Monday, April 7, 2014

is it worth it? YES IT IS

omg how good was conference you guys? i loved it, everything was so great! so this week went by so fast. this whole transfer has gone by fast and i cant believe that i only have 7 days left. on tuesday we went on exchanges with our sister training leaders and i stayed in the area. it was a really good day. went tracting, no one interested. had 4 lessons and it was all very nice. i always get a little nervous to take over the area but things always turn out great. power of prayer baby! on wednesday we had district mtg and went to lunch at some pizza place. the slices were huge lol like bigger than by arm hahah wut?! any ways we had back to back lessons with less actives. isnt it funny how people are less active but they love it when the missionaries come over? its okay, just be friends with people and allow encouragement and things will come. on thursday we had dinner with a less active we are working with. shes really coming along and has come to church every week since weve seen her. lol yeah! then we went to the library to find some activities that the children we are teaching could do during conference. there are so many fun activities. i made some copies for the elders to do too and they like "thanks sista b you gonna be the best mom ever." lol right? i know. we had dinner with the oversons on thursday. getting everything set for their baptsim and stuff. they are so excited and have everything marked on the calender. i think they are more pumped than we are. its great. on friday we did a lot of tracting trying to promote conference. i hope people watched it hahah. because its sooooo goood! that night we ate with a girl who is the same age as us but shes married lol. just a couple of girls chattin. on saturday we went to the stake center to watch conference. NOBODY goes to conference at the stake center. remember when we used to go and it was packed? lol it was like 10 missionaries and 6 other people. we stayed at the church between sessions and played mafia hahah it was great. then we went to dinner at a members house and it was a bunch of ladies while then men watched the priesthood session. sunday was pretty much the same as saturday. we watched the afternoon session at some members house and then they fed us! love that. so now im gonna follow the words of elder ballard. he told us to tell you guys what im doing in preach my gospel. this week we studied listening to others. listening is the most important part of missionary work. if we dont listen then we dont know their concerns or what they are thinking. i love to get to know people and what they really think about the church. now go out there and read your own PMG!!! i challenge you. i will follow up too! hahah have a great week. love yous guys
sista b
the first rattle snake ive seen! its guts were hangin out and stuff! lol

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