Monday, June 16, 2014

1 year down!!!

helllllllllllooooo how the heck is everyone doing?! freaking elder peterson is showing me every picture he's ever taken on his mission so i have little time left. so last monday we went bowling!! it was tight. the elders wanted to play 3 games and we only had 1 lane for the 8 of us. it took 3 hours but it was so fun! on the last round we played all fun, like bowling with left hand, spinning the ball, granny and stuff like that. on tuesday
we had a very busy day! we saw our investigator savannah, shes doing good except for the whole church thing. roadblock! we met with our recent convert kris. she is on fire! she doesnt have much to do all day so she just reads the book of mormon and other lds stuff. shes soo great! that night we had dinner at one of the biggest houses ive seen in my mission. it was just so nice with like a gym and pool and green house and loveeee! we went to go visit kat and leroy..the crazies and when we get there their dog was bleeding and like paralyzed so we went with them to the vet and they had to put him down :((((( awwww purdy ILOVEHER!!! on wednesday we had district meeting and our DL said the best thing "everyday stop doing what youre not supposed to be doing and start doing what you are supposed to be doing." i loved that!!! we talked about our purpose and stufff. same as usual. we did family history with kris after and i was able to find a lot of her family! it was fun. who knew?! we went to dennys for dinner cause a member gave us money and when we went to pay some one had paid for us!!! wut?!?!? people are so nice, i swear! thursday was our 1 year mark!!! it was so fun to be with someone i came out with because we were both so excited! we lit sparklers and had so much fun! also we went to this ysa education thing that night and i learned that the LDS religion is the only religion where if you receive more education you actually become more active in the all other religions people actually become less active when they get more education. so coool!! i like that! we were super busy on saturday! we went to see Charlotte, our ten year old recent convert. haha funny story, so her sister is 5 and is really outta control. she was like pulling down sister reeves shirt and lifting up her skirt...of course i was loling the whole time. so sister reeves was "like next time you do that im gonna tickle you". she did it again and sister reeves tickled her down to the floor then all the sudden the girls like "YOU MADE ME PEE MY PANTS" and there was a huge wet spot on the floor! hahahahha omg guys! she just peed herself. i almost peed MYSELF!! loved that. saturday we saw savanah and then we hadnt seen our new investigator arianna in a week so we just stopped by and she was home! that was a miracle! we showed her the restoration movie...i will probably have that whole thing memorized by the time i go home. some members took us out to dinner at the best mexican place in town. there were 2 other companionships there and even a family from my last area. it was fun to see them!  then we had a ward luau that night so it was a good day. sunday was just church and visiting some people...nothing too big. we got 28 lessons this week and stayed pretty busy. it was great. this week we have zone conference and its the last time im gonna see the killpacks :( they are such great people and i feel so privileged to have worked with them this last year. i will miss them soo much! okay off to another fun filled pday! have a great week and enjoy the not 110 degree weather! lovvvveeee,
sista b 
me, elder tolman and his missionary puppet


Me and Sis. Reeves!

youre a wizarrrd sista b!!!

hahah my area is sooooo clean -__-

ive decided to take a picture in every abandoned trailer....

wanna take a ride on my big green tractor!!!?

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