Tuesday, May 27, 2014


so transfers were this week and you guys are just gonna have to read the whole email to know where i got sent to. NO CHEATING!!! so on monday we had pday and stuff. reall good, love mondays! then that night we had an exchange and sister rockwood came with me. MTC comps! it was so fun. we basically had a blast all day. had a lot of appointments and caught up on the mission. she is so sweet! i wish we could have served around each other more. then on wednesday we had our last interviews with president killpack. omg i am going to miss that man so much. he is so great and i was  just able to talk to him about everything on my mind. so tender. DONT LEAVE PK!!! omg i dont really remember what happened the rest of the week i dont have my planner with me so its so hard to remember!!!! on thursday...oh yeah! we went to the blood drive and i donated some of my prime A+ blood, but got like a huge bruise. what the? oh well all for the cause. then we had a double dinner that night. both pizza hahahha its okay though cause i love pizza. the next day for lunch some members wanted to take us out so we went to a super good italian restaurant but the husband got like a huge bloody nose during the meal so they had to leave hahah it was aweful. poor guy. so this saturday the boy that we had been teaching all the missionary discussions to just for fun got baptized at the stake 8 year old baptism so we went to that. it was cute. i never knew how easier it is to dunk a little 8 year old child compared to a full sized adult. i feel like all the older converts have to go down multiple time because something goes wrong. then at the beginning of the day things were really slow...i think it was because it was memorial day and alot of people were outta town. lol we went tracting and some man told us to get the H3!! off of his porch. ugh why do people gotta be so mean. lovey was like "okay have a great day" and i just wanted to say some not so missionary like things. on sunday after church we went to visit with the cienega bishop. ugh i love that family. theyre so fun! then we went to dinner at the chinchillas for dinner and she made the BEST dinner with like missionary margaritas lol so funn!!!! then we basically just stayed there until we got transfer calls. we got calls at about 9:45 and DRUMMMMMMMMRRRRRROOOOOOOLLLLL.....i getting trasferred to safford, AZ aka utah arizona about 2 hours east of tucson. its mostly members out here so its gonna be different but im excited. my new companion is sister reeves. i came out with her so we kinda know each other but im pumped to get to know her more. so on monday we had zone breakfast and pictures and then i made the rounds to say  goodbye to all my favorite peeps. im gonnnnna misss this area so much! but im excited for change. so since im way outta tucson i got to ride the transfer van to the Gila valley and sister call rode in it too since shes going to new mexico. omg it was sooo fun to catch up with her. she is my FAVORITE companion!!! we are just one in the same. love her!! so we just giggled and laughed the whole time...im sure everyone hated us. so yuppppp thats the news!!! out in safford fo who knows how long. lets see what happens! okay love you all g2g!
love sista b
me and sis rockwood

my district

Rincon Zone


the priests family...members who i lived with

cutest baby of my life

I LOVE THIS FAMILY....the brodericks

magic shop. spent hours here!!!

smiths. also another great family

little ginger ward

the chinchillas!!

me and lovvvveeey

lol this cat

awwwww elder pace!!! leaving :((((((

transfer van!

lol sister calll. ILOVEHER!

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