Monday, September 9, 2013

That's what makes me beautiful!

so this week was probably one of the most stressful weeks of the mission. i just dont know what got into me. because like you all know, im chill. go with the flow. and way i dont usually get that stressed. but this week was just tooooo much. ill start from the beginning. tuesday was temple day!!! SOOOOOOO GOOOD!! just everything, going to the temple and actually being there was so good and i didnt really feel like a missionary just a regular person going to the temple. love it! cant wait to go december -__- i saw brother farrin's dad there so that was cool to see a familiar face. then i loss my camera the day before so i couldnt take pics. irrate. the pics are from sis halletts camera. BUT the good thing about losing my camera was that elder despot was able to get it for me. lol attractive. but yeah the temple was so good. GO IF YOU HAVENT. omg my feet smell so bad right now. sorry person next to me. anyways on wednesday we had zone training that went forever, but i love to be with everyone so its chill. then that night we did exchanges and i went to sierra vista on bikes! lol i love me some bikes, but i feel like a retard. thursday was really fun because i was on bikes and i was with sister gardner. i came out with her so it was really fun to catch up and work with her. this lady from her ward too us out to dinner, way tight, and then she took us to the store and said we could get anything we wanted! omg christmas. so i got this body butter heavenly stuff from victorias secret. smellin real good. on friday we a ward game night that the elders organized. THE WORST! only like 12 people came and one of our investigators so it was like so awkward and i felt so bad for the elders and it was just bad. there was just not enough advertisement for it i guess. that night one of our investigators that weve gotten really close too was having a really bad night and called us like 12309 times to talk stuff out. i guess its good that he trusts us enough to call him but -___- like i love to sleep. so that was a really stressful night, just not having a good ward activity and having to help out our investigator. then on saturday it was pretty busy. but the best thing is that a less active woman that we are working with took us to olive garden! hollllllaaaa. so good and fun. i love her. she is the most hilarious philipino woman i have ever met. ima take a picture with her soon so you guys can see her. on sunday we were supposed to have 2 investigators at church but guess how many came!!! YAYAYAYA ZEROOOOOOO! so goes the life of a missionary. but this is probably bad but i feel like i can relax more when i can just focus on me and church and not on what the investigators are thinking about church. i know im aweful but sorry not sorry. okay i have like no time left. but ill email you next tuesday because its transfers this week and i get a new comp and stuff. ill be sure to let you know what happens. love you all and hope you are happy!
sista b
Day at the Gila Valley Temple!

thanks mom! i love 1d so much and they love me

yeah this was the worst. as big as a frisbee basically

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