Monday, September 30, 2013

I Don' Know About You!

hey hey hey everyboday! how was everyones week. i hope that everyone enjoyed themselves. im really trying hard to remember what i did this last week so yeah here we go. on monday we had pday lol duh. it was fun and we played sports and obvi i dominate at basketball. one of the sisters told me that when we were shooting for teams and i got up to shoot he told her "Thats the girl im going to marry" lol lock your heart elder. yeah it aint no thang though. also i had like 9 dollars in my account so like no food for the week. lol omg! we were super busy on tuesday just running from one appointment to the next. i love days like that. so tight. we visit one of the recent converts who got baptized in august. she is just the cutest thing since purdy. shes 80 years old and has a little southern accent. i could eat her up!! she always gives us a hershys chocolate bar when we leave. on wednesday we had a relief society activity which was good for me because i go to know some of the ladies in the ward. its real hard coming into a new ward because everyones like "ohhh hi....where did sister U go?" and im just like -____- lol okay. we dont get as many meals fed to us as i used to in my last area. so like poor and starving was the game this week. oh well. on thursday we had a zone traning for most of the day, so prez and sis killpack gave that to us and as usual it was fun to be with everyone and get to know more of the missionaries in the zone. on friday  we went to see one of our investigators and she gave us a bunch of clothes. sickkkkkk. they were a little rediculous but i will wear them. i got a dog vest wich is the tightest because dogs>>>. then we taught our family investigators and they are set for baptism!!! on oct 12 they will be dunked! im way excited for them for this new step in their lives and cant wait for them to see the blessings of the gospel! on saturday we went to the relief society general broadcast. lol sister call doesnt like the relief soceity stuff because she says they all talk the same and cry. which is true but lol. she says she needs to get in touch with the woman inside of her but ima just let her figure that out. then on sunday we had a book of mormon musical thing that we went to. it was nice but not really what i was expecting. its so much fun here in the west. the area is huge and we get lost alot but oh well. we only have one cd so weve listened to it about 68 times now. we love it and sing really loud. omg im so mormon. anyways i better get going. tomorrows my birthday HOLLLLLLLLLA! IM FEELING 22! we have a way tight day planned for tomorrow and our investigator is making me a black person dinner! legit. and a member is making me apple pie. so fun! think of me all day tomorrow. #selfish #idontcare #22. love you guys and thanks for all the support you give.
sista b

no religion plz.

cutest little pupppp

"to whom it may concern: my religous belief is of my own choosing. if you are here to influence me please dont ring the bell." YOURE GONNA TAKE THIS BOOK OF MORMON AND YOURE GOING TO LIKE IT!!!!

lol missionary life

               yay missionary bored

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