Monday, July 1, 2013

Write me - _______-

seriously guys it is tooooooo hot here, im going to die. its like winter in utah, people dont even go outside because it is too hot. on my pday me and sis halllett just got all the groceries and did some errands. we ate dinner at the ward mission leaders house and that was cool to get to know them. theyre pretty old so no children. sister hallett is a vegetarian which means i am too -_____- basically the members always cook meals without meat so i dont know how i am supposed to go on. we met with some less actives that night and it was good to talk to them. on wednesday we had a zone/district meeting and it was fun to see everyone in our area. the zone leaders are both way cute. one of them looks like that kid from wizards of waverly place, the young one. lol way hot. we still do so much role play and its awkward and aweful but im good at it haha. then after the meeting we all went to subway for lunch. pumped about that. then we had a meeting with the ward mission leaders. there are a set of elders in our ward too which makes it fun. elders>>> there is elder logan who is super funny/hyper/crazy/doesnt stop talking and he is on his last transfer so he leave aug 7. DAAAANG. then there is elder reese and he is SO  serious and i dont really hear him talk. lol they are total opposites. but its good to have them. i got a little overwhelmed with the meeting because they were talking about stuff i had no clue about, but im sure i will catch on. we met with some less actives and then went to the bishops for dinner. lol mom you would go crazy if you went to some of the members houses, they are sooooo messy and im just like "whatever you just keep doing you".  we get home around 9 every night and plan till 9:30 and i am literally dead by 9:45. its way tight. so i get close to 9 hours of sleep every night which isnt bad. everymorning i wake up and want to shoot myself. i think....18 more months-__________- and i have a little break down. its whatever though, by the mid day when we get to work i dont really think about it anymore. i just need to get adjusted to it i guess. i did my first trackting on thursday. its way awkward but sis hallett is so talkative that i just sit there and dont say anything except lol hi im sister butcherite. you meet either really mean people or people that are just like im not interested or the wierdest people you will ever meet. this one lady was like "YOUR SECRET TEMPLES MAKE ME PHYSICALLY ILL, YOURE NOT GOING TO BE LITTLE GODS ONE DAY AND I REALLY HOPE YOU GIRLS FIND THE TRUTH." i just smh'd and laughed. omg so funny. on friday the elders invited us to do some service at a mans house. he is digging his yard so he make a drive way. he was doing it all by himself so we came over to help him. hes from africa. he works so hard haha. we were like "dang marcus your are hard worker" and he was like "what do you expect im from africa." lol for real. then we did more tracting and less active stuff. we spend alot of our day driving from house to house only to find no one home or telling us to come back later. on saturday we finally got the area book from our elders and started looking for some formers. at this one apartment there were people moving so we asked if they needed helped and they said sure. we were like in our dresses and stuff and we were moving with these mexican men, what a funny sight. i was way sweaty and looked like a hog. lol we gave them our number and even scheduled to teach someone. then when we were there this crazy man, like literally on drugs i think, was yelling at us and we were you wann learn about jesus and he was like HELL NO! and then the cops came and arrested him. definitely the best thing ive seen. we met this guy mark on saturday and he was sooooo nice and we scheduled a time to meet with him yesturday. on sunday i was really looking forward to meeting church members. it was good to talk to them and we got a young couple to come with us to marks house. we taught him the restoration and he committed to a baptism on aug 3! i dont know how its going to work out because he lives with his girlfriend and their 4 kids and she has no interest. so we will see. omg then we knocked on a formers door to see if they wanted to learn more and this fat lesibian lady with her shirt off and boobs like hanging out of her sports bra answered the door. i died. she said go away lol.we ate at a members house for dinner last night and her daughter was there with her husband, she is 18 -__- omg and they just got married 3 months ago and shes already 2 months pregnant. she was ticked. haha she just kept saying that this is gods plan for her. lol k. we have a lot of appointments this week and hopefully some new investigators so im excited. also i get to go on splits so im way pumped! sis hallett is great but she dont mess around. no slacking, work 24/7. EXACTLY obedient to every rule. i mean its fine, but when im a trainer im gonna be way fun. yesturday when we went out to the car there was a car next to us that got way messed up. hah this black lady came up to us and was like "mmmmmm girl that is the work of a angry woman" love black people. okay well its gonna be way hott again this week and ill die. have a good week and show ryder my face. love you guys. AND WRITE ME PEOPLE. i LIKE LETTERS!!! also a banana burst in my purse so that sucked.

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