Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Transfer to West Tucson!

omg guys im like a normal missionary now! no more traning and yeah its scary. so lemmme tell you a little bit about the week that i had. monday, despot. enough said. lol then on tuesday we had a mission wide exchange day and  our goal was to find 35 new investigators on that day. thats 2-3 per companion and i was left to take over the area and find them. way nervous and alot of pressure. so on tuesday im just like okay sister were gonna be doing a lot of walking and knocking. fun...jk it sucks but whatever. then just before dinner we go to see one of our investigators and shes like "lol i dont wanna learn any more, take your book back" OKAY BYEEEEEE! so im like this is the worst im the worst missionary ever, lets just go knock some doors for 20 minutes before dinner. so we get to this place and the very first door we knock is KEVIN!!! omg and he said he was interested and im just like lol wutttt?! prayers answered. the lord is great and he gave me at least 1 new investigator. so i was way pumped about that. on wednesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer then we went to olive garden for lunch. omg i love my zone we are so tight. we had our first real meeting with kevin on thursday and he is great and ready to change his life around! on friday........ummmmmm i think we did some missionary work. lol i forget and i dont have my planner with me, i think that was the night we had a hard time knowing what to do. that is literally the worst thing on the mission, not knowing what to do. then on saturday we helped our investigator move from one apt building to the other. it was real sweaty and gross but we got everything done. OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS LIKE 103 DEGREES OUTSIDE AND ITS LIKE MID SEPTEMBER. okay arizona... youre the worst.  then on sunday we had 2 investigators at church and it was so good! the ward was real nice and they were so welcomed! i loved it...but it was also kinda stressful. oh missionary work is always stressful. then sunday night came. THE CALL. the AP called and was like "sister butcherite youre going to be transferred." and i was like lol omg wut?!?! we were so sure that i was staying. but nope im now in west tucson in the sentinal peak ward with sister call from west jordan utah. i came out with her and she is way legit. cant wait for whats in store for this transfer. yesturday i went to say bye to everyone. it was super sad. im going to miss everyone in the ward and in my zone especially...we got really tight. im really going to miss my investigators. and it sucks that ill miss their baptism. maybs i can get permission to go back lol. so yeah im at a new place and way excited! sry for alot of pics but im sure youll enjoy. peace and blessings love you all!

Sista B

Chandra investigator 

Zone leader Elder Simpson

Love my east zone!

Al great investigator!

Natalie love her!

Last pic with Sis. Hallett!

Elder Matiz

Elder Stock

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