Monday, August 26, 2013

Haters Gonna Hate

lol hey family and friends hope you guys all had e dope week! this week was good and hard. on monday we went bowling with the zone and it was so fun. the elders were being dumb the whole time and im surprised we didnte get kicked out lol love the elders...they keep me sane. omg jk maybe. i did pretty good. got 94 and 97. remember how i used to suck. but everyone was making fun of me because i have no form or whatever but like i dont even care because im way good. shoulda been on the bowling team. then i took a nap! so tight. me and sis hallett had brownies for dinner. legit. on tuesday we had a GREAT day planned out. tons of appointments and we were going to get so much done. but of course, missionary work isnt supposed to be easy SO  all of them fell through -___- no one was home! so instead we did tracting for like 3 hours lol. but it was raining out so it was actually kinda fun. when we were tracting we found some old me outside so decided to talk to them. i think they were pretty drunk, so it was fun. none of them were interested in learning. so here i am tryna be a nice missionary...i go to shake their hands "its nice to meet you" blah blah blah. when this guy pulls me in and like kisses me!!! hahah what?! it wasnt on the lips but on the cheek and its the most action ive seen in 3 months. it was great. haha we peaced out real quick after that. then haha we went to visit a less active lady and we walk in and BAM shes smoking some Mary j...she says its for medical purposes and the bishop approved it. its hilarious. she was baked!! and i think me too....I WAS GONNA GO TO PREACH, BUT THEN I GOT HIGH. sorry for those who dont know what song im talking about. i love these great experiences that i am having. on wednesday we met with one of our investigators and sis hallett is so intense with everything that he calls her the pitbull. i love it. "OKAY BYE PITBULL HAVE A GOOD NIGHT." i think its so funny. that night we went to sign language class and learned how to pray in ASL. im so learned. on thursday we went to one of our new investigators house, shes a southern girl from missouri. shes so outgoing and bold. the elders met her first and passed her off to us. haha we got there and she was like, "can we go to my bedroom and talk, i like you guys because i cant do that with the boys...are they virgins?" i about loled all over the floor. we just kinda ignored it. then she asked me to braid her hair...shes cool but i dont know how much she understands. then we went to visit the girls we are teaching and the 17 year old says she knows that joseph smith is a prophet and she wasnt to be married in the temple. bout melted my heart. BUT her mom doesnt want her to be baptized so we will have to figure that one out this week. pray for chandra and her mom plz. on thursday we went to visit and investigator and we are just sitting on the porch and the cops come up and ARREST him! what?! we felt so bad.. sis hallett was just like "we didnt know anything we are just doing our missionary thing." lol poor jeremy. i think we are dropping him. the only thing worth metioning on saturday is we saw the finest black guy and he wanted a book of mormon. me and hallett were mesmorized. his smile...dead. hopefully he wants to learn more. if you know what i mean. lol. SUNDAY WAS THE WORST! we had 5 investigators planning on coming and guess how many came...0. then our investigator mark, the first guy i ever taught, dropped us. THEN we went to a members house and she had an anti mormon guy there that was just going at us about how we dont know the truth and that the book of mormon is fantasy. hes basically talking AT us for 1 hour and im just like "listen, we gotta go but before we leave i just wanna bear my testimony that this is christ church and the book of mormon is true because everytime i read it it brings me closer to christ...." then i lost it and couldnt stop crying for like 10 minutes. ugh crying is the worst. i wish i could cry and talk at the same time, but i dont have that talent. i decided that after i die or the second coming comes, besides seeing my family, this man is the first person i want to see and just say I TOLD YOU!!!!! this gospel is true you guys, it blesses families and individuals with the sweetest knowledge that we could ever wish for. read and pray. heavenly father doesnt ask for much and blesses us in abundance. be good and miss me! love you all!
peace out! sista butcherite

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