Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Transfer #4 lol

another week is come and goonnneee! so fun. on monday we had pday sports and played dodge ball but im like lol scared because the elders get way to into it and throw way too hard. lol im a girl so like could you not. ya feel me? then that night we went on exchanges. i stayed in the area and sister ballard came to be with me (no there isnt any relation) shes way sweet and chill and is so lucky because shes been in the ysa for 6 months -_______- i wish!! it was a fun and busy day, visited alot of people which is great. listen to the funniest thing i have ever heard. so we were visiting one of our recent converts whos husband is dead and she is/was so in love with him like notebook style. so she is giving us a little tour of her home and she has all these risque pictures of women on her walls in her bed room and im just like "lol jean what the?!" and shes like "i didnt really care where frank got his appetite as long as he came home for dinner" OMDASOFHDSOIGHADOSGH WUT?!!?!?! I DIED!! LIKE ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING. shes like 85 years old and soooooo tight! omg i am in love with this woman. then on wednesday we had some meetings and went to a relief society activity at night, it was really nice and uplifing and stuff. on thursday we went walking a bunch because we still have no miles on our car and of course its arizona so its still 90 outside at the end of october. sweating like a beast but i dont even care anymore. then we just had a bunch of people to see and i was gross and salty lol. what did i do on friday hmmmmmmmm, umm we washed some dishes for a lday and visted jean!! fun and umm talked with some less actives that have the biggest testimonies but just wont come to church! ugh so sad!! then on saturday we went to our investigators and he made us speghetti (lol i dont even know how to spell any more  oh well) hes a way decent cook. then we visited santa!! this old couple in our ward and he is legit santa. i believe in santa again because i know its him. then it was stake conference that night and bishop davies from the presiding bishopric was there. he is GREAT speaker. tons of stories. lol like dad! he was great. the hole stake conference was about hastening the work! CMON GUYS! DO YOU GET THE MESSAGE OR WUT! jk just invite people to church or something. on sunday we had stake conference again and visited some people and had a great mexican dinner so fun! NOW FOR THE BIG NEWS! sunday night me and sister call are just waiting and waiting for calls then our ZLs text us and theyre like "you guys are staying together so you can go to bed now" SOOOOOOOOOO FUN, WE WERE SO HAPPY AND JUST JUMP AROUND SCREAMING! im so excited because sis call is so fun. haha she will spend 6 months in this area but she loves it. then on monday we had zone pictures. transfers are so hard because you get so close to all the people in your area and just are gonna miss them you know! but i can tell this is going to be a GREAT transfer so pumped. last night we went to our recent converts house and her daughter is just waiting there with her book of mormon and is like im ready! pumped! we taught her lesson one and she is getting baptized on the 16th and is sooo excited. i love this little girl. she is full of sass and is so fun. we are going to have to adapt some of the lessons to be more kid friendly but that will be fun! okay thats it over here in tucson. pray that the weather cools down or i just might not make it. love you alllllll!

my camera died so this is the only pic with sister ballard


my district

the sisters

west side!

Monday, October 21, 2013

LOL, How hard is missionary work?

so this week was...interesting. on monday i got some new clothes with the money from birthday! so fun. thank you grandparents butcherite and granny. then since it was really pretty outside we played pday sports outside. the elders dont think the sister can play so like me and sister call just ran around the field acting like idiots "OMG GUYS PASS THE BALL OVER HERE! LOL HEEYYYY IM OPEN!!" yeah, they never passed it. then for dinner we went out to a legit mexican place. way gooooood. on tuesday we pretty much had appointments all day which was great. we went knocking and knocked into a members house and since i dont really know all the members i like give the whole presentation and shes like "well weve been mormon for generations but like okay" and im just like -___________- EMBARRASSING! that night we went to see our investigator who dropped thier baptism and they are still ON they want to continue but just have to get things figured out. the ward is great and so supportive though. then on wednesday we had distict meeting and nothing too special. lol missionary work same ol same ol. then thursday came......it was literally an aweful day. we went to like 7 houses all over the area and NO ONE WAS HOME!!!! it was so aweful. but it just comes with the job i guess. but that night we went to dinner at our recent converts house and her daughter said to me "when are you and sister call going to teach me about church" SCORE!! shes so cute and sassy and ready for baptism. stoked man. okay now friday. so as missionaries with cars, we are allotted only 1300 miles a month and our area is huge and our stake center is liek 20 miles away so by friday we had 60 miles thats supposed to last till this friday. lol not gonna happen. so we were just like lets walk. okay fun lets do it. so we walk to pats....a like 10 mile walk. it was redddddiiiiculous! we were so pumped at first, by the time we got home my feet were recked. like i think bursted som blood vessels and i have like 7 blisters. fun -_-. then we went to golden corrals for dinner. legit so good. worship. saturday was pretty good! we had a stake service project and we were supposed to clean out a wash....washes are just big long ditches that fill up with water when monsoon season comes because arizona has no irrigation system whatsoever. so we cleaned that up and there was so much hobo stuff and beer bottles. FUN! then there was a bbq afta and we just chilled and had a grand ol time. the weather was beautiful....a nice 85 out. on sunday we walked to church and im like lol my feet hurt but im way tough and cute so i did it. then im at church just talking to this guy and were just chattin and hes like im from lindon and im like oh do you know the nichols (like brandon or brad or brock lol) and hes like i went to school with their oldest brother FUN! and then we was like and brother gabbitas is their uncle. LOL WUT!? I WAS SO STOKED! so we had dinner at their house last night and just talked about all the fun connections. the nichols told me that she had a brother in tucson but i was like lol k ill never meet him and ive been in the same ward for 5 weeks. mormon connections are the best. k anyways i gotta go. the work is still slow but progressing. we are working and tryin our hardest. have a great week and talk to someone new about the gospel! everyone! lets do this, 1 person by christmas! have a great week. love you allllllllllll!

gabbatis family aka nichols uncle aka such a fun family love them

golden corral had COTTON CANDY. sweet. lol elder porter looks like hes 12

i traded a bom for this cross. lol charity right

the start of the walk...that smile was not there at the end

lol look at these fun glasses

Monday, October 14, 2013


so this weeek suckkkkkkedddd! the below picture basically sums everything up. so on monday night we go over to the family that was getting baptized this week. right when we get there they are sitting outside and i can already tell that something isnt right. welllll, i was correct. she comes up to us and tells us that she had started smoking again and doesnt want to get baptized unworthy, which is great, but just sad. also the son told us that he had a dream that his grandpa told him he cant trust mormons. so hes done 4ever. THAT SUXXXX. so basically we just went home and cried it was aweful. we are going to visit them for the first time tonight to see where they are at with everything so hopefully it will go good. on tuesday we were able to get a ton of music burnt onto cds so we have all the fun church music and DINSSSSNEY lol hey wassup, lil mermaid. also that night we went to an activity day girls thing to show our talents. needless to say i have little talent so i just braided the girls hairs. FUN! on wednesday we had a huge zone training and then me and sis call had to go to the car place to get an estimate on the damage....almost $3000 in damages! DANNNNG. that night we went on exchanges and i was in the area and an asian sister came here. lol soooo fun i love her! also that day was cold! like 70's and beautiful. i loved it. so excited for the winter months to come. on friday we went to do alot of finding because we literally have like 0 investigators and need a fresh batch. but missionary work isnt easy so we found approximately zerrrrrrooooo. yayayayya! -____- but then we found some mormons at a gas station so like, that was fun. on saturday we met with alot of less actives, because thats all that we can do at this point. then we went to dinner and the family was playing just dance 4 and guys what they were dancing tooooo? lol one direction! i needed that real bad. i luv them. omg jk im a missionary. yesturday was great because church>>> so its like fast and testimony meeting right and this like 3 year old boy gets up and is like "i would like to bare my testimony on tithing. i know that its true because i prayed to heavely father and the holy ghost gave me a warm feeling. tithing is true. i would also like to bare my testimony on resurrection. in the name of jesus christ amen." LIKE WHAT?! i didnt even know what resurrection was until like june. this kid blew my mind. then we had a great mexican fiesta for dinner. omg guys this week was the worst when it comes to missionary work! pray for people that we can find. we need all the prayers we can get! i love you all and miss you like nobodys biznas! have a great week!
xoxo sista b
this week was like this

happy 4 months to usssss. cake lol

look how cold! praises

so hood in a leather robe

Monday, October 7, 2013

Whata week!

okay i dont know what happened so ill just put the whole thing on here:
first of all i just need to say how much i freaking love everyone! seriously you guys, i am so blessed to have everyone of you in my life. this was probably one of the best birthdays ever! lol ima go on a mission every october 1st....hahaha probs not but it was great. heres how the week went. on monday we played freaking dodge ball at pday sports. it was way legit. me and sis call are straight homies and tagged teamed everyone and she took a doge ball to the belly for me....love her. then came the BIG DAY! i wasnt even upset to wake up at 6:30 i like popped outta bed and said YAAAAAAAYYYY BIRTHDAY! then i opened my fun birthday package from moooommmma! lol and dad but we all know that mom put it together. i loved the dress mom! so cute i wore it that day and the bracelet lol you know me so well. the day was so great. a member took us out to dinner at a chinese buffett and i was like lol OKAY THANKS! then we had a couple of lessons. our dinner appointment dropped but it was okay. we went home and i had a package from some lady i didnt even know and my main gurrrrrl BFEUZ. lemme tell you a little thing about this girl...she got all the homies to write me. like 20 letters from all the provo friends in one package proclaiming their love for me! it was seriously the best thing of my life. exactly what i would have wanted. and the mysterious lady box was COOOOOOOOKIEEESS! they were so cute. thanks mom u daaaa best! then we went to see our investigators and they made me cake. so tight CAKECAKECAKECAKECAKE. on wednesday a member took us out to lunch. so tight once again. and then we went walking for like 3 hours and of course it is still 100 degrees out so i literally was soooooooo sweaty it was a mess. heres a pic. ew. then our black investigator made us RIBS! so fun and so black. hes a way decent cook. also my asain elder friend made the weirdest asian food for us. i was just like -___________- the whole time i was eating it. on saturdy was conference and of course i was loving it. they were all so good and diverse like all over the place but great. how can any one deny this truth. these men are so inspired and know jesus!!! i love uchtdorf....doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. awesome! and like women just need to stop trippin because the priesthood is ordained from god and given to worthy men for AAALLLL to recieve the blessings. come on women dont be dumb. we have the power to create LIFE!! that is so sacred so appreciate it! okay okay and like how cute is our prophet he loves his wife so much and hes so cute. also lol who saw the fly on that one guys face!? i was rofling all over the floor when that happened omg im almost outta time. but on saturday we got in a car crash lol it was so tight. no one was hurt and it was minor. but still oooops. i wasnt driving though. its all good. im stuck driving again though. yaya for missionary adventures. i have a baptism this week so it should be great. im really excited for this family! they know its so true! i love you all so much! have a great week!
love sista b
birthday fun!!!

fun cookies

sooo sweaty

omg how funny was this guy in the motab

car crashhh