Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm sweatin!

hello to all from tucson arizona!
omg my last pday seems forever ago, but i has gone by pretty fast. email time come and goes in an instant so i might not write as much as i did last time. lemme think what has happened since i last wrote. everday is mostly the same at the mtc. we had our trc appt and i think that me and sister rockwood were better on relying on the spirit to teach and getting to know our investigator a little more. its way hard though. andre was progressing nicely and we finally got him to committ to baptism....on the last day. oh well! brother hanson said that we had improved so much but still had alot to learn. i believe him. it was mission president seminar here the last couple of days and so all the missionaries had to eat sack lunches, which were the worst btw. way sick. the last day of class was so sad. im going to miss the elders going to montana and im going to miss the teachers because they were way good. also for reasons previously mentioned omg lol. on sunday we were able to go to the world wide broadcast. what a opportunitie it was for us to be in the present of the lords apostles. the spirit was so strong and i kept thinking to myself "GOSH DARNIT THIS CHURCH IS TRUE" seriously, guys! look at the organization and leadership that we have, no other church is like this! we have a prophet and apostles and tens of thousands of young people devoting there lives to spread this gospel. it just makes sense an i know with everything that this is heavenly fathers plan for me. anyways. we woke up at the butt crack of dawn 4:30 and left for the airport. it was so fun to talk to you guys and brittany lol and ryder. when we got to tucson it was way hott and cactus and lizards all over. we played get to know you games and had some training. more roleplay -_____-. then we had an awesome dinner at the mission home. regular food >>>>>>. and then me and some sisters slept at the mission secretary's house. sleep never felt so short. we were up for 18.5 hours. then we had to be at the church by 6:30 to meet our trainers and be trained some more. my new comps name is HERMANA HALLETT shes a spanish speaking missionary in an english area. she says shes going to try and teach me all the spanish. lol fun! shes from kelso washington and is a convert and 22 years old. shes been out or 13 months. shes talkative and social and will probably be a great first companion. she reminds me alot of mom.....she talks to herself alot. we are in a car and she doesnt even have her license so i get to drive every where omg!!! we are still in tucson and a pink washing a new area. i rammed my ankle into the door and am bleeding profusely. lol -__-. its pday and we still have to shop and stuf. i have to place a book of mormon by the end of the day. when we were moving in a guy was like "are you guys christians" and we said were mormon and he was like "okay keep moving along" OKAY I GUESS YOU CAN KISS SALVATION GOODBYE, MISTER!! jk but really.this is gonna be hard. k i have like no time. i loved the mtc and miss it!!! viva la tucson!
sister butcherite

Getting cameras ready!

At the airport

Dinner at mission home

19 new sister missionaries!

With President & Sis. Killpack

!st companion Sis. Hallett

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