Monday, December 16, 2013


First and foremost i hafta say a happy 31st (lol) birthday to my beautiful mother! everyone say happy bday to her! k thanks. now onto this whole missionary post. on tuesday after pday i took sis evans to our recent converts house that were just baptized. so before sis call left she told them that she wanted them to make her cry, i know i know sis call is ruthless. so we get there and we are tryna teach a lesson and hes coming out with all this polygamy thing and stuff about joseph smith. it was pretty brutal. we get home and she doesnt say much and im just like lol wut? then the next day she told me that she felt uncomfortable there and didnt like them so i was like success! lol but now we are tight and she gets them. so on wednesday we had our new zone together and got to meet eachother. should be a fun transfer, probs my last in the west so ima make myself a legend. ya feel me? sad thing though is we got ripped outta our old zone. but cool thing is that elda stock is my district leader. love that kid. we were together in the east so its fun to have a familiar face. then we went for pizza after. me and sis evans are the only sisters in our district which is fun cause elders>>>>. on thursday we had a meeting with the ward mission leader and got to know each other. the new elder is alot different than elder porter but we should still have fun. then we went to visit our investigator and we set up her christmas tree. i love christmas more and more everyday. then we went to visit another one of our investigators who we havent seen in a long time and she told us that she was getting evicted...way sad situation but im just a girl. i dont know how to deal with these things. omg and when we were visiting with her we asked a member to join we got there before her and just went inside. then we were just talking and i heard something loud outside and i was just like okay no biggie then we hear this faint whisper "sister butcherite" and we go outside and she had fallen outta her car and smashed her face on the concrete! omg i felt so freaking bad :((((( ugh i almost cried. that sucked. then on friday we just had our weekly planning a couple of lessons then went out to dinner with golden corral HOLLA. how come i have never been there before. so delish. lol wut?! then on saturday we had a couple of lessons. we are teaching a new 9 year old and we taught the plan of salvation. omg those flash cards come in handy. i think she totally got it. bitter sweet new with her is that the bishop is going to work with her dad on getting the preisthood so i probs wont be able to see her get baptized now. its okay, as long as it happens its fine with me. also on saturday we helped our investigator get rid of some of the stuff she doesnt want. she donated alot of furniture to the mission which was so nice. we will be able to give some of her clothes to the people in our ward. such a great christams donation. then on sunday we had the chirstmas program. it was pretty good. sis evans got right up there and sang in the choir her very first week. good for her. then our recent coverts the dad and the son are going to be recieving the priesthood soon. that is so exciting! then we had 2 dinners that night. lol dang it. oh well it was really good. thats about it for this week. only 9 more days till skype! im so excited to see you guys. ima probably cry lol sorry. this isnt that long, but you guys can deal. also sorry for not so many pictures i will take more this week. love you guys!
sista b

dinner #2 was way good, made by our black investigator. black food>
when helping our investigator move she gave us all her christmas decorations. HOLLLAA

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