Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm sweatin!

hello to all from tucson arizona!
omg my last pday seems forever ago, but i has gone by pretty fast. email time come and goes in an instant so i might not write as much as i did last time. lemme think what has happened since i last wrote. everday is mostly the same at the mtc. we had our trc appt and i think that me and sister rockwood were better on relying on the spirit to teach and getting to know our investigator a little more. its way hard though. andre was progressing nicely and we finally got him to committ to baptism....on the last day. oh well! brother hanson said that we had improved so much but still had alot to learn. i believe him. it was mission president seminar here the last couple of days and so all the missionaries had to eat sack lunches, which were the worst btw. way sick. the last day of class was so sad. im going to miss the elders going to montana and im going to miss the teachers because they were way good. also for reasons previously mentioned omg lol. on sunday we were able to go to the world wide broadcast. what a opportunitie it was for us to be in the present of the lords apostles. the spirit was so strong and i kept thinking to myself "GOSH DARNIT THIS CHURCH IS TRUE" seriously, guys! look at the organization and leadership that we have, no other church is like this! we have a prophet and apostles and tens of thousands of young people devoting there lives to spread this gospel. it just makes sense an i know with everything that this is heavenly fathers plan for me. anyways. we woke up at the butt crack of dawn 4:30 and left for the airport. it was so fun to talk to you guys and brittany lol and ryder. when we got to tucson it was way hott and cactus and lizards all over. we played get to know you games and had some training. more roleplay -_____-. then we had an awesome dinner at the mission home. regular food >>>>>>. and then me and some sisters slept at the mission secretary's house. sleep never felt so short. we were up for 18.5 hours. then we had to be at the church by 6:30 to meet our trainers and be trained some more. my new comps name is HERMANA HALLETT shes a spanish speaking missionary in an english area. she says shes going to try and teach me all the spanish. lol fun! shes from kelso washington and is a convert and 22 years old. shes been out or 13 months. shes talkative and social and will probably be a great first companion. she reminds me alot of mom.....she talks to herself alot. we are in a car and she doesnt even have her license so i get to drive every where omg!!! we are still in tucson and a pink washing a new area. i rammed my ankle into the door and am bleeding profusely. lol -__-. its pday and we still have to shop and stuf. i have to place a book of mormon by the end of the day. when we were moving in a guy was like "are you guys christians" and we said were mormon and he was like "okay keep moving along" OKAY I GUESS YOU CAN KISS SALVATION GOODBYE, MISTER!! jk but really.this is gonna be hard. k i have like no time. i loved the mtc and miss it!!! viva la tucson!
sister butcherite

Getting cameras ready!

At the airport

Dinner at mission home

19 new sister missionaries!

With President & Sis. Killpack

!st companion Sis. Hallett

Friday, June 21, 2013


fun news!
i dont know why you didnt get my last letter!!! here it is, email me if you get it. its not pday but i just got on real quick.
omg lol hi! well as mom probably knows i was so freaking nervous to get to the mtc. i think i was just mostly nervous that i wouldnt make any friends and that everything was going to be so hard, but once i got dropped off everything was really good! i got my name tag and saw my room then my host took me to my classroom, where we spend 10 hours a day studying and sleeping lol! i was the first one there so i got to talk to my teachers a little bit. one of my teachers is brother gleason, he just got home from his mission 3 months ago from charolette north carolina!!! he said that he knew brayden, haha he said that his spanish was aweful at first but that he was doing really good when he last saw him! omg i was so happy. brother gleason is so excited all the time and he is just too tight. my other teacher is bro hanson....omg lol CRUSHIN!!! he is so cute....not like hot but like cute and little and i just wanna give him a piggy back ride. luv him....lol write me bro hanson. he went to washington dc on his mission and got home 6 weeks ago. then after a little while all of my district got there, ima try and list them and describe them a little bit.
elder charles- def the cutest one in the group but im not really attracted to him. he is so excited and stressed about missionary work but i know he is going to be so good!!
elder huff- REALLLY shy and has like little note book he draws transformers in all day, we got him to open up a little bit and hes FUNNY!
elder Tyrien- all i can say is -________- he is wierd and loud and smh. hes fine.... going to billings montana
elder prescott- hes like a farmer hick boy from the middle of no where nevada and makes the strangest comments in class but i just laugh. montana
elder Izatt- i dont really know him...ive said maybe two words to him but hes really sweet and nice. montana
elder garceuo- i dont even know how to spell his last name. but hes like a military boy and is the district leader and has aweful handwriting. good kid doe. montana
sister garner- she loves to talk!!! she talks to every elder, sister and tree. she will be way good though because she doesnt even have a bubble. seen WAY to much of her...if you know what i mean.
sister walker- i met her on instagram. she is so sweet and cute. she has an elder out that gets home in july like next month!! crazy! good for her though.
sister munn- she is so funny and we get along really well. we love to joke around with each other
sister winkler- lol how fun is her last name. shes a ginger and has the sweeeeetest testimony. SHES 22!! lol
sister Rockwood- my companion! we get along really well and i think we work awesome as a companionship. so nice and sweet.
okay so thats everyone. i get along with all of the sisters so much and we have so much fun....doesnt even feel like a mission sometimes. there is also another district in our zone and all the girls are going to tucson. way tight. oh i forgot to say that all the sisters in my district are from utah -______________- whatever hahah and all except winkler are 19 lol.
so i have slept way good everynight here. fall asleep within 10 minutes. thank thor. waking up sucks but whatever im just tired, but so is everyone else. class goes by really fast because our teachers are way good and like cute or something. so for teaching, half the class has to teach one teacher and half the other. lol me and rockwood got brother hanson as our "investigator". YOU GUYS WOULD BE SO PROUD OF ME!! i like volunteer all the time in class and like talk alot in the lessons. but like if you know what we are learning is true, have a testimony of it and have the spirit it is just so easy to talk. i was way nervous the first time to teach him a lesson. he told us that we talked to much and didnt give a chance for andre, thats who he pretends to be, to talk. but we have taught 2 lessons after that and he says he thinks the BOM is true. omg lol baptism!!! yesturday we taught an person we didnt know in the TRC. was way nervous.....she doesnt believe in jesus christ. ugh so we were like lets talk about the restoration, but then that lead to the doctrine, and she asked about the atonement and so we were just allllllll over the place. i think it went okay though. we see her again tomorrow.
I RUN THE CAFETERIA!  hahah i tell everyone where to go and what the best thing to eat is. its so weird to be there and ive seen a couple of my friends and im like....sorry youre miserable. the shifts go over 4 hours now. sucks to be them. i worship the meals. omg i just have so much to say and you probs hate it. anyways, gym time is the funnest. we play volleyball, and basketball, and 4 square is way fun. we have gym with the russians, aweful to say the least. i always say konichiwa (sp?) to the asians and we bow to eachother. way fun. there was a  mouse in our room but we lost it. its probably in my suitecase. the devotional on sunday was so good!! the guy givinig it played like 13 lds commercials and applied them to missionary work. it was so good! sundays are pretty good. but like you still have to study for like 3 hours. we have to do service on thursdays lol hate that but whatever its just cleaning. but yeah thats the gist of it! i love it though. im having so much fun, but of course its hard! rollplay is the worst!!! we do it like 12039821 times a day... "will you follow the example of jesus christ and be baptised by someone holding the proper authority of god?" over and over and over. omg and yesturday we had to rollplay giving the law of chastity discussion. "HI, dont watch porn!" -___- but most the time we just laugh and be dumb. temple walk was good but way to hot, yup im gonna die in AZ but whatever. i have so many pictures i want to send you guys but the computer wont let me so ill send it next pday....which probably wont be until like 2 weeks im not even sure. PDAY>>>>>> because guess what i did today...I TOOK A NAP!!!! hahahahha mom, i knew i would get it in. suckerrrrr! we did a session today and i was still nervous but did ok. i saw a friend of mine from school and it was so fun! k i gotta write other peeps. but i just want you guys to know that im doing really good and having so much fun, but learning so much and i dont even know where my comfort zone is any more. left it in washington i guess lol. and i KNOW THIS IS THE TRUE GOSPEL. it just makes sense guys. we have it all and heavenly father just wants us to know that so we can live with him. hes a great dad lol right!? he loves us and wants us to know HIS gospel because it will bring alll the happiness. its just great. thanks for everyone who wrote me. i got 8 letters and 2 packages on the first day and everyone was way jealous! keep sending them. use dear elder and it gets here the same day you send it. literally letters make me so happy and i love em. i leave on monday morning at 5:30am from the mtc. so if i get to call it wil be probably about 7 am washington time. dont be dumb! answer the phone!!! k there is so much more but i gotta go. love all you guys and watch a movie and listen to all the music for me!
-sista butcherite
ps i am the hottest dressing sister by far. over and out, sister temptation.

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Last Couple Days!

Made some favorite stops before becoming an official missionary.  The day my mom and I landed in Utah, we headed to Provo.  We were both hungry and stopped off for one of my favorite lunch stops - JDAWGS!!  We had the opportunity to attend the Salt Lake Temple the following morning.  On our way back to Provo from Salt Lake City we made a stop for lunch.  We located a Hokulia shave ice shack.  Their shaved ice tasted as good as Matsamoto's in Haleiwa, HI!  The shave ice was so large that my mom and I had to share.  Mom dropped me off at the MTC at 12:30 on June 12th.  There were more sister missionaries doing the greeting than elders!  A Sister King greeted me, helped me unload one of my huge suitcases.  I hugged mom good bye and was on my way!  We both did very well, no tears!  Until next week!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fare thee well

oh mannnnnn! only a couple more days before i actually enter the MTC and become a real life missionary. EEEEEEEEK!! im nervous, excited, and real scared. ive had so much fun being at home my last month and spending time with my family. i love them so much and we are just like all best friend and i have so much fun with them. im going to miss them so much! Going through the temple was something i have never experienced and was so wonderful. im so grateful that i had the opportunity to go through with my parents and grandparents. I can truly understand why people love to go to the temple because it does bring the purest spirit to your heart and mind. I had to give my farewell talk today and i was SO NERVOUS! i dont understand why, because i know all these people and theyve watched me grown up. i talked on living prophets and hope i was able to get the message across. i wanted to incorporate a little entertainment with spirituality and something to learn in my talk. Everyone told me that it was good so i was happy about it...but more happy that it was over! my grandparents and uncles family were able to come and i was glad that i am surrounded by people who support me so much. we were able to have one last dinner as a whole family and it was so fun to play with them one last time for 18 months. i am going to miss my family and friends so much but i know this is where i am supposed to be and what i am supposed to be doing with my life at this time. i know that by having full and complete faith in the lord and his commandments that i will be blessed for my sacrifice and services. GUYS!! this church is so incredibly true and brings absolute happiness. Be good and be happy!
going through the temple for the first time



graduation party with sister and cherise

farewell talk with joey going to milan italy

farewell with parents