Monday, June 30, 2014

Excuse you Arizona!

ol!!!! hi guys. how is everyone doing? this week went by supes fast! on monday. omg you would not believe how incredibly good i did at basketball. you would be so proud dad. it was 3vs3 all elders and me and they were like going easy. then i made a shot. and another. and 3 more. then they were like okay we needa start guarding her. then i made the winning 3 pointer. so good. but i literally almost died because i am so outta shape. they were like REMATCH and im sittin on the as a cherry, cant even breath. embarrassing. but so fun. i love balllll! went to empty nesters FHE after, which was so cute. on tuesday we saw a bunch of different people. we saw kris! she got glasses, her electricity is getting turned back on and she might be getting a job soon. BLESSINGS OF THE GOSPEL PEOPLE! on wednesday after district meeting we went to see charlotte and i sat on the couch and when i got up i realized that i had sat in peeeeeee! omg the little girl just pees all over the place. so that was fun. we went to a super fancy house for dinner. totes rich. she showed me her closet and i was like....lets trade lives real quick. she has the funnest closet. i loved it. on thursday we went to the food bank and then it was an elder in my districts one year mark so i made him brownies with cards for candles. im so clever lol!!! we ate at the funnest members house for dinner. they were so chill and funny....we just ate on the couch and had a fun little chit chat. i love meeting new people and making great friendships with them. on friday we had a busy day. weekly planning, food bank, then we went to the family history center and i was able to help out people with their genealogy. im getting like so good at this stuff....its like detective work and they get so excited when we find one of their relatives ahahha i sound like im 78. #familyhistory. we went out to dinner with a couple to a chinese buffet for dinner, it was aight. we had exchanges that night and i was  going to st david with sister embry. we had to drive for an hour to meet them. exchanges were so good! its fun to get out of your area for a little bit. the day was great and we saw a lot of people. for dinner we literally went to china! lol i mean japan. i cant tell the difference. oops. we had this meal called SOBA. we had chopsticks and the shaBANG. it was really good. the couple was so cute. they have a missionary out so they wanted to talk about missionary life the whole time. which is fine with me because lol its my life. then we had to leave for a place in el frida because some elders were having a baptism and we had to give a little teaching moment. i love how easy it is for me to bare my testimony in front of large groups. i used to HATE it. but now it just flows so easssssy. thank you mission. the baptism was so cute. it was an old lady who was afraid of water and steps. but she did it! aww shes cute. then it was back to safford after that. on sunday it was just church and stuff. the missionaries met up at the stake center to collect end of month numbers but im just like lets play horse. so we did that. and i would have one if the elders werent so strong and make baskets from the other side of the court -____- oh well. FUN! last week of the transfer. its gonna be so great! i hope you guys have a great week and fun fourth. i know i will. email next tuesday with news of my new comp. ugh i think im training. im getting revelation already. okay love youse alllll!
sista b

lol look at these cars just buried on the side of the road

when lovell made me eat an oyster.....

in the dryer

tossin watermelons off the bridge lol

when we caught a liz liz

playin with toys

virgin margaritazzzz

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