Monday, June 2, 2014

safford sickness

helllo my beautiful family and friends. i hope you had a great week and were a lot healthier that i was. so we got here on tuesday and omg it was the hottest day of my life maybe? 107. gross. hate it. sister reeves was like "arizona and hell have a lot in common" dead! so funny. but really it doesnt need to be that hot. that night for dinner some members took us to a yummy mexican food restaurant, then i came home and unpacked the rest of the night. the next day i woke up with a bad stomach ache but i just thought that i was still full from dinner or something so no biggie. by the time we got to district meeting i was feeling so feverish with aches, shivers and the whole SHABANG! any ways the zone is tiny!! there are only 14 of us. definitely my smallest zone so far. but everyone says a small zone is great because we all get super close. looking forward to that. so i couldnt really take a rest that day because we had so many appointments. INVESTIGATORS!!!! its so great. first we saw charlotte, shes a 10 year old girl that is suppper cute and loves the missionaries. then we saw kris! i love kris, she is sooo sweet and is a SPONGE! she comes from a really tough background. she doesnt have much and doesnt even have electricity. but she is one of the sweetest ladies ive met and absolutely loves the gospel. they are both getting baptized this saturday. i taught more investigator lessons on my first day than i did all last transfer hahah thats crazy. i was feeling so aweful that night so after dinner we went home and i went straight to bed at about 7pm and didnt wake up till 8 the next morning. i was still feeling really bad i havent felt this sick in a really long time. so i basically slept until 2 and then we had to go out because we had appointments. i felt so bad for staying in so much but im not trying to spread the bug around. we saw Kris and her lessons are just so awesome because she literally takes everything we say and agrees and sees the importance. shes so awesome, and the ward literally took her in so good!!! its so exciting to have investigators be so excited about the gospel.  on friday i was feeling a bit better but still had a really bad nose congestion thing. but we went to the food bank and they give us free food!!! so thats gonna save so much money and ill have other stuff to get lol like clothes or something. then we went out to lunch for one of the sisters was good! the rest of the night we had appointments. we have seen kris every day since ive been here. on saturday we cleaned the church, then went to a baptism, but i was still feeling so sick so we came back and i took a nap for like 2 hours. ugh its awefullll! i hate being sick. i mean 1 day is good because we get to chill for a bit, but more than 1 day is nonsense. we had dinner with the bishop that night, he is sooo nice and their house is like way fun and big and gorrrge.  ohhh we cover 2 wards so that means a lot of church again....but not 9 hours. just 5. its such a great change. we had steak for dinner!!! the members here love the missionaries. the whole town love missionaries so we get a bunch of free stuff which is too fun! anyways im still sick. stupid nose wont clear, my nose is all chap and gross from blowing so much. ive gone through 2308 tissues. pray for health por favor. me and sister reeves are doing great. shes been so patient with me. 2 baptisms this week!!! cant wait. pictures next week!! love you guys sooo much.
sista b


  1. Jenny Butcherite you are serving where my husband and I grew up. I lived in Safford and Thatcher. Mostly Thatcher though. Great place to grow up! So, if you meet any Macks or Ferrins we are probably related. We'll be up there for the Pioneer Days celebration in July. What wards are you serving in?

  2. Hello Sis. June! This is Jenny's mom, Tina. I'm keeping Jenny's blog while she's on her mission. Would you happen to be related to Dan & Kim Ferrin? They lived in our ward for a

  3. Hello Sis. June! This is Jenny's mom, Tina. I'm keeping Jenny's blog while she's on her mission. Would you happen to be related to Dan & Kim Ferrin? They lived in our ward for a