Monday, March 10, 2014

what an EGGsellent week!

hey guys what it dooooo?! so last time i wrote it was transfer day and since alot of people in the zone were getting transfered we had no pday sports! booooooo. so we had to go get our oil changed on the west side of town....aka my old area! loved that so after we got that done we stopped at the church where the transfer site is and i saw so many missionary friends! i saw sister call and that was so fun! i miss her so much. it was good just to chat with everyone and catch up. then on wednesday we had a zone meeting and there are 6 people in my zone that came out with me. its so fun! the new zone will be fun and this will be a great transfer i can tell already. that night we had meetings with our ward mission leaders, so that wasnt too exciting. so this week one of the wards was having an activity where you build a race car to carry and egg down a rap and crash into a brick wall without cracking did that make sense? so on thursday afternoon we got with the elders and made a sick wid it go cart. we didnt have wheels so we glued hot wheels to the bottom. so ghetto. loved it. then the rest of the day was filled with lesson. we had dinner with the oversons, who are just progessing so perfectly. they are so excited for thier baptism and she even got a new quad! they are great. that night we met with the bishop from the cienega ward. he has 7 kids so its real fun over there. on friday me and sis stuart went to the church to help set up for the activity and its a good thing we did beacuse there was only 1 other person there! so inspired. after weekly planning we went around trying to get less actives to the activity. then it was party time!!! we had way good mexican food and raced the eggs. little to our knowledge that everyone in the ward is way competitive about this thing and CHEAT! so we lost to in the second round. we were still proud of our efforts. saturday had plans to be such a good day! but nothing in missionary work can ever be easy, so we got cancelled on a couple times and didnt know what to do when our plans fell through. its okay though. we ate at the corona ward bishops house some way decent asian food. then on sunday sister stuart started feeling sick. she looked so aweful and pale too! but the oversons were coming to church so we had to stay! i felt so bad. so we church a little early to let her sleep, but then we had dinner with cienega bishop and an investigator lesson that night that we couldnt miss. omg im the worst trainer ever and i made her go! hahah i shoulda let her sleep or something. so we got home and we start planning and shes like "sorry, i gotta go to the bathroom" all polite and quiet. next thing i hear is just puke on puke for like 2 minutes strait! so im trippin! im like omg we needa get some priesthood over here and bless her, she needs medicine, i pushed her to hard today, IM THE WORST! so im calling the elders and she just comes out and shes like "all better" -____________- what the! hahah shes such a trooper. she said she is feeling better today so thats good. anyways i gotta get going. things are going good here. keep doing your thang, endure to the end, say a prayer and read those scripture. i have found so much comfort in the scriptures as i take 1 hour a day to study personally. i challange you guys to study! even if its for 10 minutes! you can find comfort in those words. have a great week. i love you guys!
sista b

new ginger, elder ward. way tight kid. an our award for most egg-onomic car. fun!

the dare deviled eggspress! so clever. i luv this beaut

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