im like wait a sec my butt hurts.....I SAT/FELL ON A FREAKIN BARRELL CACTUSSSSSS!! i get off and i can literally feel the thorns sliding out of my flesh. so im just champin it and going down the mountain and im like this really hurts so i put my hand down there and its sopping wet with blood. so i just have holes in my butt and thorns stuck in my deep i cant get them out. i have nasty pictures but wont be able to put them on the blog for PG-13 rating. it was a bloody mess though. so that was my morning. aweful. anyways tomorrow we have a christmas party for the mission. im so excited to see everyone! i hope you guys have a fabulous christmas and spend lots of time with your family and remember the true meaning of christmas. that our lord and savior was born. he came into this world to redeem us of our sins so we have the chance to live with our loving heavenly father and family for all eternity. that is his gift this season. what we give back to the savior this christmas? i love you all. see you in 1 year! fun.
over and out, sista 

this is a barrell cactus, like the one that went into my butt -______-

so this is cholla that my hand landed in

cute little district after carolling

selfies at the church when no one come. lol how fun is my new watch? i "love" it. thanks grandma and grandpa B...i bought it wit the money you gave me!

elder shultz and lowe. theyre soooo short

the roooooof is aweful

our stupid gingerbread house

bye santana!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013


First and foremost i hafta say a happy 31st (lol) birthday to my beautiful mother! everyone say happy bday to her! k thanks. now onto this whole missionary post. on tuesday after pday i took sis evans to our recent converts house that were just baptized. so before sis call left she told them that she wanted them to make her cry, i know i know sis call is ruthless. so we get there and we are tryna teach a lesson and hes coming out with all this polygamy thing and stuff about joseph smith. it was pretty brutal. we get home and she doesnt say much and im just like lol wut? then the next day she told me that she felt uncomfortable there and didnt like them so i was like success! lol but now we are tight and she gets them. so on wednesday we had our new zone together and got to meet eachother. should be a fun transfer, probs my last in the west so ima make myself a legend. ya feel me? sad thing though is we got ripped outta our old zone. but cool thing is that elda stock is my district leader. love that kid. we were together in the east so its fun to have a familiar face. then we went for pizza after. me and sis evans are the only sisters in our district which is fun cause elders>>>>. on thursday we had a meeting with the ward mission leader and got to know each other. the new elder is alot different than elder porter but we should still have fun. then we went to visit our investigator and we set up her christmas tree. i love christmas more and more everyday. then we went to visit another one of our investigators who we havent seen in a long time and she told us that she was getting evicted...way sad situation but im just a girl. i dont know how to deal with these things. omg and when we were visiting with her we asked a member to join we got there before her and just went inside. then we were just talking and i heard something loud outside and i was just like okay no biggie then we hear this faint whisper "sister butcherite" and we go outside and she had fallen outta her car and smashed her face on the concrete! omg i felt so freaking bad :((((( ugh i almost cried. that sucked. then on friday we just had our weekly planning a couple of lessons then went out to dinner with golden corral HOLLA. how come i have never been there before. so delish. lol wut?! then on saturday we had a couple of lessons. we are teaching a new 9 year old and we taught the plan of salvation. omg those flash cards come in handy. i think she totally got it. bitter sweet new with her is that the bishop is going to work with her dad on getting the preisthood so i probs wont be able to see her get baptized now. its okay, as long as it happens its fine with me. also on saturday we helped our investigator get rid of some of the stuff she doesnt want. she donated alot of furniture to the mission which was so nice. we will be able to give some of her clothes to the people in our ward. such a great christams donation. then on sunday we had the chirstmas program. it was pretty good. sis evans got right up there and sang in the choir her very first week. good for her. then our recent coverts the dad and the son are going to be recieving the priesthood soon. that is so exciting! then we had 2 dinners that night. lol dang it. oh well it was really good. thats about it for this week. only 9 more days till skype! im so excited to see you guys. ima probably cry lol sorry. this isnt that long, but you guys can deal. also sorry for not so many pictures i will take more this week. love you guys!
sista b

dinner #2 was way good, made by our black investigator. black food>
when helping our investigator move she gave us all her christmas decorations. HOLLLAA

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

transfers, thats wusssup!

hey family and friends wassss good whichu guys. things are going good here. so this was my last week with sister call and we had sooooo much fun, i love that girl so much. i need to think about what we did this last week. oh yes...on tuesday we had exchanges. i went with sister winkler, we were in the mtc together and i just adore her with everything that i am. so i went with her to her area and its literally out in the middle of now where and they live in a way ghetto house. so scary. we had so much though. it was hard to get work done because all we wanted to was talk with one another. but dont worry we are great missionaries. about 3 hours of knocking and no success but we tried. then we got free pizza! so fun. i love her! then on wednesday we had zone training which was long and kinda boring but still good to be with everyone. thursday wasnt too special, we just had a meeting with out ward mission leader and had a couple of appointments. of course we met with out investigators because they got baptized on saturday! yesssss, success! on friday. nothing to important to mention. now saturday was so fun! we had their baptism at 9 am. it was soooo cold! like lol 36 degrees but still cold. and we get there at 8 to fill the tub and the room is literally freezing too, i could almost see my breath, i felt so bad for everyone. the baptism was soooo good! so many people from the ward came to support and of course tons of missionaries and the APs came too. it was great. then they bore their testimonies at the end and i felt so proud of them. my little converts. love them. they are literally the closest thing i have to family here. then after the baptism we went out to celebrate with some mcdonalds cause we are poor and stuff. while we were at the baptism our bishop cornered us and was like whos going to give a talk tomorrow. me and sister call pointed at one another so fast. but i was like BISHOP, SHES BEEN HERE FOR 6 MONTHS AND IS LEAVING THIS WEEK!!! lol sucker, she had to give it. so we went to the library for her to write it while i watched mormon messages. fun! after that we had a couple of lessons. we are teaching a new little girl from a less active family. hopefully she will progress well. then that night was the ward christmas party! it was soooo good. so much food and everyone from the ward was there and our family came and everyone was so nice to them. the program was funny! each auxiliary had a little part to do, they sang funny christmas songs. overall a great success! then sunday was really good because they got confirmed and received the holy ghost. the spirit was strong and the blessings were great! then after church we had dinner and watched the christmas devotional, which was good. i LOVE CHRISTMAS! then that night we had transfer calls which always make me nervous and sick -_____- president called us and said that sister call was going to central tucson and i was staying and getting sister evans. shes a visa waiter from colorado waiting to go to brazil. so thats kinda fun, maybe ill learn some Portuguese. this will be interesting. sister call was crying and i was sad, im going to miss her so much. okay so heres a great story! so for the past 4 weeks we have had little gnats in our house and im just like where the freak are all of these bugs coming from! so weve just been killing them and stuff. we were making sure our apartment was clean and all the dishes were done. we had no idea! and our apartment smelt aweful! we were clueless though. no idea where the source was. we just though our neighbors smoked and it was coming up and idk where the flies came from. then yesturday when sister call was packing i was like ok well ima clean the apartment. so i go into the water heater closet to get the broom and i was like HOLD UP THIS CLOSET SMELLS SOOOOO BAD! then i look on the shelf and theres a bag that is dripping and oozing....i go to move it and flies EVERYWHERE!! OMG THERE WERE OLD POTATOES WE PUT IN THE CLOSET IN SEPTEMBER!!!! i almost started crying because it was so gross. sister call is a saint and she threw out the moldy potatoes and cleaned all the maggots and flies. lol mom is probably so mad at me! the flies are gone and the apartment doesnt smell bad anymore. we found the source!!! so last night sis call said good night to everyone and she was crying and i was was all a mess. oh well. so sad. im going to miss her so much, we had way too much fun together. but im ready to see what this transfer has in store for me and sister evans. ill let you know how it goes. i love you guys. read the Book of mormon. lol have a great week. 2 weeks till christmas!!!
love sista b

my cute zone
baptism....i look aweful -___- 

some grillz that sister winkler had. soooo hood

ward christmas party
i love this ginger!

lol shes crazy

my bestest 15 year old YW who gives me dating advice

sentinel peak missionaries

the sisters

my sister training leaders

Monday, December 2, 2013

75 degrees!

first of all, its 75 degrees outside today...i dont think tucson knows its december 2nd. second of all, i was dragged on another hike this morning -_______-. thats about it. how was every ones thankgiving? i hope it was great and that you guys at all the turkey and pie. lol pie yum. this week went by fast! i feel like the longer that im on my mission, the faster time will be going by. tuesday we went out to eat with a member, thats always fun. then we met with this less active man and he just told us his life story. people have the most amazing, interesting lives ive come to realize. like wow.....i hope i have crazy stories like this guy when i grow up. our recent convert is just doing so good. her and her mom have the strongest faith of any members that have been in the church their whole lives. i love them. wednesday we had district meeting and then we went out to lunch...omg elders love to gossip with each other. its amazing how much "drama" can be on a mission. its like so fun, but im never apart of it duh... so anyways then it was THANKSGIVING. it was such a great day! we ate with our investigators that are getting baptized this weekend. its so great to have people here that feel like family and let me into their homes! after dinner we (meaning i) set up the christmas decorations. i decorated the tree. we hung the stalkings and we put presents under the tree. all while listening to christmas music. OMG I LOVE CHRISTMAS! im so excited for this time of year. but its funny because i feel like either people love christmas or they hate it. I LALALALALA LOVE it! thanskgivings good too. so much to be thankful for. on friday we had service...i guess thats what you can call it. we just cleaned the house while the elders fixed the car. it wasnt sexest or anything. lol jk its fine. then after some lessons we had exchanges with our sister training leaders. theyre great i  love them so much. i took over the area and me and my stl just talked all night...well until like11 but still thats pretty late! it was like a sleepover. i love it. the next day was full of appointments, but i love that. we helped out recent convert with family history, which was fun for me because i havent done anything on this website. when we were doing it with her it turns out that ALOT of her work has been done. cray cray. she has to have some other members in her family that she doesnt know of. mormons are everywhere...thats so fun! then we went to our investigators house and he was getting all over sis fullmer because shes 26 and not married. i was so embarrassed and hated him for doing that. all girls in the church have hope! i hope i get married....omg lol wut? dont need to worry about that. but like lol write me boyz. church was good. except you know when people get up to bare their testimonies and youre just like OH NO! that happened...we just had to tell our investigators that the church has a wide variety of characters in it. whatever, it spices things up. then we had a steak dinner! so goooooood. any ways thats about it. i feel like my letters are all over the place but like YOLO. have a great week. i love christmas. have a fab weeeeeek.
love sista b

omg thats like $500

all the work i did. i love christmas

i was so hungry afta fast sunday that i shoved chocolate in my face. lol wut?!