Monday, July 29, 2013


hey!!! how is everyone doing, whats new in real life. any new music from one direction lol or new good movies coming out? remember to keep the list. so this week was hard -__- on monday, after pday we did some service for a less active and gave her a message about jesus duh. she needs help with her testimony so we are working with her on that. omg tuesday was the funnest becasue i got to see MA GUUUUURRRLLLSS!!! all the new missionaries had a training so we were all together, it was the happppppiest. i missed them so much and it was good to see them all and the experiences that they are having out on their mission. i wish we all lived together and had slumber parties all the nights. oh well too badd. on wednesday we had a district meeting and after we went to lunch at this place called beyond bread and lemme tell ya something. it was beyond delish! way good. kinda like kneaders but better. soooo tight. then that night we went on exchanges, i stayed in tucson and sister halllett went to sierra vista. so i had to "Take over the area". i didnt really know how to but i tried to just do missionary work i guess....LOL! so we visited some less actives, tried to do tracting and we made inspirational cards and left them on cars in the parking lot. while we were there there was a couple going at it in the parking lot and just yelling so loud at eachother. i was just like...should we give them a card. they need jesus. too bad. then that night was the best meal of my life!!!! omg so sister hallett was gone so i told this family that i would really like to have meat for dinner. they delivered in a big way! we had steak!!! so gooooood, literally drooling just thinking about it. steak, baked potatoes, and salad. just like home! it was so decent cant wait to go back to their house. so that was the high light of the week. on friday we had alot of meetings and stuff so we didnt get to do much "work". we had dinner with the elders which was fun haha its always good to meet up with them because elders are typically so fun and carefree....i should be an elder. lol omg right?! then we went to visit a less active and her mom was there and she was catholic and she was telling us how good we are and she doesnt agree with some of the teachings in the catholic church.....then why do you go there-___-. people. on saturday we just wanted to find someone!!! please just let me teach!! like our investigators arent progressing the well and we need more people to teach. so we literally went through every former investigator to ask if they wanted to learn some more. not much luck. it rained hard that day so that was fun! yesterday we walked around a busy neighborhood but it was like literally hell on earth (excuse my language but its literal so its fine) so no one was outside except for 2 crazy missionaries. so i showed up to dinner bright pink and sweating like a beast. its fine. whatever. so yeah thats my week basically. our next door neighbor told us that we are to adorable to handle so that lifted our spirits. hes 50, its so flattering and romantic. i got the postcards! thanks. the mail lady told us she read them all, so thats cute. lol omg thanks mail woman...smh. 1 week till transfers so i wont get on email till next tuesday. ill let you know if anything changes. keep writing and sending pics. love em. have a good week. miss me!
sister butcherite over and out
i look awful, its fine. BIKE!

my girllllllssss!! love them
transfers with sister dente
coyote. lol
look at this bug!!

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