Monday, September 2, 2013

Dancing In The Rain

what a crazy and fast week in hot as "you know where" arizona. so this week was good but not very fruitful and omg ive got some good stories for you. so on monday after we played sports there was a monsoon and since me and sister hallett were just in our sports clothes we got home and decided to dance in the rain. i probably looked like a huge clown but whatever it was fun. we both love and miss the rain so much. lol washington REPRESENT! so for the past couple of months we have been trying to put together a musical fireside for our ward, so on monday night we went around asking ward members to play and sing songs. i hope it will be really good and spiritual. its going to happen on oct 20th so we are thinking that ill be staying in the area and sister hallett will go back to spanish...which means all the stress and responsibility of this program will be on my shoulders -___-. oh well. on tuesday i swear all we did was tracting and finding...but i dont think we found one person who was interested. hahahahahhahaha i hate that. its too sweaty but im working on a really good foot tan (as seen in the pic). on wednesday we were on our way to district meeting and we found a letter on our car (read letter below) OMG WE WERE SO FREAKED OUT! it was really weird that someone was watching us. oh well, were cute. then on thursday we had an appt with one of our investigators who we havent seen in a really long time and she was having a really awful day..her son isnt make good choices and shes really trying to be a good mom, but cant help him. so what do we do?! give her a priesthood blessing obvi. it was really spiritual and nice and i think it helped her calm down a little bit. the priesthood is great and i dont think i fully appreciated it as much as i do now. HOLLA TO ALL THE WORTHY BROTHAS OUT THERE! on friday we went on an exchange for the day and i was on bike. omg i got tooooo sweaty and gross, i felt so bad for every house we went to because i was literally drippin on their floor. lol sorry i get too hot. i took a pic but decided it was too aweful so i didnt include it. that night for dinner we went over to a ward members house whos daughter died when she was on her mission. super sad, you can look up the story...her name is vanessa bentley. so anyways it was the 2 year anniversary of her death so they wanted to honor the sister missionaries. it was so sad, but they are such a strong family and the plan of salvation is great. we went on another exchange that night and i stayed in the area and took over....its hard to be a leader. lol im a follower oh well. #dontcare. omg heres the good one. on sunday we brought an investigator to church, shes from the south and very bold and opinionated. so here we are in sunday school talking about god and stuff then bam she just outta no where brings up gay rights and how we should accept them for who they are and what they do and omg i dont think ive ever been in a more awkward situation in my life. i could have died!!!! so tonight we are gonna just teach her about what our church stands on the whole issue. itll be interesting. this week is gonna be the bombest! we go to the temple tomorrow! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! IM SO EXCITED! yeah itll be great. go to the temple as much as you can and you will be so blessed. i miss it! took it for granted in provo thats for sure. okay well gotta go. love you all. until next week, kiddos!
sista b

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