Monday, December 23, 2013


yay happy christmas week to all my favorite people! its the freaking best time of the year!!!! this last week was so crazy! we had so much to do and were busy all week. which is great as a missionary. on monday we had sports at the park because it was 85 out -_______- hated that it was that hot. then tuesday was nothing too special, just gettin out there and doing work. ugh except our investigator who was supposed to get married (omg i just read that i put married, i mean baptized. did yall just lol or wut?) in a couple weeks told us he was moving! freaking santana. love that kid. gonna miss him. on wednesday we had district meeting. our district is so cute and little and we are all super tight already which is fun! we have a handshake that is way legit. then on thursday we had appointments all day, love that. we taught our little nine year old about the gospel of jesus christ and we got her a childrens book of mormon...dude those things are just a LIFESAVER. every child on the face of the earth should have one because theyre just sooooo fun!!! Then we had dinner at our converts house with the elders which was supes fun cause district leader stock was there on exchanges and we told ghost stories. then when we were tryna teach our little 9 year old convert, she was scared the whole time. its fine though. then we said good bye to santana for the last time. he gave me a sick picture that he drew. it fits me perfectly. its a girl that looks super hood and gangsta. uh hello guys thats me in a nutshell. lol omg right?! Friday was so fun. after we planned for the week we only had a couple of lessons then we went over to a members house for dinner and to make GINGERBREAD HOUSES! i loved it. we were on teams and me and sis evans were like oh we got this, like cmon we are girls lets be creative here. ours sucked -_- and the roof caved in and i was just like, "thats it, im going home" the elders was better than our and they were way creative. stupid elders. so this week we were promoting church tours for saturday, like puttin flyers in laundry rooms around our area and stuff like that. so we get to the church and are sittin there for 2 hours. yayayayya no one came -_____________- ugh cmon people this church building is so fun and we have so much to tell you about it. oh well. another time maybe. dude, like being on a mission has gotten me really aquainted with dissappointment and im like okay with it!!! thick skin people, thick skin! then after dinner we went carolling in our district leaders area! omg it was soooo fun, and awkward. which is basically missionary work all the time. sooooooo awkward. but i really think that all the people really liked it. the old people we saw were like "this tradition has really been lost, im glad to see you young people out here." and then we were like we are missionaries from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and they were like "we are catholic, merry christmas." fun!!! after church and dinner on sunday there was a stake christmas musical which was fun to go to and see all the talent in the stake. i hate that im not that musical. its okay ive got alot of talents guys dont worry. like im cute and fun so ill just take that. right?!!? okay so today is pday and our district was like lets go on a hike and im like ugh finnnnne. these arent like normal hikes you guys. theyre like "oh heres a mountain with lots of cactus, lets climbed to the tippy top" kinda hikes. so we get there and im just climbing and i fall a loooooooooong way down. arms scraped up. perfect. then we made it to the top and our zone leaders brough hot chocolate to celebrate fun! so going down is so much more dangerous than going up. im taking my time just going down and i see a jumping cholla cactus on my right and im tryna avoid it as much as i can...but you know that i cant do that. the rock falls from under me and i fall down and my hand goes right into the cholla and everyones trippin and im like lol ow guys....then im like wait a sec my butt hurts.....I SAT/FELL ON A FREAKIN BARRELL CACTUSSSSSS!! i get off and i can literally feel the thorns sliding out of my flesh. so im just champin it and going down the mountain and im like this really hurts so i put my hand down there and its sopping wet with blood. so i just have holes in my butt and thorns stuck in my deep i cant get them out. i have nasty pictures but wont be able to put them on the blog for PG-13 rating. it was a bloody mess though. so that was my morning. aweful. anyways tomorrow we have a christmas party for the mission. im so excited to see everyone! i hope you guys have a fabulous christmas and spend lots of time with your family and remember the true meaning of christmas. that our lord and savior was born. he came into this world to redeem us of our sins so we have the chance to live with our loving heavenly father and family for all eternity. that is his gift this season. what we give back to the savior this christmas? i love you all. see you in 1 year! fun.
over and out, sista 

this is a barrell cactus, like the one that went into my butt -______-

so this is cholla that my hand landed in

cute little district after carolling

selfies at the church when no one come. lol how fun is my new watch? i "love" it. thanks grandma and grandpa B...i bought it wit the money you gave me!

elder shultz and lowe. theyre soooo short

the roooooof is aweful

our stupid gingerbread house

bye santana!!!

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