Monday, October 7, 2013

Whata week!

okay i dont know what happened so ill just put the whole thing on here:
first of all i just need to say how much i freaking love everyone! seriously you guys, i am so blessed to have everyone of you in my life. this was probably one of the best birthdays ever! lol ima go on a mission every october 1st....hahaha probs not but it was great. heres how the week went. on monday we played freaking dodge ball at pday sports. it was way legit. me and sis call are straight homies and tagged teamed everyone and she took a doge ball to the belly for her. then came the BIG DAY! i wasnt even upset to wake up at 6:30 i like popped outta bed and said YAAAAAAAYYYY BIRTHDAY! then i opened my fun birthday package from moooommmma! lol and dad but we all know that mom put it together. i loved the dress mom! so cute i wore it that day and the bracelet lol you know me so well. the day was so great. a member took us out to dinner at a chinese buffett and i was like lol OKAY THANKS! then we had a couple of lessons. our dinner appointment dropped but it was okay. we went home and i had a package from some lady i didnt even know and my main gurrrrrl BFEUZ. lemme tell you a little thing about this girl...she got all the homies to write me. like 20 letters from all the provo friends in one package proclaiming their love for me! it was seriously the best thing of my life. exactly what i would have wanted. and the mysterious lady box was COOOOOOOOKIEEESS! they were so cute. thanks mom u daaaa best! then we went to see our investigators and they made me cake. so tight CAKECAKECAKECAKECAKE. on wednesday a member took us out to lunch. so tight once again. and then we went walking for like 3 hours and of course it is still 100 degrees out so i literally was soooooooo sweaty it was a mess. heres a pic. ew. then our black investigator made us RIBS! so fun and so black. hes a way decent cook. also my asain elder friend made the weirdest asian food for us. i was just like -___________- the whole time i was eating it. on saturdy was conference and of course i was loving it. they were all so good and diverse like all over the place but great. how can any one deny this truth. these men are so inspired and know jesus!!! i love uchtdorf....doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. awesome! and like women just need to stop trippin because the priesthood is ordained from god and given to worthy men for AAALLLL to recieve the blessings. come on women dont be dumb. we have the power to create LIFE!! that is so sacred so appreciate it! okay okay and like how cute is our prophet he loves his wife so much and hes so cute. also lol who saw the fly on that one guys face!? i was rofling all over the floor when that happened omg im almost outta time. but on saturday we got in a car crash lol it was so tight. no one was hurt and it was minor. but still oooops. i wasnt driving though. its all good. im stuck driving again though. yaya for missionary adventures. i have a baptism this week so it should be great. im really excited for this family! they know its so true! i love you all so much! have a great week!
love sista b
birthday fun!!!

fun cookies

sooo sweaty

omg how funny was this guy in the motab

car crashhh

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