Monday, July 22, 2013


omg its so hard to read everything, respond to everyone and try to write a good lengthy letter to you guys lol and all of my faithful blog reads. way tight. so on monday after pday we went to visit a referral and he was finally home. praise! we taught him about faith and prayer and committed him to be baptized on august 17. i hope it works out. he told us that we had a good spirit about us and that he likes us around. that makes me way pumped to know that the spirit is always with me. on tuesday we did missionary work lol, nothing to important to tell about. its so awkward when we take out members to visit investigators and theyre not home.... were just like lol sorry, wanna do something else. awk. on wedneday i had my very first interview with presiden killpack. everyone was tryna get me nervous and i was just like -____-  im obvi gonna own it because im a gr8 missionary duh. it was good and no worries, im still worthy lol. we met with jermey, the one from monday, again and taught him the restoration. he got everything which was great and it made good sense to him. then it came time for the first vision and i was supposed to recite to him the words of joseph smith. lol too nervous. but it was great!!! the spirit was so strong and i know he felt it! hes great. on thursday we were just tryna get in contact with all the ward leaders to put together a focus group. and we went knocking -__- hate that and people are just rude and dont want to hear two way decent girls talk about jesus. whatupp wit dat?! also just visiting some less actives say come to church cuz its good. they dont come. lol. we will keep trying. on friday we had another lesson with the girls, i think i told you about them. they are great and really interested, BUT theyre dad doesnt want the to committ to a date until they know for sure that the church is what they want. soooooooo yeah. we will keep teaching them. friday night we did exchanges! soooooooooooo fun! i went to sierra vista, arizona. it was so much cooler there like halleluja lol i dont know how to spell that. but seriously, way nice. lol i was on a bike!!! i probably looked like the biggest idiot. lol okay i know i did. way dumb with my helmet. ew. but i loved it. seeing new people, new places, and working with new investigators and ward members. the sisters down there are doing a great job. just seeing some of the people they work with make me once again so grateful for this gospel and the blessings it brings. we drove home on saturday and didnt get to sleep till 11 -__-. needless to say i was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to tired on sunday, but its okay. we had 3 investigators to church on sunday!!! hoooorraaaayy. the girls came and so did jeremy. omg but the talks given were ummmmmm....yeah i dont even know. we had to tell the girls that its not always that boring or long. i dont even know what was going on. he was talking about space or something. then sunday night was just aweful. all of our plans fell through and i felt like we didnt do anything for 2 hours.....except we did make up a really cool rap about jesus. way tight. i think we are going to do it on our door approaches. anyways yeah that was it. i got 1208937 million post cards on thursday. OMG THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE CUZZINS!! i loved them so much. the support feels so good and i miss you guys but this is where i am supposed to be. keep writing me and showing the love because its so fun to get letters no matter how little you write! i love you allllllllll! i forgot my usb cord that has the pics of me on my bike lol so ill send that next week. have a good week and watch movies and listen to music and kiss your significant others. lol cuz i cant
much love, sista B!

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