Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Baby No. 2

I TOLD YOU!!! DIDNT I! i told you i thought i was training and i was right! its okay though. it was something i was really praying for becuase i think training well help me focus more and make me go hard these last few months! ill tell you about my little babe at the end. this week was soooo good. i loved everyday. so on monday after pday we drove to do exchanges and i went with sister fullmer! i love this sister and she goes home tomorrow so it was so good to do this last exchange with her. we talked alot! about the mission and things she has learned. i ccant wait till i get to that point. i hope i have no regrets! we saw a few people that day and did some family history. we were both so tire becuase we were up really late talking about everything. i love her!!! we taught our little ginger investigator, arianna. she is just so cute and for a little girl really understands the things that we teach her. on wednesday....shoot what did we do. umm saw kris and charlotte and had stake coorelation. oh yeah! sister reeves had a filling re done so we had to go to the dentist, which was fun! on thursday we went to meet president passey. you wanna hear the craziest news?! i was in the same freshman dorm hall as his daughter. i saw her walk in and was like WUT THE?!!? so that was an instant "in" with the passey clan. he is super chill and funny and his wife is so energetic. they will be good for the mission. im excited to see what they bring. we went out to lunch with sister call after. subway...thanks mom for the free sub btw! then we went to volunteer at the food bank. that afternoon we went to go see kris and read with her. there was a super huge dust storm during that time. we could hardly see 5 feet in front of us. ALSO, OMG I CANT BELEIVE I FORGOT THIS! i am so dumb. lol last saturday there was an earthquake in safford! lol and earth quake...wut?! it was at around 10 and it was a 5.2, thats pretty big. it reminded me of the time in puyallup. it was way fun though i was rofling after it happened. the next day at church everyone was like "REPENT, THE TIME IS SOON!" lol that was funny. anyways after the dust storm we went to dinner and then as we are leaving from dinner there was a huge fire! someones whole trailer was burning down. we spent most the night looking at that and taking pics....also making sure everyone was okay obvi. on friday it was the fourth of july. omg it was so patriotic. 9th ward had a ward breakfast and george washington was there. or just an old man in a costume. still so cool. then we went to a parade that was in town. we didnt really know how to fill our time...so we saw some old ladies who dont have family in town. we share with them a message on freedom and how lucky we are to live in a country where we have the freedom to worship how we want. we really are blessed! that night we went to a ward party and had a bbq and watched fire works. it was so fun! on saturday we played ball as a zone! that always so tight. then there were a couple of baptisms that we went to. we visited charlotte and some less actives. on sunday we had church. arianna went up during sacrament meeting and bore her testimony about the things we have been teaching here and how excited she is to get baptized! so precious...and brave!!! we saw kris that night and helped with some tough decisions. she is going through a hard time with her son right now and we can only encourage her to rely on the lord. she is so strong though. we had dinner and then saw arianna, shes really excited for her baptism!!! if only we could see her more! me and sis reeves were so nervous for transfer calls. i just felt it though, i knew i was training. sure enough president called and told us the news. i was training and sis reeves was going to the west. i was excited about it! monday was spent packing, saying goodbye to people and i couldnt believe our zone didnt get together for pictures! i was so mad!! we went to dennys for breakfast instead. we left that night to stay in my old house in vail so that we didnt have to get up at 3 am to get to tucson in the morning. i got about 4 hours of sleep then was off to the transfer cite. my new lilttle babe is sister salazar from provo, ut but originally from chile. shes so fun! im excited to train her and show her the rope. also when i was at the transfer cite, one of my buddies elder donaldson told me that he ran into KATHY COLLINS! from marysville. hahah she saw hima and asked if he knew me...obvi he did cause im totes popular. jk weve just served around eachother alot. she said that she used to babysit me when i was little hahah how funny! anyways heres to a new transfer and a new comp! i hope its good. only 3 left after this! love you!!
sista b


me and mr washington

me and sis reeves at the parade

me and fullmer<3

me and sarah passey

me and sis call....when we were comps she always used to buy the drink and i would mooch off her


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