Monday, February 24, 2014

week o miracles

omg you guys this week was just the best and the busiest and i loved it to pieces! on tuesday we had this new missionary training meeting that we had to go to so that was fun to see the other newbies. i think im doing a dece job of training but the other trainers said i need to let her crash and burn a little too nice and fun and cute for that. then we got a leak in our tire so  we had to go the the shop after that. that night we had a great lesson with the corbetts about the plan of salvation. i dont know how much i told you about these people but they are a less acitive family with 4 unbaptized children. the elders were teaching them but we kinda stole them. they were mad but oh well. so anyways we teach them this great lesson and have a great dinner after and we invited them to church and the mom was really hesitant but we promised her that we would be by her side the whole time! she committed. then that night we went to a recent converts house and her daughter he is not baptized committed to baptism. another miracle! it was a great day. on wednesday we had district meeting and i had to give a training. but like im not even nervous or anything about that stuff. the mission is preparering me big time for being a teacher. we had tbell for luch. way tight. that night was our district leaders birthday. so we share the ward with him and some members took us to the funnest palce in all of tucson. it was like a wester resturaunt and they whole place was so cute. they dont allow ties there so they cut off peoples ties and hang em on the walls. lol the elders were way embarrassed bout that. it was so fun! then on thursday we had another great lesson with the oversons about obedience and scheduled a church tour. on friday we were told that we were getting a newer car! yipeeeee. so we hadda go to the mission office and get it. that took forever, but we finally got it. our day was basically done by the time we got home. saturday was a great day too. we saw some less active recent converts and committed them to church. they said they need it back in their life. then we had a church tour with the oversons and they loved it. sis overson said she feels peaceful whenever we are around. lol thank you spirit!!! i love that guy. so things are going great with them. also some members are outta town for a month and we are feeding their horses. im like a farm girl right now you guys its hilar. freaking ponies. on sunday the corbetts came to church!!! everyone was so suprised because they said they never come. they never came when the elders were teaching them so HA! lol jk humble. it was so great though. all in all this week was bomb!!!! thank you for the prayers that are comin my way. the lords work is truly hastening in vail. its great. so this is the last week of transfers so ill email next tuesday. also, if you guys know anyone in the tucson area that would love a visit from some fun missionaries, email me! think of the blessing the gosple brings, we want this for everyone right?! i luv you. first one to send me a letter gets a way fun arizona postcard!
love sista b

i love lol

pinnacle peak aka funnest place ever

OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDA BELLLLLL. how freakin hilarious is this pic?

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