Monday, September 15, 2014

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OMG THIS WEEK WAS SO FUN AND BUSY!!! oh first of all, birthday shout out to my big bad DAD!!! 52 never looks so good daddy! anyways this week was the best so im just gonna go day by day.
monday- pday!!! love pday. me and salazar decided that we wanted to start crocheting so we can prepare to be old maids when we get home. so thats been super fun and i should have a nice blanket by the time i get home. it takes a while. we just played sports and then all the sissies did facials. cute!!! that night we went on exchanges with our stls that night so we had to drive to wilcox and back. i was staying with sister hendricks who is from lynwood washington! weve been to efy, and byu together and now we are in the same mission. crazy!
tuesday- we saw a ton of people!!! got 7 lessons that day and sister hendricks is all about talking with everyone even if it is soo awkward but whatevs i did it. she would be like "PERSON" as im drive 60 mph down the highway...yeah okay sister. we saw savanah and committed her to read the book of mormon. just a little bit a day is so important. we also charlotte and she was just charlotte haha. at the end of the day i was so happy to see salazar. we are really good friends and have so much fun with each other! 
wednesday- we had to take the car into the shop so we go to crochet while we wait! lol i bet we look like legit grandmas sitting there. then we had zone training about goals and setting baptismal dates. then the zone leaders made me bear my testimony. ugh idk why they did that but i did it. i dont know why i get so nervous doing it in front of people, but it was really good to do it! it really is true...everytime you bear your testimony it is strengthened!!! i need to do it more often then just in lessons and during talks. after that we went and gave blood!! so fun! i save lives and souls!! hahah fun. so last week and this week is temple week for the mission and since we live right by the temple i get to see all the friends. that day i got to see little lovell! i miss her so much...she is still in vail! she will def be transferred in 2 weeks. we saw eli that night. hes so funny...we taught him about tithing and was all about figuring out the 10% and fast offering. he gets baptized this saturday.
thursday- TEMPLE DAY!!! and SISTER SALAZARS BIRTHDAY! i curled her hair and she was lookin like a babe! then we went to the temple. i love that place and really cant wait to get in the habit of going often when i get home. i got some really good revelation and confirmations about questions while i was there. after that we all went to a mexican restaurant for her birthday and they sang her happy bday and we got free sopapillas. so that day we went to go see the gomez family...theyre a less active family who got baptized about 2 years ago. we showed them a mormon message and taught about the atonement. she said that she knows they need to make a change and turn their life around. we were really happy to hear that! we go to see more friends after their temple session. FUN!
friday- we had food bank and then it was elder skoys birthday! so we all went to dennys and got milkshakes! i love birthdays. lol ps guys mines in 2 weeks sooo theres that information for ya. do with it what you will. then we weekly planned and saw kat and leroy. we talked about the temple and how they need to be sealed!!! i hope they take it seriously. then we had dinner with the boers. love them! and it rained outside!!!! i love rain and washington.
saturday- we played basketball in the morning...tight. then we saw savannah and taught her the plan of salvation. ps mom those POS flash cards you got me really come in handy! she was able to put it back together after we jumbled them all around. we also saw floyd that afternoon. hes always complaining about his bad health and that hes doing everything he can to get healthy and i was just like "GOSH DANGIT FLOYD, COME TO CHURCH, PUT YOUR FAITH IN HEAVENLY FATHER AND HE WILL HELP YOU OUT" he still didnt come to church -_______- . then we had a ward bbq up the mountain. omg it was so fun! i love the 9th ward and are really close to all the people in that ward. we couldnt stay long because we had to get back to town for dinner in 8th ward haha. dang double dinner. after dinner we went to saturday night softball and guess who was there? THE GOMEZ FAMILY...and they even brought some friends! we were so happy to see them and we all had a good time playing softball. they told us to come over on tuesday...they have a unbaptized 9 year old son so hopefully we can make him a new investigator as well. it was such a miracle and we were so happy to see them. 
sunday- we had church and in walk the gomezs! HOT DANG WE WERE HAPPY. it got me thinking like what really makes me happy. obvi having fun with friends and getting presents and one direction makes me happy but this happiness is different. seeing people accept the message of the restoration and come to church and making a change in their life truly truly makes me a happy girl! where do you guys get your happiness? think about that question this week! we saw connie after church, she had a good time with he husband in prison this last week and told us that when she gets out hes getting baptized and then they want to be seal in the temple. cute! we ended the night with dinner and teaching addie the doctrine of christ. cooool! 
nothing really special this week but we are gonna work hard so we can get sister salazar a good teaching pool before i leave this area! have a great week!!! love you all
sista b
yay saving lives

because we are fun!

the sissie and the temple

butch and salazar <3

the sisters filled our car with balloons for salazars bday! sooo fun!

caterpillar wut?

cute little char and i

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