Tuesday, September 2, 2014

this work is tufffff

helloo family!!!! i love you all so much and miss you every single day. okay so tuesday....listen to this. so i actually love the sisters in my zone which is like a big deal because some of the sisters are just -___- not my personality and think im immature which is true. but these sissies are like me! we have fun together. so sister aleman said if we drink a full carton of apple juice that we will be cleaned out and all that good stuff. so on tuesday that is just what we did....we all drank and drank and drank till i was literally sweating apple juice. and about an hour later the results proved true. ill just say that. my stomach was trippin for the rest of the night. on wednesday we didnt have district meeting which meant we had to go hard all day. we were able to meet with a lot of people that day. saw some less actives in the morning that we had never met...and for obvi reasons. they were nice but did not want us there for too long. we went tracting for a good 1.5 hours but like its soooo hot....im getting tan. kinda. and this lady gave us a christian book "are you a good person" obvi!!!! im coming your house to talk about jesus how awful could i be. people! i love everybody!!! ill just keep telling myself that. we saw charlotte after that and you would not believe what her little sister did. okay she a little different and so we are sitting there just having the lesson and she starts dancing and holding herself and salazar is like do you hafta pee and do you wannna know what she did next!?! she squated down and peed her pants and said IM A DOG *RUFF RUFF* i just about killed myself it was soooo disturbing. idk what kids think these days. after dinner we went to see eli and taught him about the word of wisdom...i think he was a little bored because he was like "next time can we do fun activities like we did last time" haha i guess its time to get more creative! that night we saw the franklins, he is a super active member who got rebaptized in march after excommunication and she is struggling to come to church. we see them alot because theyre always home and dont care that we come over at 8 at night! on thursday after food bank we saw arieana....we helped her with her home work and then taught about joseph smith. im going to make sure all my kids have the missionary lessons before they get baptized because they would know sooo much about the gospel before they make the big dip! i would highly suggest every parent teach them to their children. arieana knows so much more than i think i did at 8. after that we saw some ward missionaries to discuss how we can get the work moving a little faster. we are trying so hard to get new investigators. on friday we saw connie and she was babysiting he grandson so the whole thing was kinda distracted and we ended up playing with him most of the time...but of course left her with a message. we are really trying to work with her on keeping the word of wisdom. smoking is the worstttt!!! we went tracting for the rest of the night and met marty....you know its going to be a great conversation when someone opens the door with a beer can in his hand and saw "hey good lookin". he was supper nice but was hatin on the book of mormon like no other. "why would we need more word, all we need is the bible...no joseph smith book." people dont even know what the book of mormon is about. they think its about joseph smith or something. i love the book of mormon and i have read it everyday of my mission. it truly has made me a better person and i have grown closer to my savior jesus christ and have learned to appreciate his atonement and the difference it makes in my life! read it guys! everyday. i just left him with that testimony and he told us to come back....but probably just to bible bash some more. on saturday we played basketball in the mornin then we had to help a lady in our ward move. we got all the elders from safford to come and help which was great because i cant lift squat. after we showered and got ready we went to see kat and leroy...leroy is quitting smoking right now so he is sooo tempermental but i like to push his buttons. ima get shot. then we saw charlotte...no pee this time around haha. we played softball that night and it was fun but i got bit by like 2039480 mosquito. whatevs. sunday was good! church was good and the talks were great. in 9th ward they talked about making eternal families. i love that i get to be with my crazy loud wild family for ETERNITY! so fun. we went to connies that night and made peach cobbler with her and jaden. so tight. on monday for pday we went to the mountain and had a bbq....omg we are so cute and are just like a family. elder nelson had a fun time taking all our pictures. he thinks hes a photographer sometimes. omg this email is soo long. i love you all and have a great week!!
sista b

apple juice detox

this road represents the love life of a missionary!

menudo!!! makes me trunky

omg you guys i found rocky at softball this week! lol this tripped me out

photo credit: E. merrell


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