Monday, July 15, 2013


lol hi family. sound like this week was fun! i had a good week this too but not that many funny stories. when we were doing our studies on saturday we were talking about our family and i was like do you know exactly what your family is doing right now and she was like no and then i was like i do -__- theyre at the kissing cousin reunion swimming and playing with the little babes. THEY BETTER MISS ME!! haha i hope you did. you did. im glad that alot of people read my blog BECAUSE IT IS SO FUNNNNNNN!!!! lol. we play sports on monday, basketball so you already know i was a boss. all of the elders yelled BUTCHERIT FOR 3 everytime i shot. lol and i missed. actually i did make some good ones. then sister hallett fell and sprained her ankle. i felt bad because she is such a hard worker and limped around everywhere for a couple of days. nothing special on tuesday except for ward coordination and like the elders never say anthing so im liike lol do you even do sure that they do. maybe. then i got speghetti (ugh i dont even know how to spell it. w/e.) sauce on my white shirt because i dont know how to eat like a human or something. on wednesday we started teaching a group of girls from 10-17. they are so fun and cute because we talk about 1 direction and justin beiber lol and the gospel. i love teaching them because they have fun questions and stories that relate to nothing! its great. ive had pasta 5 times this week because no one knows what to feed a vegetarian except pasta. lol so carbo loading to the max. BUT we made korean food on wednesday. kimbop. way tight. i played at the park because i was tired of NO ONE ANSWERING THEIR DOOR! then we finally got in contact with mark, the one who has the baptismal date, and he is still all for it and believes what we say but he can only meet on saturdays which is kinda hard. lol pray for mark! hes too tight. then we met some men on friday who were probably high the whole time, i dont really know. but they were interested in what we had to teach, so hey, lets baptize!! we had 1 of the girls we are teaching  come to church yesturday, i was soo happy! she is 12 so i hope she had a good time in young womans and felt welcomed! oh man i hope things work out with those girls because they are so sweet and love jesus. lol. the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. im not even that bothered by waking up at 6:30 any more. we are really trying to get the ward involved in missionary work. it is so hard without them because both me and hermana feel like knocking does nothing!!!! weve probably knocked 100 doors and maybe 2 are interested but never home to teach. we need the friends of members. DO YOUR PART AS A MEMBER MISSIONARY....please. if we all work together we really can hasten the work. seeing some of the people i do everyday it makes me even more greatful for the gospel that we have in our lives. it brings comfort, direction and so much happiness. prayer is the best, the atonement rocks my world and the idea of families being forever fill me with love and gratitude. share the happiness and the lord will bless you. have a good week and ill try not to die of heat stroke. tight. love you and miss me all the days. 3 weeks till next transfer, its going by way fast. peace and blessings,
xoxo sista b

Beautiful Tucson Sunset
Jenny with her sushi!
 Hermana Hallett with a lizard friend

Jenny's supposedly first monsoon (in AZ!?)

An ugly bug all over AZ!! Yuck!

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