Thursday, June 26, 2014

Peace out Killpacks!!!

what it dooooo? i hope everyone is having a great day and a great summer thus far. this week was really good and went by fast. on tuesday we had our zone conference! it was so fun and i got to see some of my best friends on the mission. sister call was there and we are just so crazy and loud around eachother! i love her and miss our time together. we talked about letter of the law vs spirit of the law and what our reasoning behind obedience should be. pres killpack has really been going hard on obedience since he is leaving in a week. we had some great workshops and pancake lunch. all the sisters decorated fabric squares that represent their mission and all the elders decorated ties. the killpacks have been doing this since the start of their mission with all the missionaries and when they get home they are gonna make a big quilt out of them. so cute. at the end of the conference sister and president killpack trained us but it was more of a goodbye. it was really quite sad and a lot of people cried. well a lot of sisters. they really are the best! they showed a video at the end of a bunch of missionaries. AP elder zilles made it when he got home and we were pretty good buddies so of course he put a clip of me dancing like an idiot -_____- oh well im fun and cute and lol. we said our good byes and were off. BYEEE KILLPACKS. that night our recent convert charlotte discovered that i can braid hair so everytime i go over there the lesson doesnt start till i have her hair done. on wednesday we went to court! it was so fun and scary. Kris' son got sent back to jail so we went to his hearing but it wasnt anything too special. we went to a really nice families house for dinner and after our lesson they told us how much they appreciated us and all that the missionaries do. sometimes as missionaries we, meanin i, can get in such a rut like "am i making a difference blah blah blah..." so it was really nice to hear them say that. on thursday we had the food bank and half of the missionaries werent there to help and there was sooooo much food. we were there helping out for 3 hours. but it was fun. when we saw kris that afternoon we talked about missionary work and how she can do her part as a member missionary. she is so grateful and humble, especially in her circumstance. we talked about the blessings of the gospel and even through all her hard times right now she told us that she has never been happier in her whole entire life. i loved that. OMG friday was so fun. we went to go do service for some members which involved spraying down her couch cushions and stomping on them till all the dust and dirt came out. we got wet and had a water balloon fight at the end. it was soooooo fun! i love them. then because i did service for her i got to spray paint my name on their work shed. now im basically a legend. nbd. we ate with a couple named the trueloves that night. LOL CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT NAME! soooo romantic. hahah! then we went to the bishops to help him go through the ward list so that we can find some lost sheep in the 8th ward. he has a super nice house! on saturday we were basically busy seeing people all day, which was great. it was hot as usual so im like sweating and preachin the gospel. whatevs...all in a days work. on sunday our investigator arianna came to church so that was wonderful and the best talks were given in sacrament meeting of our 8th ward. it was all about obedience. all we have to do is be obedient! if thats the only principle that we follow then we are sittin pretty and the blessing will flowwwwww. it was great! anyways not much comin up this next week and only 2 more weeks of the transfer. i hope everything is going great with you guys and that youre staying cool. love you alllll!<3
sista b

my square

all the sisters lol at sister call
the elders!
My cute little zone!

look at me taggin the heck outta that shed

lol just sittin on a bear

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