Monday, December 2, 2013

75 degrees!

first of all, its 75 degrees outside today...i dont think tucson knows its december 2nd. second of all, i was dragged on another hike this morning -_______-. thats about it. how was every ones thankgiving? i hope it was great and that you guys at all the turkey and pie. lol pie yum. this week went by fast! i feel like the longer that im on my mission, the faster time will be going by. tuesday we went out to eat with a member, thats always fun. then we met with this less active man and he just told us his life story. people have the most amazing, interesting lives ive come to realize. like wow.....i hope i have crazy stories like this guy when i grow up. our recent convert is just doing so good. her and her mom have the strongest faith of any members that have been in the church their whole lives. i love them. wednesday we had district meeting and then we went out to lunch...omg elders love to gossip with each other. its amazing how much "drama" can be on a mission. its like so fun, but im never apart of it duh... so anyways then it was THANKSGIVING. it was such a great day! we ate with our investigators that are getting baptized this weekend. its so great to have people here that feel like family and let me into their homes! after dinner we (meaning i) set up the christmas decorations. i decorated the tree. we hung the stalkings and we put presents under the tree. all while listening to christmas music. OMG I LOVE CHRISTMAS! im so excited for this time of year. but its funny because i feel like either people love christmas or they hate it. I LALALALALA LOVE it! thanskgivings good too. so much to be thankful for. on friday we had service...i guess thats what you can call it. we just cleaned the house while the elders fixed the car. it wasnt sexest or anything. lol jk its fine. then after some lessons we had exchanges with our sister training leaders. theyre great i  love them so much. i took over the area and me and my stl just talked all night...well until like11 but still thats pretty late! it was like a sleepover. i love it. the next day was full of appointments, but i love that. we helped out recent convert with family history, which was fun for me because i havent done anything on this website. when we were doing it with her it turns out that ALOT of her work has been done. cray cray. she has to have some other members in her family that she doesnt know of. mormons are everywhere...thats so fun! then we went to our investigators house and he was getting all over sis fullmer because shes 26 and not married. i was so embarrassed and hated him for doing that. all girls in the church have hope! i hope i get married....omg lol wut? dont need to worry about that. but like lol write me boyz. church was good. except you know when people get up to bare their testimonies and youre just like OH NO! that happened...we just had to tell our investigators that the church has a wide variety of characters in it. whatever, it spices things up. then we had a steak dinner! so goooooood. any ways thats about it. i feel like my letters are all over the place but like YOLO. have a great week. i love christmas. have a fab weeeeeek.
love sista b

omg thats like $500

all the work i did. i love christmas

i was so hungry afta fast sunday that i shoved chocolate in my face. lol wut?!

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