Tuesday, June 10, 2014

baptism fever!!!

hellooooo, how is everyone? parent? enjoying your cruise, while I melt away in the hot Arizona desert sun -_________-  anyways, not bitter at all because this week was fab!!! on Monday after pday we had stake family home evening for missionaries and investigators. it was fun! kris came and told everyone how much she loves the gospel and is excited to get baptized. on Tuesday we had appointments all day. we met with one of our investigators name savannah. she cant get baptized till july 26 because her and her boyfriend get married july 19th and blah blah blah RULES. haha then we went to read the scriptures with an old lady who had NO AC!! are chu kidding me or wut? it was like a death chamber. oh well. then we saw kris and the charolette and taught them their final lesson before baptism. sooo great! we got a referral for a little cute ginger girl who wants to be baptized, so we met with her and got to know her a little bit! I love the work!!! after dinner we went and visited with some recent converts....omg these people are just. I cant even describe them. so funny! ill have to get a pick and then youll understand. on Wednesday we had zone meeting which goes for 4ever long but its alllllgooood. we had to make the programs for the baptisms so we went to a members house and of course I ask everyone how they met and her met her on the mission in one of his wards and im just like lol SOOOOOO TIGHTTTT!!!! after we made the programs we had stake correlation. where all the missionaries in the zone and the stake president come and discuss the missionary work in the stake. soooo much love for missionary work its great!!! on Thursday we had the food bank and then we went and cleaned out one of the most disgusting trailers known to man. rat poop. dust. spiders. and sister reeves is so deathly afraid of spiders she wouldn't touch anything so that meant that it was time for me to man upppp. im so tough and stuff. so that was gross. we also went to the food bank and got FREE FOOD! haha I love that. on Friday we were just going and going all day. we had to see kris because her son got sent back to prison after being out for 7 days. she is still so strong though because she said her heart is still happy even though satan is trying to pull her down. she had the most amazing faith!!! on Saturday we had 3 baptisms in the zone so that's what we were doing all day. charolettes was first. she was soo excited and jumping up and down in her seat until it was time to get dunked. then Kris's was great! the ward was so supportive and a lot of people came. the lady giving the holy ghost talk was HILARIOUS! At the end she was like "in the name of Jesus Christ GET IN THE WATER!!!" hahah everything went so smoothly and perfect. we treated ourselves to free dominos pizza for dinner. the confirmations went good in church the next day too. heavenly fathers got everything under control don't worry you guys! well now that we had these baptisms its kinda like looololo wuts next. but I know the work will continue and things will flow! until next week. have a fun day. love you guys! mwahhhh
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freakin dove chocolate knows im on a mission aka nooooo love from any body except myself

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