Monday, September 22, 2014!

lol hey. so everyone has been asking me if we got flooded or anything and safford didnt really get anything. they got hit pretty hard in tucson and then the storm was heading north east so on tuesday, wed, and thursday it was pretty gloomy, a little cold and rainy. it was so fun! i love that weather soo much. it makes me miss the great state of washington! so theres that but this week wasnt toooo special. on monday for pday we just played like pday sports but it wasnt that fun because the people were getting way to competitive and im just running around the whole time going "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL" and then yeah. we hung out with the sissies after. that night we were invited to a familys house for fhe! omg first we played barbies with their 3 year old daughter. tight. then we had dinner. the little boys taught the fhe lesson...they will be great missionaries. then we played gestures!!!! loved that. it was girls vs boys and obvi girls one because girls rule and boys drool and stuff. on tuesday it was a really rainy and gloomy day so we are like perff everyone will want to stay home and stay outta the rain right. not right. we went to so many houses and nobody was home!!! i mean i guess az doesnt get that much rain that they wanted to get out and enjoy it or something. on wednesday we had district meeting and talked about nurturing the people that we work with. they are like plants and need or scriptures and the gospel. then we went to subway for lunch. eat fresh. it was still pretty rainy that day and did you know that the earth literally falls apart when it rains driving to dinner was pretty scary. i thought we might fall to china! omg the lady we went to dinner is a puppy breeder. ILOVEPUPPIES and purdy. it was so cute. thursday we had food bank and a lot of the elders had a meeting that they had to go to that day so it was all the sissies working there! we got it done. sissies>elders. lol jk. also i was able to see some friends that came to the temple. i love all the mission friends! on friday we had weekly planning and then we went finding and came across a former named frank who my former comp lovell used to teach. omg he was the funnest. he made us all sing together and hold hands when we prayed. but sadly hes not interested in the gospel becasue he loves coffee too much :( then we had dinner with sister conely and kat and leroy. that was such a fun dinner to say the least. sis conely has a sock monkey named socko that she plays with and he was at dinner too...mix that with kat and lee and its better than the movies! dinner was really good though. we had corn tamales. at the end of the night the stars were shining so bright that me and salazar went to the middle of nowhere and laid on top of our car and went star gazing! it was so pretty. there are perks to serving in safford! on saturday we had basketball...almost done with that tradtition :( that night we had softball again and the gomezs came! it so fun to fellowship and have good wholesome recreational activities! sunday was day-o-primary... it was the primary program. which i love and lol at the kids the whole time. in 9th ward the talks was on testimonies and i really enjoyed them. one man talked about picking pomegranates and then juicing them and how hard it is to get little drops and hopefully a whole gallon of juice in the end. he related it to testimonies and how we have to work hard to get a good testimony and how it comes little by little but in the end we have a full "jug" of testimony that tastes good! i loved that. testimonies are gained in the little things that we do everyday and thats what matters. we taught ctr is that what its called anymore? they were unruly...but we controlled them and the primary pres said we can sub anytime we want because usually they are outta control. dont mess with sista b. that night our dinner cancelled on us so we combined our lunch hour and dinner hour, ate real fast and took a 2 hour nap after dinner. so fun!!!! then we worked the rest of the night. okay onto an update with the peeeppps
savanah: taught her the gospel of jesus christ...she loved it. then we taught her the word of wisdom and she said she never wants to put anything above god because he gave her hunter and he is the biggest blessing shes ever recieved. oh and then she proceeds to tell us that she s pregnant again. omg shes 18 and will have 2 babies. you go glenn cocoa.

arieana: shes doing good and is just a super silly red head...we want her to be pippy longstalking for halloween. she had her part in the primary program and bore her testimony! shes so cute!

charlotte: we didnt get to see her this week :(

connie: we are starting the book of mormon with her and she wants to start walking with us when she feels the urge to smoke! so hopefully we can help her with that

gomez: we saw them on tuesday night and talked about goals that we can set. they want to slowly start coming to church and work their way to all three meetings. it was good and they said that they want us to come over more!! cute. they are truly our miracle family and we know it was because of the fasting and prayers of everyone in the ward and all you guys at home!

floyd: still tells us hes coming to church but never ends up showing. dang you floyd!

ugh emailing is so hard sometimes because im like tired of typing but only 11 more ill try and keep them interesting! transfers next week so i will hit you guys up next week! love you
sista b

we got sanoran hot dogs for lunchy! cute

lol in a puddle...nope a river

lol during work out on thursday we found 5 froggies!!! 

ummmmm my camera does fish eye!

cutest little old man frank...he said the dog had to be in the picture too lol

cutest little pup

star gaziiin

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