Monday, September 8, 2014

100...start the countdown

helllo all! i hope you had a great week and thought about me a lot! do you wanna hear something so disgusting. i only got 3 letters all of august. that makes me cringe -___- shout out to B. Nichols, grandma and grandpa butcherite and jessica wilson for the wedding announcement. step up your game peeeeeps!! lets make september "write sista b" month. hhahah fun!!!! so on tuesday after email i got my hair cut....bangs!!! just bangs. but i didnt take any pictures this week so youll see them next week. srrrrry. then we went and saw mr. floyd. hes doing good but still not coming to church. i tell you agency is sooo overrated these days. me and salazar were soooo dang fetchin tired and since dinner was cancelled we slept for an hour. after nap time we saw arieana. omg she said the funniest thing. so we were teaching the plan of salvation and salazar was like who were the first lady and man on earth and she was like.... "well the first lady is mrs. obama!" OMG I WAS SCREAMING WITH LAUGHTER. i mean shes right but it was just so hilarious. i love children. then that night we went to see a little girl named addie. i love her family they are so fun! we are teaching her the lessons before her baptism. on wednesday we had district meeting and it was basically a pep talk from our district leader about heavenly father is not going to leave us hangin! its alma 26. the sons of mosiah and alma the younger are my homies and give me so much inspiration. then the sisters went on a sister date to chinese. wednesday is cheat day! haha! that night we saw eli and taught about the law of chastity...we told him all the things that might lead us to breaking the law of chastity, like bad thoughts, words and entertainment, and put them in a box and told him to NEVER open it. or else. he got a little scared but its ok. then we went to see the franklins and the wife was all about church and a lesson so thats what we did.....but she didnt come to church -________- wahhh! on thursday we had food bank and then we saw savanah and taught the restoration. she was really connected the whole time and the spirit sure was there when i gave the first vision. we are going to try and start the book of mormon with her this week. then we saw charlotte. that girl is so fun!! so whenever she says prayers she always says "thank you for the wonderful missionaries" and then she didnt say it so i was like what about the wonderful missionaries and she was like "wonderful is so last year" again...ROFL. then after dinner we saw connie. she is going to see her husband in prison this weekend. i dont know if i told you about him but like since hes been in jail...hes been having visions and dreams and supposedly he had a dream about the 13 articles of faith and wrote them down and when he sent them to connie she let us read them and they were pretty dang close to the real deal. it was pretty cool. he will be taking the lessons when he gets out in 10 months. he already knows its true. on friday after food bank we had 12 week training and weekly our dinner cancelled but brought us pizza. too tight. I LOVE PIZZA. we saw kat and leroy that night. leroy is taking this thing called chantex and it makes him sick whenever he even smell cigarette smoke. so fun!! now kat just needs to stop. on saturday we went tracting for a bit...there are so many inactive members in safford we ran into 3 while tracting...its kinda awk. "yeah i know who you are i just dont go to church." lol wanna come back? i got kinda burnt. then we saw some active members and had dinner with bishop hargis. they are the best! we saw a lot of active members this week because we wanted to get everyone to fast for missionary work in the area this sunday. so that is what a lot of us did yesturday. hopefully with this fast we will be able to access the power of our heavenly father and get some new investigators and more reactivation! omg in sacrament meeting this guy got up there...hes clearly less active and i couldnt really understand him so im just writing in my journal when all of the sudden he starts singing i am a child of god. all three verses. ummmmm good for you guy! he left after he did that. it was kinda awk but cool too. this week was good as far as fitness is concerned. MWF we go running....about 1.5 miles. TTS we go to the gym and do suicides and other drills. i can tell im getting in shape a little more! ugh getting there is so hard and food is like...good. but i have determination. pray for investigators and that i get magically skinny overnight. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! we go to the temple this week. and its sister salazars bday! should be a great week!!!
sista b

me, salazar, lunquist, and aleman as sister legos.

obvi this week wasnt too exciting...putting paper clips on my eyelashes.

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