Monday, August 26, 2013

Haters Gonna Hate

lol hey family and friends hope you guys all had e dope week! this week was good and hard. on monday we went bowling with the zone and it was so fun. the elders were being dumb the whole time and im surprised we didnte get kicked out lol love the elders...they keep me sane. omg jk maybe. i did pretty good. got 94 and 97. remember how i used to suck. but everyone was making fun of me because i have no form or whatever but like i dont even care because im way good. shoulda been on the bowling team. then i took a nap! so tight. me and sis hallett had brownies for dinner. legit. on tuesday we had a GREAT day planned out. tons of appointments and we were going to get so much done. but of course, missionary work isnt supposed to be easy SO  all of them fell through -___- no one was home! so instead we did tracting for like 3 hours lol. but it was raining out so it was actually kinda fun. when we were tracting we found some old me outside so decided to talk to them. i think they were pretty drunk, so it was fun. none of them were interested in learning. so here i am tryna be a nice missionary...i go to shake their hands "its nice to meet you" blah blah blah. when this guy pulls me in and like kisses me!!! hahah what?! it wasnt on the lips but on the cheek and its the most action ive seen in 3 months. it was great. haha we peaced out real quick after that. then haha we went to visit a less active lady and we walk in and BAM shes smoking some Mary j...she says its for medical purposes and the bishop approved it. its hilarious. she was baked!! and i think me too....I WAS GONNA GO TO PREACH, BUT THEN I GOT HIGH. sorry for those who dont know what song im talking about. i love these great experiences that i am having. on wednesday we met with one of our investigators and sis hallett is so intense with everything that he calls her the pitbull. i love it. "OKAY BYE PITBULL HAVE A GOOD NIGHT." i think its so funny. that night we went to sign language class and learned how to pray in ASL. im so learned. on thursday we went to one of our new investigators house, shes a southern girl from missouri. shes so outgoing and bold. the elders met her first and passed her off to us. haha we got there and she was like, "can we go to my bedroom and talk, i like you guys because i cant do that with the boys...are they virgins?" i about loled all over the floor. we just kinda ignored it. then she asked me to braid her hair...shes cool but i dont know how much she understands. then we went to visit the girls we are teaching and the 17 year old says she knows that joseph smith is a prophet and she wasnt to be married in the temple. bout melted my heart. BUT her mom doesnt want her to be baptized so we will have to figure that one out this week. pray for chandra and her mom plz. on thursday we went to visit and investigator and we are just sitting on the porch and the cops come up and ARREST him! what?! we felt so bad.. sis hallett was just like "we didnt know anything we are just doing our missionary thing." lol poor jeremy. i think we are dropping him. the only thing worth metioning on saturday is we saw the finest black guy and he wanted a book of mormon. me and hallett were mesmorized. his smile...dead. hopefully he wants to learn more. if you know what i mean. lol. SUNDAY WAS THE WORST! we had 5 investigators planning on coming and guess how many came...0. then our investigator mark, the first guy i ever taught, dropped us. THEN we went to a members house and she had an anti mormon guy there that was just going at us about how we dont know the truth and that the book of mormon is fantasy. hes basically talking AT us for 1 hour and im just like "listen, we gotta go but before we leave i just wanna bear my testimony that this is christ church and the book of mormon is true because everytime i read it it brings me closer to christ...." then i lost it and couldnt stop crying for like 10 minutes. ugh crying is the worst. i wish i could cry and talk at the same time, but i dont have that talent. i decided that after i die or the second coming comes, besides seeing my family, this man is the first person i want to see and just say I TOLD YOU!!!!! this gospel is true you guys, it blesses families and individuals with the sweetest knowledge that we could ever wish for. read and pray. heavenly father doesnt ask for much and blesses us in abundance. be good and miss me! love you all!
peace out! sista butcherite

Monday, August 19, 2013

Maggots lol!

helllllllllloooo!! lol hi how is it going with everyone. that is not a rhetorical question. if youre reading this, write me. lol okay? jk you dont really have to but if you do i WILL write you back! promise. anyways this week went by so fast but at the same time it seems like forever since the last pday. we had zone conference this week which was the biggest event of the week. on tuesday we practiced singing a musical number. it was pretty aweful and teh elders in my zone suck a lot at singing. SO FUN! we met with some of our investigators that arent really keeping committments so we dont know if they are willing to change but we keep prayin for them ya know! zone conference was way too legit, love it! i love getting together with other missionaries. its like lol such a good time. so there are alot of new things that are coming along with missionary work. we are getting ipads soo. too pumped for that! and we get to go on our own personal page and post stuff about missionary work! what?! the prophet and apostles are so inspired because i know that i was literally on facebook or twitter or whatever all day everyday. these men know whats up! also, the president was telling us how people in japan are using skype to give lessons to their investigators. way tight. it just makes sense that missionary work would be keeping up with the technology of the world. its so exciting. so im thinking that i should be getting an ipad by the end of the year. lol HIT ME UP ON FACEBOOK GUYS! also there has been some wardrobe changes. the elders are allowed to wear khakis now. HOLLAAA, they are looking so...fine! lol sorry but im allowed to think the elders look cute. and they do. dont strike me down, plz lord. also, we are not allowed to wear back packs anymore which is fine with me because i dont have one, but 99% of the elders wear them, theyre pretty upset about that one. so those are the new updates in the missionary world. after the zone conference we went on exchanges and i went to sahaurita with sister stratton who i came out with so it was super fun! shes having a really hard time with her comp so im so blessed to have a normal comp lol who doesnt fight with me. we did alot of service for the ward members together. we helped an old lady sort through 324 albums that she had from like 1930s it was fun and she was so nice. she added me on FB so i got to see my page and lol SORRY GUYS THAT I DONT SPEEL THAT WELL. do you want a long email? then im gonna have to type fast and misspell alot of word. GET OVER IT, MOM! then.....we cleaned a ladys kitchen. i swear to you that a dish hadnt been done in 3 months. maggots...MAGGOTS!!! ugh im gonna throw up just thinking about it. they had 11 dogs so like the whole time it smelt like i was inhaling dog breath and feces. ew! but it felt good to do her some service. we were there for 3 hours and got the kitchen done. the whole time i was thinking, "i deserve a really good, hot husband when i get back." lol right? saturday and sunday were stake conference and it was good. talked alot about member missionary work! hasten the work you guys, and do all you can to spread the gospel. i know youve got it in you! okay well i have like 7 minutes gotta head out. were going bowling weeeeeeeeeeee! k see ya.
sista B
Zone Conference

My Zone!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sorry I'm so attractive!

HEYYYYY YOUUU GUYSSS! omg lol. so i made sure to write down the things that i did this week in my planner so i wouldnt forget what happened. on wednesday we had a zone meeting and we got to meet everyone in the zone that was new and stuff. we played a game to get to know eachother where you say something exciting youve done in your life that no one else probably have....mine was that i worked at the MTC. seriously, PARENTS! thanks for taking me to do cool things. now all the elders and sisters think im dumb and boring -__-. but then we went out to lunch at a chuck e cheese place. omg i wanted to play all the games but were not allowed. later that day me and sister halllett went out tracting. we used a new approach when we knock on the door we ask the people if we can say a prayer with them to bless their home. the second door we knocked on was a really nice girl and she LOVED it! i said the sickest prayer and you could feel the spirit so strong. she said that she would love to have us come back and teach her. we were supposed to go over there yesturday, and when i called she said "I WAS HOPING YOU GUYS WOULD CALL" but she couldnt make it because her sun was going to a birthday party. we will meet next week. thursday was awefullllll. i think i got dehydrated because my stomach...and other unmentionables was not doing so good. we were out in the sun for like 2 hours and i just didnt have enough water. arizona water is so gross so i dont wanna drink it and when we get fresh water it gets hot in like 20 minutes. isssues. so i was feeling really sick on that night, so we got to go home early and i was in bed by 9. HOLLAAAA! so tight. on friday i was still having digestive and toilet issues but it didnt stop me from the work. im such a boss. but we didnt do anything too special. we helped a lady in our ward move and met with one of our investigators....who only wanted to talk about polugamy. i think we said 5 words the whole lesson. it was the worst. we probs gonna drop him because were not to sure how good his intentions are. on saturday we had a hard time getting into peoples houses to teach, so that just means alot more tracting and a lot more time in the sun. im really working on my shoe tan line. theyre gonna be dope. once again we had to talk about plural marriage. i dont really know how to respond to things like that...."it was a commandment from god then and thats my understanding.  now go read the book of mormon" thats what i say. OMG MOM GUESS WHAT?! i had to give a talk on sunday too! so fun we are the best. i talked on listening to the holy ghost. i told them how dad used to tell me how i need to make a deal with the holy ghost when it came to studying for tests like "okay holy ghost ima try and study all the material as best i can and then when im taking the test you gots to help a sista out!" it wasnt bad. i wasnt even nervous! then that night we were going to meet with the girls and there were some men outside playing basketball and one of the mexicans was like "OH HEY GURL YOURE LOOKIN NICE" to me and i was like wellll thank you kind sir and then sis hallett made us go talk to them...heres the convo
us: would any of you be interested in learning more about jesus christ and his teachings
mexican: are you gonna be ther (pointing to me)
me: lol yeah
mexican: then yeah ill listen
sis hallett: well if youre going to act like that then we would get some elders to teach you
mexican: nevermind then
LOL!!! im so cute. sorry not sorry. we had a lot of pie for dinner that night. way good. but yeah our investigators arent progressing as much as we would like. probs gonna have to drop some. one has a date for aug 31 but he didnt come to church but then he texted us and was like sorry i didnt come to church, i told my boss i need to go next week because i need to get baptized. love him
okay well i gotta go email some other homies. love you have a good week!
sista b

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dreams do come true!

oh hey family and friends wut it do!? the prayers have been answered!!! thanks for everyone who supports me and the missionary work that is progressing in my area. this week was way too tight. on monday night we had exchanges. i stayed in tucson and sis hallett went to st david. its like a sleepover on exchanges sooooo fun! so that day we had two appts with some ladies that we contacted and the first one was good but she mostly just has question...she dropped us last night. then we had plans to visit less actives...i think we went to 9 houses and no one was home. ITS WAS SO FUN. I LOVE SPENDING ALL DAY IN A CAR -___-. then we had a appt with a lady named debbie and it was great. shes going through a hard time so we shared a scripture about peace and she was all about it. we meet with her again tonight. the rest of the week was blissssssss. we made plans to see people and they were actually there. OMG WUT!? we had great lessons and it was tooooo tight. one of the young women we are teaching said that she knows the BOM is true but that church is borning. i was like lol thats what i think toooooo!!! jk sis hallett doesnt like when i say that. i love to do it though. because you gotta be able to relate to the homies. we dont want them to think were like uptight jesus freaks. AMIRIGHT!!? so basically everything was good. we met with the people we wanted to and got 4 new investigators. we went on splits for the friday day and i got to take over the area. im the goodest missionary. omg we got pizza 2 times this week. i obvi worship pizza so it was like going to disney land. -___- its the most exciting of a missionary. we had no one at church which sucked. im over it. then we were waiting for THE CALL....but it never came so me and sister hallett are together for another 6 weeks in the pantano ward. itll be good i hope because then we might get to see some of our investigators get baptized!!! omg i hope that it works out for them. mark....the first guy we ever taught accepted a new date for aug 31st and we told you gotta come to church. thats our only gator with a date. we took pics with our zone yesturday since alot of them are leaving. none of the sisters thought. then we went out for luch. so fun!!! today for pday we went to a catholic mission builiding thing. it was cool but like why are the catholic statues so scary. i was trippin. lol mormons >>>>> but yeah that was my week basically. keep the prayers a'comin because theyre working!! heavenly father truly does answer prayers and he hears you!!! have a great week. write me and send pic!
xoxo sista b

bye elder logan! hes going home...we were in the pantano ward together

 lol book of mormon in catholic mission sorry not sorry

 all the jesus
san xavier mission