Monday, December 30, 2013


dear my family and friends,
i hope you had a freakin gooooood christmas. i was sooooo fun. so on tuesday we had our mission christmas party. i was way too pumped to see all the friends. we got there and i told everyone about my cactus fall and everyone knew by the end of the day. lol so famous. we had a good breakfast and took a huge mission picture. then we did white elephant exchanges. all the sisters brought and accessorie and the elders brought ties. i got some hair clip and earrings. fun! then we had a musical program, which was really good. so much talent here in the ATM. while we were there president told us he had a surprise for us...WE GET TO GO TO PHEONIX ON JAN 11 TO SEE ELDER HOLLAND!!! lol so fun! road trip with 300 missionaries. too tight. then after chillen with all the homies for a little bit we had to go because we had dinner with a member. way sad to leave everyone:( we got to dinner and the mom wasnt home so the dad just gave us 15 dollars haha a great christmas eve meal. luckily we had planned to go to our district leaders members house and we go fed there. yay! we played mormon games (lol) and watch ephriums rescue (lol again) im sooo mormon. then it was about 10 by the time we left and the zone leaders invited us to midnight mass. so the whole zone went! it was way different but fun. afterwards we took a bunch of pics with the...priest? lol i dont even know. we didnt get home till almost 3. i was dead in the morning. i got up and opened all the presents. thank you to everyone who sent me something or a christmas card. i love you allll! then we had a district breakfast. i love my district <3 then we went to skype. it was so fun to see my family, just talk to them and forget about missionary work for a little while. miss you all sooo much! i wasnt even sad when i got off though. which i was worried about. i was waaaay too tired that night and woke up like a zombie on thursday. we were back to the work that day though so i had to buckle down. we had a great day though. everyone we wanted to see was home and we met a lot of new people. on friday we went on exchanges and i went with sis whitmore to avra valley. kinda out in the middle of now where with lots of dirt roads. i liked it though. we painted a house, had church tours and ate the most exotic food at a hawaiian members house. over all it was a good day. sister evans stayed in the area and they chalked the plan of salvation at the park. so tight. i love that plan! then on sunday we just had church and dinner and a lesson or 2. nothing too exciting. today we went on another hike...but it was with the whole zone. it took 5EVER! we got there at 8am and didnt get back to our car until 2:30. -________- so long. cause my ZL kept on going off of the trail and i was like "lol whatever youre hott" (disclaimer: my heart is locked, but no one said my eyes had to be) it was fun though and i didnt even fall one time. wheres my trophy? we got pics but i dont have them yet. this week should be good! hope you all have a happy new year and stay safe. make good new years goals. so fun! i come home next year....weird. i love you guys. miss me and write me or something. okay bye!
sista b
my cute little presents

elder purcell

my favorite sis lovell

homie elder netane

elder guys i cant help it that all the elders want pics with me. lol wut?

skyping with my gada

exchanges with sister whitmore!

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