Monday, January 6, 2014


that is about how fast this past week went by. its all going by so fast and by the end of the week i wasnt able to get everything i wanted done. FRUSTRATING! ugh its okay. breath. on tuesday it was new years eve. so fun! we had a couple of good appointments and we were supposed to go visit a less active person in jail. lol JAIL! but he had been transferred to a different place. so sad that i didnt get to see a convict and give him a book of mormon. then that night we went to our converts house for dinner and a little new years celebration. we just talked, ate sub sandwiches and shared a message because we had to be in by 8pm. you guys already know how much i worship sleep. i went to bed at 9...there was no way i was staying up till 12 when we hafta be up by 6:30. thats just stupid. so happy new years!!! staying up is over rated. then on wednesday we had district meeting but it actually turned out to be a zone meeting and out ZLs just told us that we were the worst zone in the whole mission. this is a bad thing but we gotta look at it from a positive perspective! like SUCK, we are doing the worst! but lets show them what west can really do and give them a piece. thats what im taking it as. things are just hard for us right now because all of our investigators got baptized! so its like a good thing but bad because now we dont have any real solid investigators to teach :( then that night we went to the freakin nicest house in tucson for dinner. they live in the mountains and have the best view. loved it. we had ribs and i was just like "thank you dear lord for this bounteous meal". then that night we went back to the stake center as a district to learn more about the familysearch program on i have no idea what im doing. all i know is that NOTHING has been done on the uribe/corral side. so like mom and dad get on that and convert all the cousins and grandparents. then we went out for ice cream at DQ afta. i love my district. ima be so sad if i get transferred, but i probs will. on thursday we spent our day in the old people trailer parks walking around and seeing people. they were all really nice but set in their ways in terms of religion. oh well....we will getcha someday. then we had dinner at my favorite ward members house, our other recent convert. she made way bomb enchiladas and i just love them! on friday we had weekly planning and were able to visit some people from the ward, but that night i went on exchanges with (drum roll) SISTER WINKLER! she needed a break from her comp so we were able to spend the day together. i had sooo much fun. i love that girl, but we are too crazy together so we will probs never be real comps. president knows better than that. they live in the middle of no where and we got lost and went off roading. way tight. then on sunday our schedule changed from 1pm to 9am. its whatever...i hafta wake up at 6:30 regardless so its fine. everyone loves it! but im just like 11 am is where the magic is at. sister evans was sick that day so when we got home she slept...for 5 hours. good thing we borrowed movies from our members. i watched 17 miracles and the emma smith movie. so that was good. we still got in a couple of lessons though. its amazing what the spirit can do. we went to visit a lady who just all the sudden stopped coming to church. when we got there it was so awkward and she was really closed off and cold. by the end we were able to share a message and just talk. she told us why she wasnt coming and was a lot  more friendly. #jesusforthewin. the spirit just owns! this week is gonna be so great! we have a zone meeting tomorrow and then on saturday we are going to pheonix to play with elder holland! i cant wait. love you all and hope you have a great week! pray that we find people to teach!!! haha lovies from your favorite missionary in az!
sista b
me and sis evans in onsies lol i luv target.


west side! we got these fun BAJAS at a gas station

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