Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th o July

omg lol hi. the weeks are going by faster i think. pdays are way too tight. last week we had a bunch of things to do but at about 4:40 we went to the stake center and there were like 239048210 missionaries there playing games and talking. we only got to stay for about an hour but it was still way fun. we are gonna go today for longer. that night we went to a families house to teach and they were so nice! we taught them the resoration and they seemed to get it. when we invited them to be baptised they said they would have to think about it but the little girls were so cute and were like YES! but haha they dont really know. i let you know how that goes, we see them again on wednesday. on tuesday, omg this is way funny, we were having study (can you believe that we study like 4 hours a day -__-) and then our next door neighbor, the one that told us to keep moving the very first day i got here, came up to our door. he was like can we talk and i was like HOLD UP, YOU CANT COME IN HERE!! and he got way offended like we thought he was going to attack us. then about 20 min later he comes back up and was like im not gonna hurt you guys, and we were like we know its just mission rules that we cant be alone with a male. and then he was like how come you girls dont have boyfriends, you are so beautiful, what if someone you meet wants to date you, its dumb that i cant find you attractive because im not mormon. and we are just like 0.o. bye thomas. so we just thought that was really funny. that same day we had a meeting with the ward mission leader and told them because we thought it was really funny. the MWL wife said be careful. lol duh. then we had an appt with a black lady we met. omg she was the sweetest and believed everything we were telling her and how we are a blessing to come into her life. she said she had to pray about it and read the BOM. we went to meet with her on sat but she is having stomach issues, i hope it works out becasue she is great. omg now listen to this. then we met with this mexican girl and we brought a really nice lady from our ward. when we got there she was like we have to sit outside.  way to hot, im literally dripping with sweat at this time. then we try to start the lesson but she is just bashing us and she had 2 of her friends come over and just attack us. i hated it!!! i didnt say anything. hermana hallett was game on though. we finally knew that it was going now where so i just bared my testimony, we left her our number and said call us if your ever interested. ugh i dont like that stuff. whatever. on wednesday we literally tried to visit 16 less active members and didnt get into a single door. hated that. on thursday we had a ward breakfast for 4th of july which was good to meet people and eat lol. then we just contacted people and taught a homeless druggy on the side of the street the gospel. lol we asked him to be baptized.....he doesnt even have teeth. lol come again!? then we had to be home at 8 so we dont get kidnapped or something. on friday sister hallett had a training meeting so we went on splits. i was with this really cute mexican sister. way nice a super chill. omg i forgot to tell you that my WML actually contacted the mission president about the creeper neighbor to make sure we were safe, haha sister killpack went to his house cleared some things up  and set up and appt for us to meet with him and teach him. so we taught him on sat. he believes everything but doesnt get joseph smith or modern day prophets. he actually just called us and said hes not interested anymore. we will try and get him back. we went to an 8 year old baptism on saturday and knocked some doors. way tooooo hot. people are really nice and give us all the water that we want, but dont want to hear about the gospel. lol k bye, thanks for the water. then we knocked into a gay couple. lol!!!! safe to say they werent interested. sundays are the best because you just get to be with the ward members and go to church. real chill. i was literally dying because i dont think ive ever fasted that long. lost like 34 pounds yesturday. so yup thats whats going on these days. waking up suck and like so does going to bed because im just like ugh i gotta wake up a 6:30, by the time 10am comes im like k LESSSSS GOO...swaggy. i gotcho package. holla. way tight loved all the food. send more clothes plz. thanks for the bracelete my little gada, wear it all the days, even though it turn my wrist green -__-. eating at the members is way dece, even though i never get the meat. lol its whatever. have a good week, miss me so much and write me all the days.

Sista Butcherite


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