Tuesday, September 30, 2014

:off to my burial!

lolololol hey guys what is up?! ummm so like my birthdays tomorrow and i freakin tell everyone...people i dont even know because i love attention! #LOOKATME. so this week was fun and crazy and all sorts of different emotions. lets go day by day k?

monday- pday. so we go running in the morning and then when we get back in the car we get a text from our sister training leaders and they tell us about exchanges and that I WAS STAYING IN THE AREA AGAIN! i was livid and quite frankly probably a brat to them. its just as a trainer it was really annoying to see sister salazar leave for the third time when she has had hardly any experience taking over. i was mad to say the least. whatever. for pday sports we played basketball and the sissies made everything pumpkin because it was the first day of fall! so cute. we had pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies and i made a pumpkin roll thing. we are so fun! then it was off to exchange -___-

tuesday- so i was with a sister named sister cook who is so sweet and it was good to get to know her a little more. in the morning we did service for sister drena and helped her pick some weeds. i love service! it was a good time. then later that day we went over to the hospital to visit the little old lady from georgia who thinks im large and in charge....she is so cute and is going through a little depression so we went and gave her a spiritual pick me up! then we had the best lesson with charlotte about enduring to the end which involved going through life and having faith, repenting, going to church and using the gift of the holy ghost. then at the end (if she payed attention and answered all of our questions) we gave her the gift of eternal life which just so happened to be a ring pop and some licorice that i got at christmas time. LOL IM FUN! we had dinner with savanahs family and then gave her a lesson about church and how important it is. it got me thinking about why we go to church. why do you go to church? out of obligation? the main reason we should all go to church is to renew our promise with heavenly father and jesus christ by partaking of the sacrament. the sacrament has never meant more to me that it does out here on the mission. it helps us with repentance. it helps us endure to the end. it helps us understand the atonement of our savior and the sacrifice that he made for us. lol also church is fun because friends too! we saw kat and leroy after dinner. they are a treat for sure....then it was back to exchange!

wednesday-  district meeting. we talked about making commitments! then we went to contact a referral that we recieved but he wasnt home so we just talked with his grandma...more like she talked to us. i love old people! after dinner we went to the franklins and he gave us a really good lesson on family history. then i got chocolate milk <3

thursday- we had foodbank of course and there was soooo much food. then after dinner we met with our referral. his name is ryan and he is 11 years old. he comes from a broken family and a really hard back ground but he has the sweetest spirit and is so innocent. he is our new investigator!!! then i had my last stake correlation. i can honestly say president sanders is my favorite stake president i have ever serve with. he is hilar!

friday- we had food bank in the morning then for most of the day we went over to sister skaggs house to play in her park and have a bbq. it was so cute! me and sister salazar were just playin and she was taking pictures of us going down the slide, swinging on the swings and just frolicing around. she was like our grandma! then when sister salazar was coming down from the tree house she hurt her knee! its okay because sis skaggs had a wheel chair...so i had fun pushing her around the park! then we had dinner with bishop larson and weekly planned the rest of the night!

saturday- such a fun day!!!! we had our last basketball of the transfer and i couldnt misss! i was on fire im tellin ya! after getting ready we went to our zone leaders baptism and it was all in spanish but the guy was so fun! so he read us mosiah 3:19 which deals with being meek and humble like a child so then he says in broken enlish "I AM BABY FOREVER" awwww he so cute. after that we went to super saturday and made cute little thomas s monson placks. i love the prophet! we taught arieana a quick lesson then had to go grab dinner before the womans conference! oh man oh man it was so good. all the messages were the best and president uchtodorf knows the thoughts and hearts of every woman in the world. we are all loved. no matter what we look like or think about ourselves. HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES YOU!! for you. dont ever forget that...
then the rest of the night was supposed to be playing softball but we were all just really waiting for transfer calls. we finally got ours after everyone!!! lol AP did not listen to my request but its okay. im transferring back to west tucson zone! i loved that zone but its in a completely different place. i was kinda sad a first but quickly got over it and knew it was where the lord needed me.

sunday/monday- church. it was testimony meeting and the spirit was great and ryan came to church! then we helped in nursery because there wasnt enough teacher. OMG I LOVE ALL THE BABIES! they are so cute. i spent the rest of the day and monday saying goodbye to people and taking pictures and packing. here is a miracle story! it was about 5 oclock and we needed to get to our dinner but i just felt that i needed to try and see kris before i left....it had been about 10 weeks since i had seen her. so we show up and her loser boyfriend was outside and asked if we could see kris...he went to get her and she came out! it was so good to see her. she told us things were really difficult but that she still has a testimony and reads and prays every day. it was so sad and i almost cried. thank you for all the prayers in behalf of her! we shouldnt give up on anyone! i love her! i loved safford and all the people that i met and taught and grew to love. that is the hardest and best part about a mission. loving people. because with love comes all these crazy emotions!

now i am in avra valley and am settled in my DYING AREA! the house is way sick and i have my own bathroom. tight. this is the last place i will be serving as a full time missionary. its kinda scary but im pumped! my comp is sister zeally from rexburg, ID. shes been out 17 months and i will "kill her" FUN!!! heres to the next 11 weeks. love you all!

sista b

we are baby forever

the gila valley zone

choo choo train with char

lol the field is white already to harvest


the drenas


the franklins

the sissssies

kat and leroy


welcome to safford...k bye

charlotte and kaylynn

sister conley and socko, dead socko and spirit socko



the boers

ohhhhhhhh elder dayley is going home! wahhhhhhhh. lol i told him id see him in january and you shoulda seen the glow in his eyes....or the twitch iddkkkkkk

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