Monday, September 23, 2013

Princess & the Frog

sorry that i dont have that much time but im going to write as much as i can! so im in the west and its waaaaaayyyy sick. like its ghetto and there are alotta black and mexicans and not that many white people. i love it! white people<<<< ( i can say that because im white). so on wednesday i met the new zone. its going to be hard to get used to it because i really loved my last zone but whatever these people will do. lol omg jk they are gonna be great! i met some of our investigators who are way sick wid it. we have this black guy named chevy and he is way legit. like he went to jail for a couple of years but got taught the gospel and now he wants to get baptized. hes way nice and accepts everything that we teach him. we just joke around alot of the time because we all know that im black at heart. he made us the most black meal i have ever had. picture this (ribs, mac n cheese, corn bread and candied vegetables) so black i loved it..... and then on friday we made GUMBO with his mom. like freakin princess and the frog. way legit. we also have these other investigators...a whole family that wants to be baptized! they love joseph smith and the temple and the values. because the gospel is way tight duh. so before they were really like hard and anti mormon but still wanted to learn, but then the dad had a dream that everything was true and that they needed to join the church. so they are 100% game for the gosple. they will be getting baptized on oct 12! im really excited and they are so nice and just took me in like family. the new ward that im in is like, what i guess you would call, nealy dead and newly wed. so many young families and so many old people. but they are all really nice and accepted me. yessss! we ate at this families house last night and it was so fun, we just talked and told jokes and it was fun! im having so much fun with sister call and being in the ghetto and we both dont really know what we are doing lol jk but were both still new. so tight! we are both really chill and love to joke so its really fun! but we also love to do the work so dont worry we arent just doing nothing. also the first 3 months of my mission i didnt really work out at all. i slept on the floor and called it stretching. im legit. but me and sister call are gonna get SHREDDED this transfer. we are doing jillian michaels every morning. lol i sweat like a cow and i love it! hopefully i can take some of this weight off that i definietly put on in the east -____- smh. anyways i gotta go. but i love all of you and spread the gospel to EVERYONE because its sooooo tight. peace and blessings. omg lol also our new district leader says loveyoubye after every phone call just because its habbit and he cant break it. its hilarious. so we call him every night just to hear him say it.
sista b

New Companion - Sis. Call

way legit rap me and sista hallett made

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