Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I make a I hope.

hello my dear wonderful family and friends. I love you all soooo much! this week was...good? lol idk we got work done. pday was kinda lame this last week because only like 10 people came to sports and this transfer we combined zones so all of the Gila valley missionaries are together. usually I love big zones of missionaries but there is only one problem safford (us) missionaries are all about ballin on pdays and thatcher (them) want to just play volleyball. so I am gonna go there today and be like "LISTEN, IF WE DONT BALL AT LEAST FOR AN HOUR THERE WILL BE ISSUES" in a very Christ like and loving way obvi. we ate dinner with the cutest old couple that night. omg I love old people! they are so in love even after 53 years. hahah and they love us too...when we were leaving she made the I love you sign with her hands and was waving goodbye to us! how precious!!! on Wednesday we met our new bigger zone. we have sooo many greenie elders! its so funny to hear Salazar be like "theyre so confused and new...they have no idea." oh my little've been out for 2 months, you have no idea. shes cute. we went to a little hole in the wall place to eat for lunch and got sonoran hot dogs. the Mexican man thought I spoke I do look a little latina....just maybe. ugh im white. THANKS ALOT DAD! that day we saw one of my favorite ladies in the ward named sister conley. she is just a hoooootttt! on Thursday we had food bank like usual. but nothing really specataular really happened. omg sorry that my emails are soo boring. im going to try and have an adventure everyday that I can tell you guys about. Friday was finding day. after seeing a couple of less actives we went to the trailer park to find lost sheep and contact everyone that was outside. I don't get really scared of talking to people any more because im just like whats the worst that could happen...they say no? elder malm said something really neat at zone conference yesterday. he said "if you don't talk to someone the immediate answer is already no...why don't you talk to them! they might say yes, and if they say no, then you know for sure their not interested." its so true. TALK WITH EVERYONE! we talked with a couple of characters that night...this lady was like "lol (okay she didn't say lol) I am so drunk right now but lets say a prayer." maybe we will go back to see her when shes sober...but shes also homeless haha. we made peach cobbler during weekly planning! #housewives #jkmissionaries  on Saturday we had basketball in the morning to continue the tradition lol but there are like 2 people that are legit good so it was mostly just running around pretending to play. its allll good! we did more street contacting the afternoon and I got SOOOOO BURNT!!! my back literally looks like a crime scene. my first was a little low and I had my hair in a bun so it was just destroyed. Salazar has been a great comp and has been rubbing aloe vera on it every night. we saw the cutest little old lady that just moved into our ward. she is from Georgia and is a convert of 3 years and is just obsessed with the gospel. I could listen to her talk allll day! you know how old people are bluntly honest sometimes? well she was like "can I pay you girls a compliment" sure -______- "you guys are my kinda girls, big and robust" IS THAT A FAT JOKE?! thanks sister. but she meant it nicely I think. speaking of fitness transfer...our detox didn't happen last week but will be today. but me and Salazar have been getting up at 6 everyday and going to the church gym to work out. its been good! we played softball again that night! fun!!!! on sunday after church we saw a less active named connie that we are working with. we taught about prayer and how she needs it in her life. it was soo simple but the spirit was so strong. there is so much simplicity in the gospel that people don't realize can bring the most happiness. EVER! on Monday, yesterday we had our zone conference with elder malm of the seventy I think. he gave some great trainings on how we can be better missionaries and our worth! it was really great and I was just loving everything he was saying taking notes and what not...then outta now where he just points to me and is like SISTER COME UP! ummm excuse me...that's the worst. so I hada go up in front of everyone and answer some questions. I don't even know what I said and probably made a fool outta myself. ugh life sometimes. he really did say some great things. most of it was talking about how we are meant to be in Arizona at this time in our area. we have talents and personalities that effect the people that we are working with....I really loved that because sometimes I really wonder if I am making a difference in the areas that I am serving. it was a great meeting. okay here are somethings that went down with different people this week.

arieana: we finally saw her this week and laid down the law about coming to church. it obviously worked because she came this week...but she is so distracted during sacrament meeting. we will hafta get her some coloring books or something.

charlotte: doing good!!! shes just sooo fun! I love her...she came to church with her hair dyed blue -______-

eli: the little kid that we are working with. his family is coming back into reactivation. we taught the lesson of jesus Christ which has a lot of cool object lessons. the dad was like "cool lesson" he never says anything.

Floyd:  we committed him to live the word of wisdom. hhahaha we said that we would do it with him for moral support. he didn't think that was too funny!

no new investigators but we are trying!!!! pray for us to find some people in safford to teach! no word from kris :( and savannah was outta town this week. okay this is long. seeee ya!
sista b
ive been looking for this forever!!! i think they ran outta sister butcherite bottles though

me and elder matiz! he goes home next week and was there in the east when i was born! crazy

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