Tuesday, December 10, 2013

transfers, thats wusssup!

hey family and friends wassss good whichu guys. things are going good here. so this was my last week with sister call and we had sooooo much fun, i love that girl so much. i need to think about what we did this last week. oh yes...on tuesday we had exchanges. i went with sister winkler, we were in the mtc together and i just adore her with everything that i am. so i went with her to her area and its literally out in the middle of now where and they live in a way ghetto house. so scary. we had so much though. it was hard to get work done because all we wanted to was talk with one another. but dont worry we are great missionaries. about 3 hours of knocking and no success but we tried. then we got free pizza! so fun. i love her! then on wednesday we had zone training which was long and kinda boring but still good to be with everyone. thursday wasnt too special, we just had a meeting with out ward mission leader and had a couple of appointments. of course we met with out investigators because they got baptized on saturday! yesssss, success! on friday. nothing to important to mention. now saturday was so fun! we had their baptism at 9 am. it was soooo cold! like lol 36 degrees but still cold. and we get there at 8 to fill the tub and the room is literally freezing too, i could almost see my breath, i felt so bad for everyone. the baptism was soooo good! so many people from the ward came to support and of course tons of missionaries and the APs came too. it was great. then they bore their testimonies at the end and i felt so proud of them. my little converts. love them. they are literally the closest thing i have to family here. then after the baptism we went out to celebrate with some missionaries...lol mcdonalds cause we are poor and stuff. while we were at the baptism our bishop cornered us and was like whos going to give a talk tomorrow. me and sister call pointed at one another so fast. but i was like BISHOP, SHES BEEN HERE FOR 6 MONTHS AND IS LEAVING THIS WEEK!!! lol sucker, she had to give it. so we went to the library for her to write it while i watched mormon messages. fun! after that we had a couple of lessons. we are teaching a new little girl from a less active family. hopefully she will progress well. then that night was the ward christmas party! it was soooo good. so much food and everyone from the ward was there and our family came and everyone was so nice to them. the program was funny! each auxiliary had a little part to do, they sang funny christmas songs. overall a great success! then sunday was really good because they got confirmed and received the holy ghost. the spirit was strong and the blessings were great! then after church we had dinner and watched the christmas devotional, which was good. i LOVE CHRISTMAS! then that night we had transfer calls which always make me nervous and sick -_____- president called us and said that sister call was going to central tucson and i was staying and getting sister evans. shes a visa waiter from colorado waiting to go to brazil. so thats kinda fun, maybe ill learn some Portuguese. this will be interesting. sister call was crying and i was sad, im going to miss her so much. okay so heres a great story! so for the past 4 weeks we have had little gnats in our house and im just like where the freak are all of these bugs coming from! so weve just been killing them and stuff. we were making sure our apartment was clean and all the dishes were done. we had no idea! and our apartment smelt aweful! we were clueless though. no idea where the source was. we just though our neighbors smoked and it was coming up and idk where the flies came from. then yesturday when sister call was packing i was like ok well ima clean the apartment. so i go into the water heater closet to get the broom and i was like HOLD UP THIS CLOSET SMELLS SOOOOO BAD! then i look on the shelf and theres a bag that is dripping and oozing....i go to move it and flies EVERYWHERE!! OMG THERE WERE OLD POTATOES WE PUT IN THE CLOSET IN SEPTEMBER!!!! i almost started crying because it was so gross. sister call is a saint and she threw out the moldy potatoes and cleaned all the maggots and flies. lol mom is probably so mad at me! the flies are gone and the apartment doesnt smell bad anymore. we found the source!!! so last night sis call said good night to everyone and she was crying and i was crying...it was all a mess. oh well. so sad. im going to miss her so much, we had way too much fun together. but im ready to see what this transfer has in store for me and sister evans. ill let you know how it goes. i love you guys. read the Book of mormon. lol have a great week. 2 weeks till christmas!!!
love sista b

my cute zone
baptism....i look aweful -___- 

some grillz that sister winkler had. soooo hood

ward christmas party
i love this ginger!

lol shes crazy

my bestest 15 year old YW who gives me dating advice

sentinel peak missionaries

the sisters

my sister training leaders

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